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Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Anonymous, May 6, 2013.

  1. no one gives a shit. they have been discounted by the king. leave it alone.
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  2. Anonymous Member

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  3. The blogger is spot on regarding current activities. For example in one of his latest leaks he says:

    We’ve no idea what they’re doing exactly but given what we hear from staff from other orgs, we believe they’re analyzing org income and looking for discrepancies and other out points, because quite a good number of staffs involved in org income have been getting pulled off post and replaced, and then they get in hot water and disappear and the cycle restarts. Wouldn’t surprise us if the same thing was happening at other orgs and this may be the primary reason for the plan to reset parishioner accounts within the year. We thought it was just because of GAT Phase II since that’s the reason we were given (AFAIK some top rank publics have only been partially informed with minimal details) but it’s looking more and more like they’re trying to set up a newer, more centralized system devoted solely to finance that would make it easier for RTC to spot irregularities like gross income stats being deliberately under-reported so execs can skim from the top and other financial scamming.
    We do know RTC received a bunch of complaints over the past year from publics who noticed their account balances somehow losing money even though they hadn’t purchased anything...

    This correlates exactly with a leak last summer from Mole about the financial problems, irregularities, and possible fraud at Flag, and that middle management was afraid of DM finding out about it.

    The same Mole also leaked about the problems with bedbugs/cockroaches at Fort Harrison, and we recently saw a large pest control tent covering the Sandcastle FOR FUMIGATION.

    Too bad we don't have our Anonymous button back yet, we may be missing lots of leaks.
  4. Random guy Member


    The leaks/rumours are pointing in the same direction. This is of course not proof, but it is a tolerably good indication the cult is looking to why the surplus seems to be drying up.
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  5. RolandRB Member

    Well, let's put it this way. The Ideal Orgs are booming after the public have flocked in wanting The Basics followed by GAT II. They must be spending huge amounts of money. But guess what - the Ideal Org income is low. I wonder who is STEALING all that money.
  6. sallysock Member

  7. The celebrity centre mole site has gone dark again after getting butthurt about being called out for using PC folder material in its posts. Well, that's the excuse. Nothing of value has been lost.

  8. Damn. I loved this site. The author(s) sure had thin skin, though. I wonder if they were caught (assuming they were actual moles).
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  9. Keep telling yourself that. If you repeat it enough times on enough message boards it might just become true and you can be happy again and go back to playing with yourself.
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  10. Random guy Member

    ... or had actual moles that got caught.

    While thin in the dox department, the blog was very entertaining and I believe it gave a fairly decent general picture of life in the cult. One thing in particular was the emphasis on the rampant culture of skimming the rather sizeable money-flow. The author did among other things hint the reason Tommy Davis disappeared from the scene was due to this, rather than any actual wish of getting out. I believe John P. may be a bit optimistic in regard to how effective the cult is in it's money flow, with the kinds of shark reggistrars the ESMBers sometimes describe, it makes sense that a very nice slice of the cake is lost before it reaches the IAS coffers.
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  11. He just called my mother's phone number as I was housesitting yesterday.

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