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    Need moar mirrors. Moar. Moar.
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    This whole thread and the Scientologyceleb blog roller coaster ride has more win than a hot tub of tiger blood. More lulz than an Anon rave in a deserted org, more caek Kimdotcom's pantry...uh I digress. None of it looks any good for the Hubbtards. Spoiled UKBitchyCattyArtClams are SPOILED it seems. I especially liked the feisty rebuttal from the artfag's "mom" - with a mom like that, solace could surely be found in a nice, cozy mind control cult...Seems like TO is being targeted somehow, which only means he's doing something, a whole lot, right.

    In my crystal ball a vague picture appears that maybe some of the 2nd generation privileged Scilons didn't drink deep enough at the Hubbtard well and know its a big scam ripe for harvesting from the fringes. They know how to beat the meter, use privileged contacts to get out of trouble, they know how to threaten with insider info exposed on a blog...and then taken away when they get what they want...just an intuitive leap into the lulzy unknown on my part.
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  3. OK you lazy bastard, I did it for them:

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    Here's some Clint Eastwood yakking from the preserved blog thanks to BlackRob:

    Kyle was working on a film score when Ron first met Clint.
    “I heard the ‘go ahead, make my day’ voice of Clint behind me,” Ron recalls. “I turned and there he was, just wearing loafers and trousers and with no shirt on.
    “He said: ‘Who the hell are you?’ and I said, ‘Ron, Kyle’s manager’.”
    I can hear that gravely voice... *LOL*
    Clint may want to pay attention to what the cult did with Stanley Kubrick’s daughter Vivian
    used a buzzsaw to sever away Vivian from her Father and family….
    wait till Ron Is ordered to Handle Kyle….and make the young man (handle/convert/keep them cult friendly) his parents or disconnect
    Ron Moss will do every thing he can to drag Clints son Kyle into the Happy Fun Club….count on it……/ron-moss.html
    Ron Moss WordPress Blog:
    side note
    actor OT clambot Geoffrey Lewis has appeared in a bunch of Clints movies….
    Francesca Eastwood Is dating Tyler Shields! who Is associated with clambot Fraser Kee Scott…small world…
    he better keep an eye on his daughter too.
    it was reported that Clint wants to remake a Star Is Born with Tom Cruise…a-star-is-born
    Miscavage haz his Clint Eastwood voodoo doll to play wif
    send in the buzzsaw…
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    Me neither. Safari opens up but can't look at and tells me to get a better browser, Fire fox, Opera Next or Chrome. Guess I'll have to look into that down the road or when I get a new iMac maybe?
  7. A new post over there:

    "So Tony is spreading bullshit rumours now that we’re “old time critics”? Wow. We never expected that kind of disrespect from him, especially as we directed intel to him over the months. Where your sources for calling us “old time critic”?? Yet another anonymous/nameless source from the “inside”, eh?
    Imagine Tony’s embarrassment (and those of his fanatic followers who dumped on us any chance they got) when he’s forced to eat crow when our identities are finally revealed.
    In time meantime, now that we’ve stopped this blog permanently & Tony’s most hardcore fans can brag about how we were so totally fail & full of shit, everything can go back to normal now."
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    Damn. I really liked reading that blog.
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    Cardone written up for trying to hide their Scientology affiliation; Tom Cruise still furious about cultist’s outreach to his kids

