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Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by Dragononymous, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Dragononymous Member

    Why the sudden change in Alerts?


    I also don't get the fact that you show the actual message too, which ain't really a 'safe' thing incase (for example) someone's email is open or gets hacked. That person would be able to see all the things said in conversations.

    Explainz pl0x?
  2. James Spader Member

  3. sue Administrator

    This is probably related to the most recent upgrade, xenforo might have changed email notifications. This is what you're talking about right?
  4. sue Administrator

    Disabled this, would enable it again if there's much demand for it. Imho, if your email account is compromised there's little in the way of compromising your forum account.
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  5. Dragononymous Member

    Why don't they use new threads for new things *sigh* getting things clear and stuff you know..
    It's not about the forum account, conversations are private and we should protect them to always be that.
    No-one wants sensitive data to be leaked in this crappy way
  6. Right. If email is compromised then so is linked forum account, because B Hat could get a password reminder/reset for the forum sent to the email address.
  7. Not sure it matters. Anyway, sue's switched it off. But I don't see that email is innately less secure than non-SSH web browsing.
  8. Dragononymous Member

    Ermmm, Bradley Manning? Hello? Did we forget??
    *sigh* just lock this topic as my point obviously isn't clear enough...
  9. veravendetter Member

    No-one wants to read your furry cyber sex convos anyway
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  10. Anonymous Member

    You're saying you're Adrian Lamo?
  11. Dragononymous Member

    I would kill myself if that was the case. Honestly.
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