New academic paper: "Scientology and times of uncertainty," by Martin Weightman (2020)

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  1. New academic paper: "Scientology and times of uncertainty," by Martin Weightman (2020).

    NOTE: The Introduction to the paper states that the author has been a member of the Church of Scientology for more than 40 years, and a staff member for 33 of those 40 years. He offers an insiders perspective.

    Thus, Weightman is still in Scientology and the Sea Org. I believe that this type of thing -- Sea Org executives contributing to academic books, papers and symposiums -- is significant. This is the second time that tthis has happened in the last few months.

    In book: Minority Religions and Uncertainty.


    Direct link to access the paper if authorized:


    * * * * * BEGIN ABSTRACT * * * * *

    This chapter shows how the Church of Scientology and its members have responded to various issues that have challenged its survival – from the death of its founder to threats posed by governments in a number of countries and by certain individuals and groups within society. External pressures have been placed on the Church in different countries for it to close down or to change course from the original direction plotted by its founder. The Church’s management and its members have responded to these threats in various ways. Have the basic tenets of the Scientology religion changed as a result of these pressures? What policies were adopted (or were already in place) to deal with these challenges to its existence and how has Scientology come through these times to become what it is today?

    * * * * * END ABSTRACT * * * * *

    Via Research Gate to request a copy of the paper from the author:

    Preview of the paper on -- and times of uncertainty"&f=false


    The entire book Minority Religions and Uncertainty is available in hardcover on Amazon for $136.10:

    ETA. The entire book Minority Religions and Uncertainty is also available as an e-Book from:

    Barnes and Noble (Nook app and devices) for $36.99:

    Kobo for $44.09:

    Routledge for $44.05, with a 6 month rental for $24 48, and a 12 month rental for $29.37:

  2. The final draft of Chapter 1 of the book Minority Religions and Uncertainty notes:

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    The case studies in this volume illustrate the importance of two other factors in assessing responses to uncertainty. One is change over time, and the other is the active role of cultural opponents (Walliss 2004). In terms of the former, studies by Weightman, Robertson and Seig of Scientology show that the group has responded to external uncertainties in different ways at different times, moving backwards and forwards between closed and open responses (CE, OE): the development of conspiracy narratives and a growing sense of persecution are examples of closed responses; the establishment of an external affairs department and the pursuit of legal legitimacy are examples of open responses.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *


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