    03 Saturday Aug 2013
    Posted by Anonymous Sea Org Staff in Charlatans, David Miscavige, Golden Age of Fail, Insanity, L. Ron Hubbard, Scams, Scientology, Scientology celebrities
    aids, album artists, aleister crowley, alex prager, alex scott, anne archer, antichrist, anton lavey, apartheid, assholes, babylon, backstreet boys, bahrain, beatrice findlay, bella cruise, blanche barton, bloodsuckers, bryten goss, christ, christy lee rogers, church of satan, clearwater, connor cruise, copycat, demi lovato, denice duff, devil worship, dubai, dynamic duo, Elisabeth Moss, emirates, emma roberts, fault magazine, fraser kee scott, fraud, fucking evil motherfuckers, gay ribisi, golden age of fail, gottfried helnwein, gulf arabs, hiv, in a world like this, israel, james buddy richardson, jason beghe, jenna elfman, jesus, jim lynch, john allender, john travolta, jule rotenberg, kelly preston, kirstie alley, laveyan satanism, leah blewitt, leah remini, lerma, lindsay lohan, lucifer, mercedes helnwein, michael d roberts, michael wisner, new world corps, nina winters, OT VIII, parasites, peter gilmore, placido domingo, plagiarism, qatar, rebecca minkoff, reed slatkin, renate helnwein, ron moss, satan, satanism, saudi arabia, scam, shalon goss, shane woodruff, Super Power, tamara ecclestone, thelema, tom cruise, tyler shields, universe corps
    Michael Doven (center) in a cameo appearance in 1999′s “Eyes Wide Shut” — at the height of his years-long spying operation on Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman for David Miscavige.
    We suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later — the number of KRs (knowledge reports) being filed by public (non-staff) Scientologists has skyrocketed the past few months, usually by cult members who want to demonstrate their undying love & servitude to David Miscavige, the violent & adulterous leader of the global Scientology crime syndicate.
    It’s pretty obvious that a few Scientologists (current cultists in good standing) & some cult staff members routinely visit this blog — Fraser Kee Scott himself has personally filed over a dozen KRs to the point that he was ordered to STFU & ignore it.
    On May 6, after we blogged about the cult’s attempts to get a foothold into the family of Clint Eastwood through Ron Moss (who manages Kyle Eastwood’s music career), Tyler Shields (D-list celeb photographer, in a relationship with Francesca Eastwood) & Fraser Kee Scott (the cult’s #1 point man & fundraiser in London; on Tyler Shields’ payroll), a couple of KRs were filed about it, but for reasons unknown Elisabeth Moss ended up with the finger pointed at her & receiving the brunt of the Kool Aid drinkers’ verbal abuse — even though we never even mentioned her in that post or even planned at that time to ever write about her here. From what we could glean, her father Ron Moss blamed her for pulling in SPs on him & the cult. Uh, huh. Totally sane & rational conclusion. Yeah, right.
    So it looks like a few people close enough to Michael Doven & Grant Cardone became quite offended after reading here that they seemed to go out of their way to not discuss their cult affiliation, but even worse trying to cover up that fact on as many websites as possible through Brook Zimmatore’s totally ineffectual PR firm.
    We doubt any action will be taken since the people writing those KRs don’t seem to know that Michael Doven & his wife Andrea Morse, and Grant Cardone & his wife Elena are basically background operatives of David Miscavige & at his beck & call. But they’re asking the same question we asked: “If Scientology is so great, if being a Scientologist is an honor & privilege, then how the fuck could anyone be insane enough to try to deny the fact or cover it up to the general public?”
    We’re also learning that CC Int & London org are taking a lot of flak because of Tom Cruise’s complaints that cult staffers have way too much access to his kids — reportedly he was fuming when both Connor & Bella showed up to Tyler Shields’ London promotional event for Sony. With Connor spending 99.9% of his time DJing professionally & Bella in university in London, more than a few in the cult aren’t pleased that Cruise hasn’t bankrolled their full Bridge yet (hasn’t paid for their auditing/training up to OT VIII/Class VIII) & isn’t pushing them to do Scientology 24/7 at CC Int or Flag. But so long as TC is “in good standing” with the cult, we don’t anticipate his handlers will make any of this an issue.
    With all the talk of the whereabouts of Shelly Miscavige, we’re still surprised no one in the media has taken a closer look at this property:
    2345 Chislehurst Drive in Los Feliz — Mary Sue Hubbard’s home the last years of her life, currently owned by LRH’s daughter, Diana Hubbard, a Sea Org exec at Int Base.
    We wrote about this house last May when we noticed that staffers were shuttling packages back & forth — we speculated on the possibility that Shelly Miscavige might actually holed up in there under house arrest the same way Miscavige kept Mary Sue Hubbard there as a virtual prisoner, so close to Scientology & yet a million miles away. Miscavige also treated Annie Tidman Broeker the same way, her last months spent locked in a dark, anonymous room in the CC Int/exec staff apartments directly across from CC Int, her “treatment” supervised by cult doctor Megan Shields (the main general practitioner Scilon staff use after Gene Denk, LRH’s personal physician, died), who like most Kool Aid drinkers, believes that cancer, HIV/AIDS & other potentially terminal illnesses are solely the product of the “reactive mind” & thus need to be treated with intravenous vitamin solutions & other “alternatives” to traditional medical therapy.
    Whether Shelly is under house arrest in Los Feliz or a prisoner high up in the mountains forced to use a bucket in her room as a toilet, we’ve no idea, but sure would be nice if someone could find out what is going on (or was going on a couple months ago) at the Los Feliz Hubbard house.
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    Me either...
  11. BlackRob Member

