New Book -- Thrown Overboard: By Scientology and Other Life Overboards, by Debbie Norwitz

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  1. New Book -- Thrown Overboard: By Scientology and Other Life Overboards, by Debbie Norwitz

    Paperback $21.99
    266 pages
    April. 17, 2022

    Kindle $9.99
    April 16, 2022

    Free with Kindle Unlimited



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    As a child, Debbie Norwitz learned self-reliance the hard way. Growing up void of parental support or love, as a young teen her self-awareness led to shocking discoveries. She scrapped to embrace her own femininity yet began parenting her baby sister when only twelve years old. Knowing only a cycle of chaos, Debbie left home at eighteen and entered into a vicious marriage, escaping by a rare chance of fate. Thrown in the mix, a stint in Las Vegas, passion-filled relationships, and workplace drama all led to more chaos. Would she ever know peace? Yet another failed marriage and time with the Church of Scientology as one of its highest-ranking officials generated only more chaos. After escaping control by her husband and the church, Debbie had had enough. Facing barriers head-on with an acute sense of survival and determination, she donated a kidney to her daughter, then traveled overseas on a solo backpacking journey and ignited a new sense of purpose. Thrown Overboard by Scientology and Other Life Overboards is an amazing true story of one woman’s survival from a world of neglect and danger to one of love and living life to the fullest.

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  2. From Debbie Norwitz's website:


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    I am a former Scientologist, having been part of the “Church” about ten years. I had the majority of my Scientology training in East Grinstead, UK. After that a number of Scientology graduates were able to get additional training on LRH’s ship in Corfu, Greece.

    We moved to Miami, Florida and we ran the Scientology Organization for about 6 years.

    In Miami I first was an auditor. After that I ran the Intel Division in Scientology’s Guardian Office in Miami.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

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  3. Debbie Norwitz is on the Scientolipedia Class VIII Registry.

    Nonetheless, both her memoir and her web page indicate that she is not an Independent Scientologist. I post the above only to show that she was a Class 8 Auditor.

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  4. From Warrior on Tony Ortega's blog:

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    Debbie is on the very far right in this picture from Auditor World Wide issue 37, page 2, circa June 1968. Allan is also in the picture.

    / 0da53bf4b0f811dc611abf05b3f4550abd37301f11158923359d637ae93a27c0.jpg

    * * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

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