New DDOS Attacks On Ahmadinejad-related Sites

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  1. Proof?

    It doesn't really matter who won the Election. Obama has expressed concern that the two leaders' policies may not be that different, and that is a fair observation.

    What this is really about is helping others to secure a fair Democracy, and to aid in the exercise of civil liberties. Specifically free speech and freedom of assembly.
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  3. Juvenile scriptkiddies. You're supposedly fighting censorship and in turn doing the same? Yeah, I guess I know what would YOU do if you were in a government. Censorship everywhere. Hypocritical fools.
  4. CIA and Mossad as usual.
    911, Afghanistan & Irak and now they're trying it with Iran.

    What's your next false flag? Bombing LA, Jerusalem...?
  5. Compare these two videos:

    How Does CIA Overthrow a Government Iran Election 2009 Compared with CIA Iran Coup 1953


    Compare with this:

  6. Here is your proof

    You want proof watch this investigative report. Authors of heavily-quoted poll changed their conclusion to support validity of Ahmadinejad landslide:

    On page 4 of the report we read "The current mood indicates that none of the candidates will likely pass the 50 percent threshold needed to automatically win; meaning that a second round runoff between the two highest finishers, is likely."[1] In the Washington Post article it hides this crucial forecast of the TFT report and says "Ahmadinejad leading by a more than 2 to 1 margin"[2] Ahmadinejad declared victory in the first round by a landslide, contrarily to the TFT report conclusion.

    So an independent US sponsered survey before the election forecasted that Ahmadinejad can't win the first round, Ahmadinejad is saying that he did by a 2/3 margin! What more proof do you need?

    [1] Iran Survey Report 0609.pdf
    [1] and Google cache link:
  7. Shah of Iran about US media:

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