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    This site has popped up on Twitter recently with some interesting stuff in the scilon celebutard arena:

    Scientology Celebrities and Human Rights ~ Revealing truths from inside the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International

    Over this past weekend, they have posted a short list of articles laying down a nice foundation for those into the celebrity buzz. What is interesting is this is not your average you celebmongering derp derp derpity derp site. It's insider info.

    From their about page:
    Dear Scientology:
    Anonymous haz officially risen within the inner realms of the Celeb Centre Int, CLO, WUS and the HGB. Some of your bases now belong to us. We told you to expect us.

    Much Lulz,
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    Love it and was thrilled to hear that the plants are in deep enough that the blog could finally begin.
    How beautiful.
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    Ugh oh, I think that bridge has Anon fireworks.
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    About time those slackers started reporting out.
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    Awesome. Love it.
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    From the blog:
    Scientology’s invasion and brainwashing of the Clint Eastwood family

    06 Monday May 2013
    Posted by Anonymous Sea Org Staff in Charlatans, David Miscavige, L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, Scientology celebrities
    Leave a Comment
    celebrity centre, Clint, Clint Eastwood, Francesca Eastwood, fraser kee scott, Kyle Eastwood, Scientology, tom cruise
    Scientologist Tyler Shields has been tasked by his masters at the Celebrity Centre International through his personal handler Fraser Kee Scott to help recruit Francesca Eastwood, daughter of Clint Eastwood, into Scientology and to help get Clint into the fold too.
    We were going to write a bit about how Scientology is gang banging the Eastwood family from all directions to make sure this happens, by also having Scientologist Ron Moss, father of Elisabeth Moss, managing the career of Kyle Eastwood, another child of Clint. Ron Moss is also pounding hard with Tyler Shields to get Clint’s wife into the cult and leave Clint no choice but to agree to get handled at CCI or witness his entire family disconnecting from him.
    But instead we’re going to repost something from a forum message last year that gives some insight while we try to access the secret OSA files on the Eastwood family at CCI.
    Reposted from:
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    The game of trolls trollin' trolls has leveled up.
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    Awesome website is awesome.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Opinion plox on today's blog post.

    This part, I liked:

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  12. Anonymous Member

    This part, my bold was just a tad to RFW or Freedom for me. IMHO, the anons there need to be careful not to succumb to the black pr brainwashing. I like the facts, not so much as the small amount of the bold below. It takes away from the reporting. Yes, I know- they are there and dealing with all the mindfuck, but they need to be careful not to become the monster.
    Who are Eric and Alexis Meyersfield? They’re a married couple in the Sea Org who work at CCI. Eric works as a Div 6 registrar (Div 6 is the division in a Scientology church that is responsible for routing in new public) and as special registrar for actors and performing artists new to Scientology. Alexis is the org Chaplain and has been in that post since around 2005.

    Eric is important to CCI because he is a former Broadway performer who keeps in close touch with industry pros – CCI fires him off on missions to NYC and London to recruit rising stars in Broadway and West End theatre. He’s a really shifty person and is good at recruiting performing artists into Scientology by using his connections to get actors & musicians legit and high paying gigs. In CCI he’s got the status of a “star reg” and like the other regges, he’s got total ethics immunity (he could commit adultery & get away with it while someone else without immunity would get RPFed).
    Just my opinion, gray line is gray line. Other than that, I likes. Good luck guys.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Troll site is a fine example of glorious trolling manifested as at an art form in the spirit of "doing it for the lulz." But until the Dox or GTFO rule is met, the "reporting" shouldn't be taken seriously.

    Instead, we should be appreciating the sarcasm with a ring of truth for what it is - awesome OSAbot bait. With all the OSAbot activity here on WWP in recent months, this blog is doing us a service by giving the scilon interbutts patrol something better to do.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Amanda Bynes – another one of Fraser Kee Scott’s Scientology failures

    So Amanda Bynes got arrested for smoking weed & throwing a bong out of her window. She’s clearly got unresolved psychiatric issues, is possibly schizophrenic or bipolar, & weed & booze are making her mental problems worse. If that doesn’t sound familiar to you, it will to the notorious drug fiend Fraser Kee Scott, who claims to be the top dog expert in getting celebrities off drugs.

