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    NPR had a snippet on Charlie Manson. The lawyer for one of the Family has died and some tapes released. There were several unexplained deaths of lawyers of the Family. Then there was a comment about deaths of several Scientologists. That's all I heard.

    DALLAS (AP) — A federal judge in Texas has ruled that the Los Angeles Police Department should be able to obtain the decades-old taped conversations between a Manson family disciple and his attorney.
    U.S. District Judge Richard A. Schell of Plano wrote in an order Sunday that Charles "Tex" Watson waived his right to attorney-client privilege when he allowed his lawyer to sell the eight cassette tapes to an author nearly 40 years ago for a book about the convicted murderer's life.
    The ruling affirms a bankruptcy judge's decision that Watson, who's serving a life sentence in California for his role in the 1969 murders of actress Sharon Tate and six others, sought to overturn.
    Watson's attorney, Bill Boyd, died in 2009. The tapes were discovered last year by the trustee handling the Chapter 7 bankruptcy case of the law firm where Boyd was a partner.
    Los Angeles police Cmdr. Andrew Smith said Tuesday the department is prepared to send detectives to Texas to pick up the tapes as soon as they are available. However, they will wait until a 30-day window for an appeal passes.
    "The LAPD is pleased that the judge ruled in our favor," Smith said. "We are looking forward to getting these tapes and thoroughly analyzing their contents."
    Smith has said previously that the LAPD believes the tapes could yield clues to unsolved murders. But Watson has indicated that the Manson family wasn't responsible for any other killings.
    Fort Worth lawyer Kelly Puls, who is representing Watson in the tapes matter, said Tuesday he would talk to Watson about appealing Schell's ruling.
    "We're going to be looking at all our options," Puls said.

    Moar is at the link
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    Here's the link between Manson and Scientology deaths

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    So no real dox : (
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    Manson was a participant in the Crimonon program when he was in prison in the 1960's. Criminon is scientology. I don't recall he ever was recruited into the "church", but scientology was part of his methods of manipulation.
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    Charlie was the only guy who did this mind control stuff better than our Ron. He learned it all from Ron's books. Ronnie was scared to death of Manson. Manson knew this and killed a few Scientologists just to show he could. I believe there is more to come.

    I particularly like the story of his visit to the Celebrity Centre when he got out of prison. The Celebrity Centre wanted to send him to ethics.
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    You are correct. Manson intrigued L. Ron. Actually, perhaps Hubbard envied Manson's ability to manipulate and wanted to learn how.
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    Oh to be a fly on the wall.
  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    Jane Doe 59: Police Looked into Links Between Her and Other Unsolved Murders | People


    The Mystery of Jane Doe #59

    In his 1974 book Helter Skelter, Vincent Bugliosi suggested that Jane Doe #59 may have been present at the death of suspected Manson family victim John "Zero" Haught. Bugliosi writes she might have been "killed so she wouldn't talk." (Haught, whose death was reportedly declared a suicide, died of a gunshot wound to the head on November 5, 1969. Manson family members were reportedly present when the shooting occurred.)

    Another avenue police explored at the time was whether Jane Doe #59's murder was linked to the slayings of James Sharp, 15, and 19-year-old Doreen Gaul. The young Scientologists were found brutally stabbed and beaten in an alley about a half-mile from a "hippie like cult commune which Gaul had left Friday evening for a Scientology session with Sharp," according to a Los Angeles Times article at the time.

    LAPD detectives were reportedly trying to determine if Jane Doe #59 was also a member of the Church of Scientology.

    For much more on Jane Doe #59 and the search for other possible victims of the notorious Manson Family, pickup this week's issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.
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