New DDOS Attacks On Ahmadinejad-related Sites

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. my-persia & whereismyvote are down.

    I made a new one & temporarily uploaded it on Persiangig :

    -Included more Ahmadinejad-related sites
    -New links to sites that have changed their homepage
    -New links to avoid mirror-type attacks on Mousavi's sites

    Please spread!
  2. Thanks alot!

  3. Member

    Problem: By DDoSing Iran gov sites, you're DDoSing the Iran network at large.

    Protesters will have trouble getting through an already barely functioning internet.

    If you want to do something helpful, be smarter then a DDoS.
  4. By ddosing the Iranian goverment and pro Ahmadinejad sites you are taking away from the very little bandwidth that they people we are supporting have.

    Its not a good idea.
  5. datam Member

    nice job

    but you have to know some of those website like have some script when you attck them they attacke mosavi webpage ?
  6. The domain is now active :

    That's true,I'm just doing the best I can.Let me know if there's anything at all that I can do to help out.

    -New links to avoid mirror-type attacks on Mousavi's sites
  7. Do you know that DOS'ing is illegal, and you're claiming responsibility for an illegal act?

    Still, where is the proof that Moussavi won the election?
  8. What are your qualifications for evaluating any "proof"? Or are you just a troll?
  9. Member

    Welcome to the internet.

    We dont know, and we dont care.

    This is about the physical abuse that the government is inflicting on what started as peaceful protests.
  10. Let me put it like this... So far all I've seen is Ahmadinejad win the election, and then the opposition claim victory. Why should I believe Moussavi over Ahmadinejad?
  11. If that's all you're seeing in the situation, that's pretty fuckin' shallow..even for the internets. This runs far deeper than you can comprehend.
  12. Member

    More to the point: Why should we care?
  13. The text below is from Mousavi/Khatami's website This is new information, and so far Mousavi's official sources have not been spreading false information.

    The original text in farsi can be found here:

    Below follows the real election results from last Friday. The NOT manipulated results are smuggled out, by a brave member of the Iranian Ministry of Home Affairs.

    Total Votes :
    37.4 Million (100%)= (81% of votes)

    blanK votes :
    6.000.000 (0.6 %)

    Mir Hussein Moussavi Khamene:
    21.3 Million (57,2%)

    Mahmud Ahmadinejad
    10.5 Million (28%)

    Mohsen Rezai
    2.7 Million (7%)

    Mehdi Kaaroubi
    2.2 Million (6%)

    The Source of this is

    Please help by spreading the truth.
    Let the world hear the voice of the repressed Iranian people.
  14. They Jinguji

    I dunno. Why should you believe in global warming? Why should you believe the world is round? Maybe because people who know more than you about the subject are saying these things.

    Ignorant skepticism is just as bad as ignorant superstition.
  15. Irans Electoral Commission, rather than waiting the customary three days before having the Grand Ayatollah Khamenei certify the results of the election, instead had Khamenei approve the alleged results immediately, presumably as early returns showed the likelihood of a substantial Mousavi victory. While in previous elections the results were announced by each voting district, which would allow at least some degree of follow-up regarding their validity, this time the results were announced only at the citywide of provincial level. Already, the Ministry of the Interior officials are beginning to speak out about witnessing the fabrication of phony vote totals!
  16. So? This is Anonyous rememner ;)
  17. As much as I like to support this information I would like to know what kind of source is. I mean it doesn't mean much if is some personal website from some guy in tehran.
  18. EPG Member is the primary website that first begin the "3rd wave" campaign (Mowj = wave) to ask Mr. Khatami to become a candidate for the election. Once Mr. Mousavi entered and Mr. Khatami pulled aside, became the informative website of Mr. Mousavi. The people active in it are reformist law makers and officials that have been active for years. Yes, is not an independent source, but right now the only sources available in Iran are either the gov't sources that lie and censor everything, or the reformist sources such as this website.

    This website is 1 of the few communication windows with the outside world and the people inside Iran right now. The information they have provided to this day have been accurate and true.

