New Cult Book Store, Town Square Las Vegas

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by acepi86, Oct 11, 2011.

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    Paging LastOneStanding to the white courtesy phone....
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    Bumping this to remind LVA there's still this garbage to deal with.
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    Bumping the bump...
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  6. It's funny how the whole exchange idea is so ingrained in them. They could just give the books away. They've tried the selling books angle for so long and what has it really gained them? It really wouldn't hurt if they tried giving DIANETICS away. I shouldn't give them ideas though. Next thing you know Miscavige will get Scientologists to give the books away but the only catch is that the Scientologists will have to buy the books first.
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    Will there be Free Stress Tests featuring illegal use of the e-meter?
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    LRH doesn't like this.
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    That's how Library donations, The Way to Happiness etc. work.
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  10. Bump so i remember to mention this to LVA XD!
  11. lol, all giveaways count as sales too, remember when they infiltrated the NY Times to put LRH books on the bestseller lists? Books were laundered through bookstores, never sent directly to their 'church' for sale, Scientologist staff were required to buy boatloads of LRH books at bookstores and then resell em to themselves and freshly recruited raw meat at the 'church'. My God, sales have doubled, amazing.

    The Times had a 'secret' list of obscure small bookstores. The trick was to show sales at these obscure bookstores as well to show vast, widespread interest in Hubbard's trash (imean writings) and placement on the best 'sellers' list of NY Times. Dispatch the staff, buy up any and all copies or order them if not available in the targeted stores. Scientology staff has always been eager to participate in fraud to promote the scam and keep their stats up.

    All fraud is acceptable and encouraged in Scientology with the justification of being for the greatest good on the greatest number of dynamics along with kidnapping (babysitting), blackmail, bribery, RPF imprisonment, money laundering, harassing lawsuits, money laundering, harassing lawsuits, brutal security checks, lying on credit applications and on and on in the big LRH scam.................

    Wog crimes are so silly.....Scientology has its own 'ethics and justice' system.

    Stats is a synonym for money in Scientology. Money up = stats up. So uptone and theta, so cash, so convicted fraud L.Ron Hubbard. Stats = Money.

    To LRH...........

    Hip, hip.........
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