    Last year around this time when Amanda Bynes was up to her neck in DUIs & legal troubles in L.A. Fraser was all over her ass, trying to convince her to show up to the Celebrity Centre to get some auditing, but really he was slumming so he could have a chance to get in her pants & brag to his friends that he scored with “another celeb”. Ya see, Fuckhead Fraser was going around bragging to everyone that he shagged Tamara Ecclestone twice (once in a 3-way with Tyler) & could have shagged Lindsay Lohan, but Tyler shagged her first & she freaked Tyler’s ass out so Fraser wouldn’t go near her crazy, man-eating ass.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    You have no idea about the sec checking that may have gone on after this thread posted. Fucking hell.
    Out. And no, they didn't get us. The tech is easily manipulated.
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    Check out the lulzy coke snort finger nail -

  17. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for all the pm's. There are times when I wonder if the docu will be worth it and then I pause and know it will. Going dark.
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    Oh, the stories you can tell your grandkids...risks are worth taking, yep. Hoping the inside peeps are feeling the anon love. Funny about Steve. Hugs.
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    Bella Cruise leaving Scientology? Yeah right.

    28 Tuesday May 2013
    Posted by Anonymous Sea Org Staff in Charlatans, David Miscavige, Insanity, L. Ron Hubbard, Scams, Scientology, Scientology celebrities
    alex prager, alex scott, assholes, beatrice findlay, bella cruise, bryten goss, christy lee rogers, connor cruise, copycat, demi lovato, dynamic duo, emma roberts, fault magazine, fraser kee scott, fraud, gay ribisi, gottfried helnwein, jenna elfman, john travolta, jule rotenberg, leah blewitt, lerma, lindsay lohan, mercedes helnwein, nina winters, plagiarism, reed slatkin, renate helnwein, scam, shalon goss, tamara ecclestone, tom cruise, tyler shields
    “Like, I look totally grody, u kno?” Bella Cruise = a walking, talking example of fail.
    Yeah, so these fucking idiots at the celebutard tabloids like to speculate their asses off. Sometimes they get a whiff of something like when Lisa Marie Presley got pissed off at everyone at some idiots at CCI & told them to stop bothering her – that automatically gets interpreted as “Lisa Marie is OUT of Scientology!” & it spreads like a mindfuck meme, which OSA loves. Lisa Marie hasn’t left Scientology, she just hasn’t been active & doesn’t seem to want to be too active. You know, kind of like Neil Gaiman and probably dozens of other disaffected 2nd gen Scilons who want to do their own thing? Disaffected but definitely not disconnected. When a high tier Scientologist like Lisa Marie tells staff to back the fuck off & leave her alone, they’re supposed to listen. They didn’t, she got pissed, her mom also got pissed (at the staff), Dave Petit got pissed (at the staff), so her handlers (staff who work as liaisons to celebs) got knocked down to lower orgs, Dave Petit gets on his hands & knees & begs Lisa Marie & Priscilla for forgiveness, they forgive him, everyone is happy.
  20. anonsoldier Member

    This is delightful. Please keep the leaks coming and know everyone out here is rooting for you,
  21. Anonymous Member

    From the comments:
    thoughts on “Bella Cruise leaving Scientology? Yeah right.”

    1. View attachment c24b7c6c0f3e7346d48bc5931ae62b13?s=32&d=identi richardgrant said:
      May 28, 2013 at 12:50 pm
      You know, Anon — may I call you Anon? — you’ve been criticized on one of the “ex” boards for, shall we say, taking a conspicuous interest in the data revealed in private auditing sessions or confessionals. To wit:
      “…why would a critic post this kind of personal information from an auditing session? From the results of one? It goes against all we fight for on privacy and misuse of our information.”
      And indeed you yourself/ves have cited this practice as part of the raison d’être for your blog — an example of “the insanity [that] has to end.”
      Naughty Anon! Keep it up, I say, as long as nobody gets their eye shot out. I’m intrigued especially by what sort of behavior (apart from nose-picking) sends ordinary sane Earthlings fleeing from Scilon parties.
      • View attachment 2a0d96b24049b9f10747aff87b62fb46?s=32&d=identi Anonymous Sea Org Staff said:
        May 28, 2013 at 3:03 pm
        You can call us Anon or anything you’d like. We sure as hell ain’t fussy!
        Yeah we came across that thread on ESMB recently and coincidentally we read it a little whole before you made your post. The thread seems to be more or less fair in their debate about us, though we find a couple of the comments mind boggling — why anyone would think we’re trying to attack Tony O is beyond us when we’re just reporting what the OSA officers said. These things shouldn’t be kept secret — if someone is going to be targeted by Scientology in a dirty tricks operation, the intended victim(s) have a right to know.
      More at link.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    That blog has a funny smell. Definitely Scilon but whether in or out of the cult remains to be seen.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Funny, cause I disagree. Here's to finding out one day!