    Now yes, obviously because we do not have a concrete evidence behind the numbers given above, you could question the credibility of it, but it is actually consistent with the surveys and projections that had been made.

    There is however said that there are recorded videos supposedly at the possession of reformist officials that documents everything from the time they were initially told they have won to the point where revolutionary guards broke into their office and told them that ahmadinejad will be the president.
  19. So would I, but prove it to the big guys first.

    The mainstream media in the West has its faults but it doesn't like to run with false information, and it wants to report big news, so they'll check it out if they can.

    0.6% of the votes blank. Humph! Sounds much more believable than 1% of the vote being split between Blank, opposition 2, and opposition 3.
  20. A joke, yes?
  21. Would it be more effective to find some forms on those websites and constantly post with bogus info? You still get a page load out of it, and if you submit to something that's accepting a POST, it's going to at least do some validation, if not hit a DB, etc. Make the server work a little harder.
  22. VeritasPyre Member


    Whom is this person, that acquired this information? How fully credible is the source itself? I'm not saying put his name up since that would obviously get him killed. I would like to see the "Revolution" end peacefully, and I would also like to see a change in political tact from Iran; though that is not entirely feasible.

    The information posted is extremely inflammatory in regards towards more violence. Not directly but through intensifying the emotions of the Iranian people, which is certainly not needed at this juncture.

    Did anyone go through any kind of channels at all to determine the accuracy of this information? A post could have been posted that stated that the facts where being investigate because the real votes were found and to prevent further harm it was being looked into. This is not the case it is just posted.

    That is the source of my skepticism regarding this posting. Other than my natural skepticism.
  23. EPG Member

    Well I was the person who posted that information up there, and as I said earlier it is posted on Mr. Mousavi's own official website. Mr. Mousavi's office states that the were contacted from an individual from insite the Interior Ministry who provided them with this information. Keep in mind that the person who contacted them could not have been some random individual as law makers in Iran are well known to one another.

    In terms of this information intensifying the crowd, that is actually a good point, throughout these past couple of days Mr. Mousavi has constantly insisted on PEACEFUL and QUIET demonstrations, and has even tried to obtain rally permits from the government for his demonstrations, so I highly doubt that he would put false information up just to intensify the crowd.

    In addition, the crowd you see in Iran already KNOWS their votes were stolen, which is why they are out in the streets. What has happened in Iran is regarded by the public in Iran as a Coup d'etat and there are solid reasons behind that.
  24. Wow - so it looks like Ahmadinejad reversed the numbers giving himself the win!
  25. VeritasPyre Member

    Granted (mostly).

    Granted (mostly). The issue then transfers to Mousavi's web page. I do not speak Farsi, nor do any of my friends who are of Arabic descent speak it,and even if they did they are probably asleep right now. I am taking the context of what I said towards his page,upon receiving this information did they make any confirmations?

    I understand that the lawmakers are a close knit group in Iranian politics, but the volatile potential of here is the "proof"/ the "smoking gun", that yes the votes were in fact stolen can cause violence.

    Yes, Mousavi has pleaded for peace but he is no there at every rally, and speaking as a young person (27) he does not posses my stamina, nor my youthful exuberance. Two people from the opposing sides meet, and the wrong thing is said, in the wrong situation can lead to a catastrophe, which is the usual formula for peaceful protests leading to violence.

    And there is the violence that has occurred. Supporters of Mousavi have committed acts of violence, they therefore have violated the law. I am by no means condemning them for this I myself would possibly do the same with a good deal of certainty in my mind. My point I'm trying to illicit is that this information is extremely important, and regardless of anything given the climate in Iran especially amongst young people, people younger than myself it is dangerous. Should not Mousavi post that they records have been found and request that the Supreme Leader recognise that Mousavi knows what is up.

    When I turned 18 and voted for teh first time, Bush "won" his first term in office, so I very well emphathise with the Iranian youth, who feel cheated. But the climate is more intense because the culture is different, restrictions exist against Iranian citizens, and against Iran itself because of the relations between our nations. So what is happening is not entirely a surprise.
  26. EPG Member

    Rest assured Mousavi's office does not post anything without first confirming it. I say this because they care about this just as much, which is why they also insist that the people dont follow any other website other than the 3-4 official Mousavi websites. He being a revolutionary of 30 years ago and probably the most experience with this government knows of all of these things really well.

