NEW book by Nathan Rich about Scientology

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  1. NEW book by Nathan Rich about Scientology -- Scythe Tleppo: My Survival of a Cult, Abandonment, Addiction and Homelessness.

    Now available for pre-order on Amazon. Although the available Amazon link is for the Kindle edition, hardcover and paperback editions will be available in October.



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    Scythe Tleppo: My Survival of a Cult, Abandonment, Addiction and Homelessness Kindle Edition

    by Nathan Rich (Author)

    Kindle $9.99

    This title will be auto-delivered to your Kindle on September 17, 2018.

    Inspirational true story of a boy escaping the clutches of a cult, homelessness, emotional decimation, and rampant drug abuse.

    The story of surviving on the streets, completely without family, friends or hope. The story of how to overcome against all odds; of will to carry on.

    Born into Scientology, Nathan resisted indoctrination from the start. Eventually he was sent to the cult’s infamously abusive Mace Kingsley Ranch, at age 8. He was sent again to the ranch at age 14, where he was not allowed contact with his family for nearly 3 years. After finally getting away, his family disowned him.

    He lived for 7 long years homeless and without hope. Drugs, violence and despair plagued his mind until he was finally able to rise out of the gutter, face his past and live in the present.

    From wild LSD experiences to gangs and past life recall, Nathan bears all in this brutally open memoir.

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  2. The Wrong Guy Member

    Sharp new memoir digs into Scientology’s toxic cruelty experienced by those who grow up in it

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, September 15, 2018


    Nathan Rich has led one fucked-up life. There’s no escaping that conclusion after you read his unique autobiography that comes out on Tuesday, with the unusual title of Scythe Tleppo.

    To say that Nathan’s book is merely raw is to do it a disservice. Reading this book is going to leave you feeling like you’ve been up for five days straight on a hellish meth bender — and we’ve never done anything like that, so for this book to produce that feeling should give you some idea of how vivid it is.

    It’s not just that Nathan Rich was put through hell and lived to tell about it, because he certainly was. The son of a dipshit Scientologist mother who didn’t give a crap about him, Nathan was raised the Scientology way, which is to say that childhood is sort of an illusion, and kids have to fend for themselves. In Nathan’s case, that meant being sadistically imprisoned multiple times in a house of horrors known as the Mace-Kingsley Ranch, where the mistreatment of children was unbelievably cruel and took place in remote locations in California and New Mexico where escape was impossible.

    Nathan was not a high-level Scientology operative like other recent defectors, and he has no revelations about how Scientology is run. But his experience successfully captures the mental and emotional toll that being raised in the church subjects children to. He did join the Sea Organization for a short time, signing its billion-year contract and having the experience of being in the presence of church leader David Miscavige (he averted his eyes, as he was trained to do).

    But more than the abuse he suffered at the hands of Scientology, Nathan also abused himself in countless ways as he struggled, he now realizes, simply to understand who he was. As his perception of himself changes over time, his chapter titles reflect the names others gave him and that he gave himself. Hence the weird book title, and we’ll let you discover for yourself how that particular moniker came about.

    That changing perspective is one of the things that makes the book so remarkable. Nathan isn’t simply relating the screwed-up ways Scientology made the people around him act like such craven assholes, he stops to think about it in smart asides that bring the ironies and absurdities of his life into sharp focus.

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  3. Sounds similar to Karen de la Carriere and her son except her son died at a young age while still a Scientologist.
  4. The Wrong Guy Member

    Get a look inside Nathan Rich’s unique book about his Scientology upbringing

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, September 22, 2018


    Nathan Rich really made an impression on us with his appearance on Leah Remini’s series discussing his time at the Mace-Kingsley Ranch. But then he really knocked our socks off with his book, which we wrote about last week. He’s generously given us an excerpt of his memoir, Scythe Tleppo: My Survival of a Cult, Abandonment, Addiction and Homelessness, and we think it gives a good window into the book.

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  5. The Wrong Guy Member

    A conversation with Nathan Rich about the unique Scientology hellscape he survived

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, September 28, 2018


    You’ve seen a portion of his book, Scythe Tleppo, now enjoy a conversation with Nathan Rich as he fills in Jeffrey Augustine about his experience in Scientology and beyond.

    Says Jeffrey: “Nathan Rich was born into Scientology. He endured hell as a teenager at Scientology’s infamous Mace-Kingsley Ranch, operated by the abusive Wally Hanks, a man whom Scientology protected after he admitted to sexually molesting two teenage girls. Nathan’s life spiraled out of control and soon he was living on the streets as a drug addict. Nathan tells a riveting tale of how he survived seven years of homelessness and self-medicating with street drugs and turned his life around. Nathan’s book Scythe Tleppo is now available on Amazon.”

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  6. VIDEO - That Sober Guy Podcast: The Aftermath of Scientology, Punk Rock and Addiction with Nathan Rich.

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