    What do you people see? Can you make a screenshot? Works great here with Chrome and Internet Explorer..
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    Howzabout this:

    04 Saturday May 2013
    Posted by Anonymous Sea Org Staff in David Miscavige, Scientology, Scientology celebrities
    andrea doven, celebrity centre, david miscavige, michael doven, Miscavige, Scientology, Tom, tom cruise
    Tom Cruise is everyone’s favorite Scientologist and critics and gossip mongers write so much about him that we don’t really have to say a lot. But we will.
    Most people who know a little (or even a lot) about Scientology don’t know that Tom Cruise doesn’t hang out at the Celebrity Centre. He’s never done any training or serious auditing there. When he does go there, which is really rare, it’s done very discretely and none of us would know he’s there except a handful of people. His kids, Connor and Bella, are there a lot but most CCI public don’t even know who they are and they don’t talk to many people outside of staff.
    Another thing a lot of journos also don’t know that Tom doesn’t worry about his pc (preclear) folder ever being used him if he leaves the Church. Staff gossip about him a lot and a lot of CCI staff actually hate his guts because for a long time all they’d get asked by raw public were questions about Tom Cruise. A lot of CCI staff don’t like that Scientology has become synonymous with Tom Cruise. The staff that do like him worship him like a god and will punch your face in if you criticize the Cruise.
    The contents of his pc folders have been gossiped a lot about at CCI and HGB. The only auditors that are actually allowed to take Tom into session are RTC auditors who report directly to Mr. David Miscavige, and Miscavige is usually the C/S over his case, even though Miscavige doesn’t have the training to do anything as a C/S. Miscavige would go around gossiping about Tom’s insecurities and problems which filtered down to other staff and eventually everyone at CCI and HGB were gossiping about him.
    So what were the dirty little secrets in Tom’s closet that they’d gossip about? Nothing about Tom being gay, that’s for sure. Tom has a lot of insecurities and neurotic impulses, but there’s nothing in his session folders that suggests he is gay or felt that maybe he was and despite the tabloid gossip, no Scientology staff members have ever gossiped that Tom was gay.
    The stuff that got gossiped about were usually about Tom’s impotence and his height and he has no luck with women. Pretty tame stuff.
    We don’t know why Miscavige used to gossip about Tom a lot, but that was really just the 90′s when Miscavige kept complaining that Tom was being out-ethics and how much he hated that Tom did Interview With A Vampire and that kind of crap.
    Another mistake journos make is they think Tom was totally out of Scientology while he was married to Nicole Kidman. He drifted away for a few years after 1993, but he still talked to people in the Church during that time and he wasn’t much for publicly promoting Scientology.
    He doesn’t really like other Scientologists except for staff. He prefers hanging out with elite staff of RTC instead. We can’t blame him because most Scientologists are brain dead and stupid.
    The friendship between Cruise and Miscavige has gotten really strained lately since Miscavige still hasn’t given the okay for Cruise to start OT VIII. Miscavige is actually keeping Tom from getting any auditing for the moment because he believes Tom pulled in too much bad PR and that he still has too many BTs (body thetans) making him PTS (potential trouble source). Miscavige is also pissed off that Tom hasn’t matched the IAS donations of wealthy patrons like Nancy Cartwright and the Feshbachs and Bob Duggan.
    Cruise is also staying pretty quiet about Scientology in revenge, since Miscavige keeps blaming him for his women troubles. Miscavige also yelled at him and cursed at him for doing Rock of Ages and warned him that he’d become like John Travolta if he didn’t clean up his act.
    If Tom is on the edge, Miscavige is crazy enough to convince him to blow and become disaffected from the cult.
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    So that means the site is up for you, right?
  14. BlackRob Member