    As far as the acts of violence that you mentioned, there are 2 things you have to keep in mind:

    1. the protests are all mostly peaceful and start out peaceful and only until the special units many of whom are not even Iranian (The are Lebanese, or of other arabic speaking nations based on eye witnesses) attack the people do the people then resort to violence in response.

    2. Within these protests as similar to past protests in the last few years there are always government sent agents who will dress up in green and blend in with the crowd and initiate some sort of a violent action in order to get the riot units involved.

    Edit: Also it is important to be aware that there are people from the Interior Ministry and even the Revolutionary guards who do not agree with what is happening and secretly support Mousavi.
  27. Soft Coup d'etat

    Yes, exactly they have reversed the votes of Mousavi in favor of Ahmadinejad. They actually planned and carried out a soft coup to accomplish that by direct guidance of supreme leader and puppies at guardian council and the revolutionary guard. This was very carefully planned well before the election day and bakced by a set of polls done by the government controlled agencies to show that Ahamdinejad is ahead of all candidates and especially, Mousavi. This was the case since there is near absolute censorship in Iran by hardliners and no private organization can do an independent poll.

    Look the reason people in US or other parts of the world tend to believe that Ahmadinejad won the election is that they are not familiar with the real political and social atmosphere in Iran. See, It's not like poor and impoverished people in rural areas and slums all voted for Ahmadinejad and those middle class and urban elite voted for Mousavi. It's not that kind of black and white thing. This is happening because the western media is drawing Ahamdinejad as a confrotational populist president who is favoring poor inside Iran. That's not the case. He ruined the economy during his presidency by increasing the inflation to greater than 25%, he ruined the agricultural sector by massive importing, he tripled the house price, and so on, this put pressure even on poor people. So, although Mr. Mousavi is originally a reformist with huge support in urban areas he had considerable support in those rural areas, too. This becomes more interesting when you start to know that 60% of Iran's population live in cities and the other 40% in rural areas. If it was not about change as you did in the US why people showed in record number (>83% of eligible voters = 40 million) in the polls? Why all this green revolution took place across all Iranian cities? Why people turned out on an enormous scale in Tehran to support Mr. Mousvai's cause that the election was kind of magic and there should another election? Why people are so angry and think that they are betrayed by the government regarding their votes?

    The answer to all these questions is that because Mr. Mousavi is the elected and legitimate president of Iran, NOT Ahamdinejad.
  28. IRIB - iranian state media

    don't know if its been noted here yet but the last twitter from one of the best tehran sources 4 hours ago was as follows:
    IRIB is the iranian state broadcaster
    wikipedia article links the following:
    # IRIB's official website (still working, slow)
    # Jamejam Daily the official organ (working fine)
    # IRIB News Department (works fine in ie, server error in firefox)
  29. Whoever the person is, I'm sure he is a lot more credible than ahamadinejad.
  30. nobody gives a shit about the government-related sites, don't do this, you're just going to slow down Iran's already-limited net access

    The infrastructure set up in Iran is centralized, DDOS attacks just clog up all the tubes so nobody can get any access. Instead, DDOS McAfee for selling the Iranian government packet filtering software.
  32. twelve Member

    This. If you're going to attack a site, at least have the sense to do it intelligently. Don't go smashing the primary resource we actually have.
  33. x100

    Don't continue large DDOS attacks, it's harming more than helping.
  34. Seriously, NO. Do not DDOS. If you want to help, protest near an Iranian consulate or something.. this could do more harm than good.
  35. Can we get an autoban for anyone starting a thread for DDoS information, sticky a Don't DDoS thread, adn close this thread?
  36. asdf

    + lock/delete this thread
  37. No shit. IIRC, in most US elections, Mickey Mouse still gets that many write-in votes, even in unopposed contests LOL

    The "official" numbers are a bad joke. It's almost as if someone ordered to fake the results, feeling guilty, botched the job on purpose.

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