New Book: Scientology: Belief, Practice, Other Religions & Apostates, by Bryan R. Wilson

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  1. New Book: Scientology: Belief, Practice, Other Religions & Apostates, by Bryan R. Wilson.


    Paperback $14 68
    ‎FORB Publications (August 24, 2021)
    ‎158 pages

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    In this compilation, Bryan Wilson, the acknowledged dean of the study of new religions, provides a clear and concise overview of the development of a tolerant society and of the nature of the religious diversity which has emerged hand-in-hand with it. In the West, the rise of diversity has been accompanied theologically by a reevaluation (and discarding) of some claims for uniqueness formerly espoused within the Christian community, a process largely dictated by the expanding awareness of the world’s religions.

    Within Christianity, generations of theological battles have produced several thousand denominations and a seemingly endless set of variations in theology, organizational forms, church life, worship and ethical commitments. Here you will find comparisons between Scientology and other religions, while unveiling the controversies that have come with it from its beginning. While new religions are targeted by ex-members, which Wilson mentions as “apostates”, it is a fact that every religion and social movement has them, and here you can find an analysis of how reliable can their testimonies be.

    Bryan R. Wilson (1926-2004) was Reader Emeritus in Sociology at the University of Oxford and President of the International Society for the Sociology of Religion (1971–75). He became a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford in 1963.Wilson was the author of several influential books on new religious movements.

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  3. The is a compilation first published on August 24, 2021.

    Nothing in my post is misleading. The date of death, the publication date, and the fact that it is a compilation are all set forth in my post.

    As for Wilson being an apologist, yeah, I hesitated to post news of the book anywhere for that reason. However, my policy is to try to note all new books (and news items, for that matter), good or bad, if they are substantive, so that people know what's out there and can, if necessary, refute or otherwise address them.

    It is also possible that parts of the book *might* have value despite the fact that he was horribly unscientific in his "apostate" analysis, and succumbed to bias and the use of loaded language adopting that nomenclature.

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