New approach on how to talk with people trapped inside CoS

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by TheTruth, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. New approach on how to talk with people trapped inside CoS

    I received this email through my blog. Thought I'd share it with you all.

    " I Think Anonymous made a mistake on the way it has approach people inside Cos so far. They are trapped inside the cult, and they can't just leave without having their lives almost destroyed. They need something that not just tells them go get out, but actually offers them a way to do it and get some support from other people. The videos with the scary voices and prank calls won't help us to have them listean to us. Instead, as most ex scientologist recommend, we can be supportive to them, without judging them, and just tell them that they are not alone, that there are places in the internet where they can find help and answers, like the ex-scientologist forum. We can talk them about the injustices they see inside the Cos, the 12 hour per day jobs, the upstat pressure. Talk to them in their own language. And respect them. I really mean that, we must not try to manipulate them, we must not think of them as dumb people. They are just trapped inside an organization that does know how to do exactly that.

    Here's a video I uploaded on YouTube that tries to put these recommendations to work: "

    They have a message board for ex-$ci's :
  2. Agreed wholeheartedly, though I doubt we'll have any chance to take these recommendations into effect: the church of Scientologist will probably put the people who have been completely brainwashed against us, and they'll probably keep the people who have a chance of being swayed locked away where we can't do anything to them. As it is, these protests should focus on both halting recruitment and destroying the organization from the top down.
  3. Amomynous Member

    Good stuff, thanks for posting.

    And sum ergo sum, as much as you may be right about the coming protests, don't forget they'll just be the beginning.

    This is an issue we'll be needing to address at some point.
  4. Ash Member

    I love the idea of being shouted at by a Scientologist at the protest and just very calmly replying "It's ok, you don't need to be scared any more. There are millions of people out there who know what's going on now - the church can't hurt you if you want to leave. We can protect you and your family."

    Even if it has no immediate impact it'll certainly stay with them.
  5. Daywatch Member

    personally I think both approaches can work

    remember some are not just "good people trapped in a cult"
    some are profoundly evil individuals who thrive on control and terror
    some are willing dupes zealots and some true believers
    ( INC GODWIN )
    Hitler was not alone responsible for the Nazi atrocities
    some sci-lons are in-fact BAD people willing to BAD things to "wogs"
    most are pitiable victims to be sure, but let us not forget the thousands of willing participants of the "fair game" policies.


    The low ranking guard in the tower at Auschwitz was just as culpable as the Nazi leadership

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