    Hmmm... Seems like a DNS issue... What do you people think it is?
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    Not exactly. I'm not techy. I can access various pages apparently.
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    The decadence of the youngish Scifags is so amusing:

    Fraser Kee Scott and Tyler Shields – The Ambiguously Gay Scientology Duo

    04 Saturday May 2013
    Posted by Anonymous Sea Org Staff in Charlatans, Homophobia, Insanity, Ponzi schemes, Scams, Scientology, Scientology celebrities
    tom cruise, fraser kee scott, tyler shields, gottfried helnwein, mercedes helnwein, john travolta, jenna elfman, dynamic duo, reed slatkin, tamara ecclestone, lindsay lohan, emma roberts, christy lee rogers, bryten goss, gay ribisi, shalon goss, alex prager, alex scott, beatrice findlay, nina winters, jule rotenberg, renate helnwein, lerma
    dynamicduo.jpg?w=529.jpg Dynamic duo Fraser and Tyler hanging out at Celebrity Centre in better days in 2009. Today Fraser’s Wimbledon gallery is closed and is now a hair salon.
    Fraser Kee Scott and Tyler Shields are another of Celebrity Centre International’s “dynamic duos” (yes, that is actually an official Scientology designation at CCI!) Both have an obsession with controversy and scandal and using them to rake in free publicity in order to attract clients with loads of money. But it’s more sinister and insidious than that, because Fraser Kee Scott is the new Reed Slatkin of Scientology.
    Here’s the short skinny on these two weirdo masochists and DBs (degraded beings):
    Back in the 90′s Fraser was known as a bisexual drug dealer and addict living in Merton and rooming with some gay hustlers and drag queens. Old friends of his claim he was peddling dope and LSD in the gay scene and that he’d get fucking crazy when high – even if he was just smoking pot or doing speed he would get so insane they were terrified and freaked out. Girls were scared of him. He was living with his mum and something happened that he stopped going overboard with the tweaking and got his family to help him open an art gallery in Wimbledon. It didn’t make any money for a long time and he got back into the tweaking and got obsessed with going to L.A. to become a star. He’d read some stuff about Scientology on the Internet and got the crazy fucked up idea that the cult involved worshipping a god named Xenu in order to gain fame & riches. He was tweaking so much that he lost touch with reality and didn’t even know what the fuck he was saying...
  17. Enturbulette Member