    Fraser Kee Scott & Friends

    Fraser showing his true self. Scilons love to pick their noses in public. Is this win you ask? Surely you jest! Do OT’s fly??
    CC LONDON MONEY BEGGERS IN DA HOUSE: (from left to right) Pamela Lancaster Johnson (Field Control Sec CCI, former President in the old CC, high level celeb liaison & PR operative), Roz Bennetts (the only Brit in this photo along with Fraser), Michelle Stafford (soap opera star, self-hating closet case), Fraser Kee Scott (the only other Brit, top public Scilon in London), Tamra Meskimen (Jim Meskimen’s wife), Jamie Sorrentini (now an ex, blown from the cult), Michael Duff (husband of Denice Duff), Tracie Sorrentini (Jamie’s sister, still in the cult, used to be very beautiful but looking horrible & worn out now — Scientology kills). Lower row: Guy La Brusciano, Denice Duff (wife of Michael Duff, both high level David Miscavige operatives), Carol Espinoza.
    This has win written all over it.

    “Memmmmmm … I can feel me some win!” Fraser Kee Scott (left) with one of his Scilon scam artists, Christy Lee Rogers
    Fraser Kee Scott is Scientology’s #1 operative in the UK. Until 2009 he had a art gallery called “A Gallery” (because it comes first in the phone book, get it?)
    Fraser likes to brag that he’s the #1 Scientology fundraiser in London & the whole UK – while he spends his cash on prostitutes & drugs. Today he is a hidden partner (and probably unofficial owner) of the London art gallery Imitate Modern.
    We tried to wake this bastard up many times & he refuses to stop drinking the Kool Aid. He’d jump off the London Bridge if David Miscavige told him to! We focus alot on Fraser because he seems to have personal protection from David Miscavige himself & he’s the #1 Scientologist in the UK. They use Fraser to try to lure billionaire heiresses like Tamara Ecclestone into Scientology & using them to funnell money into Scientology war chests. The critical media also ignore him so it’s our job to make sure people are informed about Fraser & his scams & don’t fall into the con. If the media had listened to people like us years ago, Reed Slatkin would’ve been stopped before he ruined so many lives & Scientology dox proving the Church’s involvement in his scam would’ve been saved before they hit the shredder.
    Fraser claimed thousands of people showed up to see M.M. (Michelle) Green’s worthless art – only a few showed & ALL of them were RICH, WHITE Scientologists (pictured here) – the two rich Scilon Prager sisters, Alex & Vanessa Prager, who Fraser both claims he shagged are in the picture. Funny how Fraser & Green claim they did this show because black people are short changed in art but they didn’t invite any black folks? Guess Lil Wayne didn’t get the invite either.
    Can somebody give us win?

