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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by anonymous562, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. anonymous562 Member

    To all CT anons,
    Considering there is no official anonymous cell in CT, I am doing my best to start one. I created a website for all those who share the anonymous ideology. It is still in the construction phase but the more who help, the bigger we will grow. Please help me by visiting and signing up. New users will be able to discuss current anonymous events and upload pictures, stories, and videos of their own. Please make sure that if you do sign up, no real names are used. Please contribute however you can and lets get this going CT!

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  2. Anonymous Member

    You joined here today and you come bearing the gift of a brand spanking new website and you include your email address. You don't smell good to me.
  3. anonymous562 Member

    Believe me, the website is very much still in the construction phase, but its a start. Im really inspired to help Anonymous however i can, and i pretty much have bee working all day to coordinate with certain people to help me start it up. My email address is obviously the one i use only for anon related activity, otherwise i wouldnt give it out.
  4. anonymous562 Member

    If you think I am being too forward with my initial idea to start this cell, i will happily take down my email, but check out the website. Its pretty cool
  5. Anonymous Member

    Cool enough to snatch IP addresses?
  6. anonymous562 Member

    Um no man, im pretty new to this.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Oh well I'm convinced then.
  8. anonymous562 Member

    I could really care less about what you think my website is for, I started it for people with good intentions, and i honestly dont even know what an ip address is ok, im 17 years old and im just looking to organize people in my town so if all your gonna do is doubt, then why bother even replying?
  9. Anonymous Member

  10. anonymous562 Member

    hahaha look, im mostly doing this to get highschoolers in my town interested in anonymous because almost no one knows what it is, so if you dont wanna check out the website, at least help promote the new cell in assuming your from CT?
  11. Anonymous Member

    You sound too new to understand the suspicions of a bunch of people used to having their IP addresses taken when they go to Scientology websites. Posting your email makes it look like you are waaaaaay too new to be safe. This is probably not the place to do this, even if it's cool. We are jaded paranoids.
    I want to see your website, sounds interesting but I'm not about to go there until I know what it is. Catch 22. Maybe post screen shots of what it looks like?
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  12. anonymous562 Member

    fewwww, thanks man. Cause your right, i am litterally brand new to this and definitely need help. I actually made it during one of my free periods today in school. Good to know though. And i understand where your coming from. How to i snap shot a picture of the website if im not on a mac?
  13. anonymous562 Member

    i dont know how to snapshot it to you but i can give you the link without the sign up page?
  14. Anonymous Member

    Nope. Google "screen shot" to take a pic of your screen, then upload it here.
  15. Anonymous Member

    alright then lemme figure it out
  16. Anonymous Member

    yes i have, im truly sorry, i tried deleting them, i realize how annoying this is
  17. Anonymous Member

    another idea, should this be in Production Studio if s/he wants advice
  18. Anonymous Member

    i honestly have no idea how to upload this.
  19. Anonymous Member

    lolu r posting anon, fast learner
  20. Anonymous Member

    hahah thanks
  21. Anonymous Member

    i dont know if your willing to take my word on this one, but i seriously have no idea how to upload the screenshot
  22. Anonymous Member

    Is it a image file? Try "upload a file"
  23. anonymous562 Member

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  24. Anonymous Member

    Or try google" upload image file". First look at what type of image file it is. Jpeg?
  25. Anonymous Member

    He shoots he scores!
  26. anonymous562 Member

    thats the front screen of my new site for CT anons
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  27. anonymous562 Member

    so idk what you guys think but if you wanna sign up, id appreciate the support to get this moving
  28. Anonymous Member

    It' cool looking but I'm still not going there. Can you put this where other high school students in CT will see it? That'll work better for you than trying to get people here to sign up. Also search this forum for CT
  29. Anonymous Member

    ya how would i go about that? i mean to get high school students to see?
  30. Go in and give a talk about drugs. Then hit them with propaganda. Its how Scientology does it.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    clever idea
  32. anonymous562 Member

    Im going to start dropping yftc around my town mabey that will help.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Print fliers with screen shot and start putting it on student activity boards and in the library. Anonymously. You can harvest your cool later.
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  34. Budd Member

    562, don't worry about the big kids here. They think they are cool and will tell you that you are stupid and need to LURK MOAR.
    Well, yes, you do need to murk loar, but you've got a good spirit. People here with attitudes need people like you.
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  35. anonymous562 Member

    Thanks Budd, I appreciate the support. And to respond to the anonymous post above yours, I will be doing that in my school very soon.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    You can make a website, but you can't take a screenshot and post it here nor can you figure out how to delete your multiple threads on this subject? And you're saying you don't know how to snatch IP addresses off of your website?
    Troll? Trolls are funny. You are not.
    Naive noob? You're just not getting it. It doesn't matter if you're being 100% truthful. We don't know you. You're new here. If you are in high school then you should be talking to your friends and fellow classmates to get things started. They are the only ones who would then join your website because it's local.
  37. pooks Member

    Hi I'm not an anon but an ex and I love to protest. You can Pm me if you'd like. Raiding New Haven on a Sunday afternoon might be fun.
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  38. Asheera Member

    Paranoid anons are paranoid, but justifiably so. In that spirit let me recommend a course of action for any people wanting to get some action started in their zone without falling foul of excessive paranoia – use WWP as your planning base.

    Even this very thread can be used for soliciting ideas, and is an ideal place for people to register their interest in participating. At this time, with no track record to refer to, it is understandable for folks to feel queasy about being asked to move onto a potential honeypot.

    Until sufficient trust has been earned my advice is to use WWP as your planning base.
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  39. RightOn Member

    tinfoil alert..... can this be someone trying to get an "in" to the SP party? just a thought.

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