    "Fraser showed up at the Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood for the first time in 2001. He was obsessed with Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Jenna Elfman and really, really wanted to meet them and sell them art. He gets kicked out by security a few times because they kept catching him hiding in the bushes keeping a look out for Cruise and Travolta. They kept telling him to forget about Tom Cruise because Tom Cruise would never show up at CCI, and that they’d never let him get close enough to John Travolta to even say hello, and that if he was lucky, they might let him loose on Jenna Elfman, because she was always annoying the hell out of everyone and writing KRs (knowledge reports) on staff. According to pc folders and KRs, CCI staff hate Jenna Elfman because they think she is such a wanker and closeted lesbian (her pc folders have lots of lesbian encounters and fantasies and according to a bunch of KRs we’ve seen, she’s alleged to have had inappropriate contact with female staff).
    CCI security finally got fed up with Fraser after he was caught hiding in the men’s toilet with a lot of Tom Cruise magazines. He gave them this cock’n’bull story about how he was a hopeless sex and drug addict and the psychs had just ruined his life. After he was sec checked a few dozen times, he was allowed to call himself a Scientologist, but he had to do a lot of work for the Church and sell his soul to Mr. David Miscavige and give almost his entire annual salary to the IAS for the rest of his life: a slave to Scientology. He agreed and they introduced him to the Helnwein family and he had sordid affairs with both Renata Helnwein (Gottfried Helnwein’s wife) and Mercedes Helnwein (Gottfried’s daughter) for several years. Fraser helped make Mercedes Helnwein a pop star in the Los Angeles and London art worlds (which netted Scientology tens of thousands of dollars in IAS profits), and he suckered Damien Hirst into buying a bunch of her drawings (most of the cash going to the IAS as usual).
    Any money Fraser makes goes straight to the International Association of Scientologists, of which he is employed as a public registrar. Fraser also works as a part-time registrar and bookstore officer for the Church of Scientology London. He’s not allowed to keep his own money and Fraser gets a weekly allowance and monthly bonuses from International Management if he does well (just like real Sea Org members, except he’s not one). Funny thing is that Fraser has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in income for the Church in the USA and has never paid a dime to the IRS, Los Angeles County, or City of Los Angeles tax agencies! Allegations regarding the reasons his Wimbledon gallery was shut down was because of tax troubles and refusing to pay any tax or VAT in the UK. For such a successful businessman he is also on the run from his creditors and former business partners whom he allegedly swindled like Reed Slatkin. Fraser was once overheard calling Slatkin a “brilliant genius” and that he’d “love to learn how Reed took those poor sods for a ride”.
    Fraser “discovered” Tyler Shields slumming himself on MySpace in the mid-2000s. According to Fraser’s confessionals (which are supposed to be secret, but since you’re reading this shit here, it obviously ain’t secret), back then Tyler Shields was hustling in gay bars and doing some amateur porn. Fraser claimed that Tyler was a meth head and that he and Tyler had “tweaked” together and had some fun at speed parties. Fraser kept getting into trouble with Scientology Ethics because of his hanging out at gay bars (where he claims to really hooked up with Tyler) and doing speed and cocaine. International Management was disgusted that Fraser and Tyler were bisexual, but decided to give Fraser a second chance if he could clean up his act and stop hanging out with Tyler. Fraser agreed, but he got the Church to give him the okay to try to rehab Tyler (that means, get him to stop being bisexual and start doing legitimate work). Fraser thought Tyler was a great photographer (based on his amateur gay club and porn shoots) and convinced him to get rid of his old life and start a new one from scratch so they could both make millions of dollars. Fraser hooked Tyler up with some Scientology girlfriends, got him invited to some parties hosted by Danny Masterson where he was the photographer, and they sold those photos back to Masterson for thousands of dollars, and all of that went back into the IAS. The new Tyler Shields was born. Fraser still gets gang bang sec checks (one of the rare public who gets this treatment) on a regular basis and at last count, has had over a thousand confessionals since his first session years ago. He has also gotten in trouble for getting squirrel auditing from different “independent” auditors since 2009.
    It isn’t any coincidence that both Fraser and Tyler are close friends of Perez Hilton, who is flamboyantly gay and totally out of the closet for years and one of the most virulent anti-Scientology gossip bloggers. That wouldn’t be an issue for anyone except that Scientology is anti-gay, and Fraser and Tyler have gone to great lengths to hide their bisexuality and Tyler’s gay club and porn past. Perez religiously visits every Tyler Shields opening and has also “looked the other way” about Fraser’s life in Scientology and his bisexual antics. According to one of our friends in OSA, Fraser is rumored to have paid thousands to stop a blogger from publishing a photo of him, Tyler, and Perez hanging out at RAGE nightclub on Santa Monica Boulevard.

    Today, Tyler Shields is dating Francesca Eastwood as a covert way of trying to recruit her father, Clint Eastwood, into the Scientology cult. So far it seems Clint hates Scientology and is pissed off that his daughter is sleeping around with one, even though Tyler is officially a “closet” Scientologist – the Church lets him publicly deny that he’s a Scientologist to save face so long as he keeps funneling cash into the IAS (just like with Will and Jada Smith, who we’ll give a report on later)."
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  18. Anonymous Member

    It's just taking time to propagate. Be patient.

    Still amazed that someone actually took some advice I posted and put it to use. That rarely ever happens....
  19. BlackRob Member

    I was mirroring that site since the beginning :). Let's hope the DNS issues are fixed soon :)
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  20. rickybobby Member

    I still get the "server with specifed host name cannot be found" message. I feel left out.

    Good job for mirroring, BR.
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  22. Katz Army Member

    Here's a screenshot because who knows what could happen.... Capture.JPG
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  23. Anonymous Member

    The celebrity blog posted the whole Mary Sue Hubbard house thing (and asking for help in finding out more) 2 or 3 days before Tony did. Instead of giving them even a nod, he makes that comment. Seriously? I like Tony, but sometimes he can be an asshole and the whole "I know more than you do just trust me" shit can be a bit irritating. Blog will be missed.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    He's even more arrogant in person.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    I do not post over there anymore but there is bullshit -revised history-speculation in the comments.
    Shocking, I know.