    Mila Furstova, one of Fraser’s A Gallery artists — sells their art at overinflated prices & sends the money to Scientology & reports a much lower profit to the artist — cha-ching! Mo money, make mo money, get othas to make mo money! Money, money, money — woo!
    Fraser doing his thang — blonde guy on the phone is Janne Bjork, Swedish SO Scilon, formally based in London & complicit in helping Fraser raise huge amounts of money for a CC London that never opened. Fraser & Janne — with a team like that, how can there not bewin?
    Here is a list of artists that Fraser promotes to boycott – please remember that any art you buy from Fraser or from these artists goes straight into the Interational Association of Scientologists bank account! The income from the art he sells and the artists he promotes all goes 100% into IAS coffers. Please stop supporting Scientology slavery and human trafficking and boycott Fraser Kee Scott and his artists!
    (Names in bold are Scientologists and paying contributors to IAS who are open about their affiliation – Tyler Shields and Maximilian Wiedemann keep their affiliation secret)
    Boycott Fraser’s Artists –
    1. Tyler Shields
    2. Christy Lee Rogers
    3. Mercedes Helnwein
    4. MM Green
    5. Maximilian Wiedemann
    6. Marco Sanges
    7. Dormice
    8. Paul Normansell
    9. Bryten Goss
    10. Thomas Ostenberg
    11. Mila Furstova
    12. Gay Ribisi
    13. Fran Recacha
    14. Sergei Aparin
    15. Harriet White
    16. Diarmuid Byron O’Connor
    17. Mikael Alacoque
    18. Charles Thomson
    19. Carmen Giraldez
    20. Portrait Prize Painters
    21. Hugh Miller
    22. Paul Harvey
    23. Anyes Greene
    24. Nils Jorgensen
    25. Tony Lee
    26. Ella Guru
    27. Shalon Goss
    28. Andrew Tift
    29. Beatrice Findlay
    30. Joao Sa e Sousa
    31. Chris Parks
    32. Alex Scott
    33. Nina Winters
    34. Eve Wakeling
    35. Jule Rotenberg
    “‘Ello mum? Hi. I’m standing outside & it’s raining & I can’t find me keys & I can’t get in! Please, mum, could you get me a bloody shitload ofwin?!” Fraser’s A Gallery — closed a long time ago, today it’s a hair salon.
    Fraser’s more recent gallery, Imitate Modern where he’s either a hidden partner or hidden owner. Recent years Fraser is trying to hide more of his activities behind fronts, like the Scilons.
    “We are win & so can you!” Fraser after an OT Committee meeting at the Celebrity Center restaurant a few years ago — to his right is Jamie Sorrentini, who is now blown from the cult.
    Fraser at an OT Committee meeting at the Celebrity Center restaurant — Jamie Sorrentini, who is now blown from the cult for good, is in the photo, along with Wendy Honnor (blonde next to the redhead whose face isn’t visible), Australian Freedom Medal winner who is also blown for good from the cult.
    “Lookie me, I’m so win I can see with my eyes closed!” Fraser at an OT Committee meeting at the Celebrity Center restaurant — blonde woman is Tamra Meskimen, wife of voice actor & comedian Jim Meskimen.
    “CC London? Indeed, yes, in our estimation, which you can see, there is no doubt: we are building colossal win“. Fraser at an OT Committee meeting at the Celebrity Center restaurant — they’re watching a video presentation about the building they were going to buy for CC London. Fraser was the primary fundraiser, but skimmed 30-50% of the cash & created a huge flap. CC London never opened, but Fraser got to keep a huge chunk of money & so did Scientology.
    “I have so much win I can eat all of you for dinner!” Wendy Honnor acting like her fanatical Scilon self — even though she’s blown, she’s still drinking the Kool Aid. Jamie Sorrentini is on the other end — we hope she & Tiziano have stopped drinking the Kool Aid. In or out, Honnor is hopeless.
    Fraser with Rose Goss, deceased mother of rich 2nd gen Scilon Bryten Goss who is also dead.
    Fraser with Scilon scam artist Jule Rotenberg at a fundraising scam shindig for Artists for Human Rights. Scilons wouldn’t know “human rights” if it fucked them up the ass.
    “Tonight is the night we fuck us some serious win!” Fraser with Scilon scam “celeb” Michael Duff, husband of Denice Duff, another “celeb”. The Duffs are hardcore upper level Scilons & fanatically loyal to David Miscavige — they are so loyal they are willing to do anything to protect him & his position, even if that means having to do alot of dirty work & dirty tricks operations. The Duffs have no shame.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    srsly? those pictures are more than four fucking years old.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Blog is dead. They shut it down.
  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Anonymous Member

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    ^^Oh shi--

    It is closed.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, I responded before reading the last post. Looks like they are closing. Too bad, this one could have gone viral.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    What a shame. From what I can see through the posts and comments, there seemed to be a misunderstanding about the intentions of the blog authors. (Tony O haters? WTH?) I personally wish that said authors would carry on with the blog. In the final post and comments, it's clear to me, anyway that they have much to say and and are not beyond reproach. I don't know what more to say other than wtf- don't stop now.

    Deal with some of the skepticism and carry the fuck on. Plox?
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  34. Anonymous Member

    And nothing of value was lost.
  35. Anonymous Member

    There is plenty of room in the blogosphere for a campy in your face blog like this one. We have enough non lulzy blogs and sites. This blog brought back the fun, something we sorely need, so I respectfully disagree. Something of value was lost.
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    You know WWP has room for a nice blog...
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Sure, what could go wrong . . .

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  39. Anonymous Member

    The world of fighting Scientology's bullshit does NOT revolve around Tony O. Fuck him and the pool of useless faggotry commenters that makes up the land of derp on his blog. By closing down the celeb blog because Ortega got a bug up his ass is just more of the same thing - useless faggotry derailing the reason why the blog was started in the first place.

    So c'mon Anonymous Sea Org /b/rothers, don't let the Scientology Watcher and ESMB derps bring you down to their level of FAIL. You say you are full of win, so prove it - grow some thick skin and carry on. And quit enabling useless faggots who don't like what you are doing to succeed in taking you off target. You are no better than they are if you let a few bawling critics bring you down.
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