    For example, imo, this:

    Robert Eckert Bird88
    6 minutes ago

    See yesterday's post and the comments for the downfall of the "celebrity" site. According to Tony it was really run by an old-guard (i.e. pre-Anonymous) protester. It had a seriously bogus post suggesting that Mary Sue's old house was where Shelly is being kept; Tony had already pointed out in an earlier post that the {church} does not control that house so it wouldn't make a good "Hole" for Shelly; then Tony's post telling all about what's happening at that house made scientologycelebrity feel exposed and humiliated, hence the shutdown.
    Seriously bogus post? Learn2read better. I wanna know more about the feeling exposed part and the humiliation. Juicy.

  26. Unfortunately for mankind, Ole Ron got stuck in front of the obscene dog and quite sadly, Scientology shat out the back, now available in independent form for exes with any cash left.
    Leah Remini? Contact: Abusive Conman L. Ron Hubbard apologists: Rinder, Rathbun, Freezone or Milestone II, Your eternity can still be saved...........

    According to that sellf-proclaimed great humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard ALL non-scientologists are considered to be Wogs and Raw Meat who are to be subjected to the following 'Human Rights':

    .......................................Scientology Human Rights, LRH Style........................................
    Wogs and Raw Meat have the human rights to be abused, controlled and defrauded by batshit insane LRH Scientology processing and unchangeable policy forever and ever, so on and so forth, vrrrroooom and sherrrroooooom, amen.

    You'll be declared a suppressive person and fair-gamed if you ever leave.............
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  27. AnyOldName Member

  28. Anonymous Member

    It was a troll blog and it has now passed on. The current bitching is funny, certainly, but I can't tell if this is troll of stupidity.
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  29. BlackRob Member

    Nah, not a troll.
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  30. Anon bloggers never said they were 100% abso-fucking-lutely sure that Shelly was at the Chislehurst house. They said weird things were going on there, and they speculated that she could have been moved to that location. Then they asked if anyone could look into it.

    Instead of this "silly rumour" crap, Tony should have simply said that he did look into it and that it was being sold, hence all the activity over there.

    Why do we always have to have these piss matches over who knows MOAR!?
  31. rickybobby Member

    Will they be back? I miss them already.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    It was as much a troll as what you do. Srsly.

    The bit that is amusing me at present will be the fail guest posters trying to start a pissing match....
  33. Anonymous Member

    Bullshit. They first posted their wild speculation bak in May. Then kept referring to it like it was fact. That blog never once met the Dox of GTFO rule and should have never been taken seriously. It was nothing more than an elaborate OSA trolling adventure, epic in its lulz but served no other purpose aside from providing entertainment. Although it would have been nice had it been true - actual SO members blogging credible info. But it has now been proving they had no credible info, just Hollywood D-lister smears.

    All they did was shitpost and too many fuktards fell for it. Silly rumors were indeed silly. This is what happens when a lulzcow tries to bring the lulz and their too stupid to deliver dox. And now, the real lulz is in the epic fucking hissy fit they threw before going dark. Meh.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    I tend to agree but can't help but wonder what Smurf is up to these days.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Damn, that is a little harsh. Chill out a little? k?
  36. BlackRob Member

    Damn, the hate is strong on this one....
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Right. Anything related to scientology, scientolgists or indies should be taken with a grain of salt. Just sayin'. There is always more to it than meets the eyeball.
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  38. BlackRob Member

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  39. OTeleventy Member

    I liked em. They were fun and funny and dark. Good stuff. Sorry they're gone. But it was all Page Six/Celeb Dirty Laundry kind of stuff. Juicy, but no substance. BFD. Kind of think it's funny THEY got all butthurt and boo-boo lip about it. Anyhoo.... Now it's gone. I move on. I get more upset when my dog pees on the lawn furniture.

    Okay, I've said my piece. Pour me another!
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  40. Aurora Member

    It was the National Enquirer for scilontology. Lots of fun to read. Probably, like the Enquirer, had some truth, some really stretched truth and lots of speculation. I will miss.
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