New Dutch Scientology school 'Basisschool Onze toekomst' in Amsterdam

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    The new Scientology school is called 'Basisschool Onze toekomst' (Primary School 'Our future').

    If you look at the website (, you'll see that it's completely sanitized of any Scientology reference. There no mention of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard or Applied Scholastics anywhere.

    However, it's a Scientology school all right: Applied Scholastic, of course, is the Scientology outfit who's aim it is to infiltrate in the school system. To be fair, in this article Scientologist Karin Verheijen claims she is starting the school together with a non-Scientologist:

    However, a Scientologist named Bernard Percy paid them a visit last year (, so some amount of Scientology indoctrination appears to be going on.

    A shame! The previous Scientology school, the Lafayette School, closed down last year and I thought our school system had finally been cleared of Scientology influences.

    Something for Dutch Anons to keep track of.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Looks like a copycat of Will Smith's school; the one that recently closed down with parents up in arms against it for deceiving them.

    Good investigating Anonymous.
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    This demonstrates the critical importance of gathering and organizing evidence.

    The Scientology corporation is expert at deceiving (or corrupting, or threatening, or blackmailing) public officials and bureaucrats. They have 50 years of experience at it. Please continue the investigation Anonymous. Eventually the cult will be exposed and the school shut down if they are replacing a proper education with scientology nonsense.
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  5. wolfbane Member

    The Will Smith school made the mistake of making several mentions of "Ethics" on their website when it first launched, in such a way that made it obvious that it was the Scientology Ethics doctrine and it was intimately connected to the school's curriculum. (And I was disappoint that showbiz411 failed to point this out in the recent parent interview.)

    Can a dutch reader confirm if this new school in Amsterdam is making the same mistake of plugging scilon ethics like it's a legit aspect of the education provided?
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  6. Anonymous Member

    No. You'll find descriptions of gradients as well as misunderstoods on there, but they are not named such. No mention of ethics, also not in the report by the Inspection. The Inspection does mention daily and weekly schedules, which I believe is Study Tech as s well, but they weren't critical about that.

    Most interesting thing I can find is a picture from the visit of this high level Applied Scolalastic dude named Bernarnd Percy. A cycle of action is a Scientology term, but I can't positively identify it as Scientology propaganda with reverse image searches and Google.

    But perhaps anyone can make a positive ID about what this picture / quote is?


    [IMG][IMG] MCVRP6S.jpg
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  7. TrevAnon Member

    The school claims having specialized itself in treating dyslexia while that is developing itself. It uses "Methode De Haan" for this. Can't find information about this that I understand, but I think key is they use a methode from outside of COS.

    The school claims to be open to anyone. All religions and philosophies have an equal value. Children will be encouraged to develop their own belief system, and they will learn to respect the belief system of other persons. The school doesn't have religion of philosophy lessons.

    Tuition fee per year E 7,200,--. I would think this is a higher than what public financed schools get from the government but I am not sure. I work at a secondary school where things are different.

    People wanting to work there must be willing to study further to "signal faster if a child doesn't understand something".

    All quotes taken from the school website.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    In other words, you don't need to be a Scientologist to work there, but you must be willing do low level Scientology courses on Study Tech.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    There is more information in this booklet:

    At least in this booklet, they do mention a certain L R Hubbard. However, they still completely fail to mention that Hubbard was the founder of Scientology and that their 'study method' is a watered down version of Scientology brainwashing. It's the same way they operated with the old school, the lafayette school.

    They claim in the booklet that Hubbard was a school teacher, which is fraudulent. Hubbard had a lot of professions in his lifetime, but he never was a school teacher. They also fail to mention their connection with Applied Scholastics, with its aim of promoting infiltrating Scientology in the Dutch school system.

    From the booklet, it's clear that the school implements Scientology ethics. For example, they are talking about overts, withholds and lower conditions (without naming them such) on page sixteen. I'll explain what these concepts mean and why they are important in the off chance that parents researching this school stumble across this thread (Google has it on page 2 at the moment).

    Overts, withholds and Lower Conditions are used in Scientology to control people. If you violate the strict rules of the church, or if you have doubts about Scientology, or even if bad things happen to you (like sickness or unemployment), Scientology teaches you that this happened because you committed moral crimes (overts) that you are unable to admit to (withholds). As a result, you are placed in what is called a Lower Condition, a state of punishment, until you have admitted to your transgressions and learned to love Big Brother again. During this punishment one often has to do manual labor (the school booklet is actually talking about doing chores). You won't be let back into good graces until the majority of the group confirmed you have confessed to your crimes and sufficiently made up for them. To achieve this, people often have to publically lay bare deep personal secrets or convince themselves that simple mistakes were in fact hideous crimes. It's pure reconditioning and the same system is employed in Scientology schools. It can really damage kids that respond badly to it.

    Moreover, Scientology also has something called Knowledge Reports, which basically means that members spy on each other Stasi-style. Unfortunately, there is no reference to this in the booklet, but rest assured that the school will use this system as well.

    (end of Scientology brainwashing 101)

    The school is run by Karin Verheijen (Scientologist) and Ada van Veldhuizen. The latter probably is a non-Scientologist, but she was a teacher at the old lafayette school ( juli 2012.pdf). The school booklet also mentions an ombudsman-type person in case parents have complaints, Henny de Ridder. He or she (first name is ambiguous) is a Scientologist as well.

    Another inteesting remark was that they 'have material available at the school which shows how bad psychiatric medication is'. Creepy.

    That's pretty much all I can find in the booklet, but I'd welcome additional commentary from other Dutch anons.
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  11. Rod Keller Member

    Is this it?

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    This thread is now on the first page of Google, which means there is a decent chance that parents looking into this school will read this. For this reason, I'll post an update to this thread in Dutch. It's pretty much a recap of what's been said before, but I'll also be introducing this site itself and adding a link to Tony O's recent interview with the principle of Will Smith's school.

    Zoals ik hierboven in het Engels al aankondig, wil ik hier ook even een bericht achterlaten in het Nederlands zodat iedereen het kan lezen.

    Het forum waar u terecht ben gekomen wordt gebruikt door activisten van diverse pluimage, gericht op onder meer vrijheid van meningsuiting op het internet en democratische rechten in Iran. De site is ontstaan uit een actie van "hackerscollectief" Anonymous tegen de Scientologykerk in 2008 en dit onderwerp vormt nog steeds de kern van het forum. De reden hierachter is dat Scientology veel problematischer dan veel mensen zich realiseren, met veel afpersing en oplichting van gewone leden en structureel misbruik van leden die dieper in de organisatie zitten.

    Omdat veel overheden (waaronder die in Nederland) dit nalaten, houden activisten als ikzelf een oogje in het zeil als het gaat om de activiteiten van Scientology. Deze discussie over een school die sterke banden met de Scientologykerk verborgen houdt, Basisschool Onze Toekomst in Amsterdam, is daar een gevolg van.

    Ik ga ervan uit dat u op deze pagina terecht bent gekomen omdat u overweegt om uw kind naar deze school te sturen en er bij uw onderzoek op bent gestuit.

    Alhoewel er goede redenen kunnen zijn om uw kind naar een privé-school te sturen met een gedreven leiding en veel persoonlijke aandacht (en dat geldt duidelijk voor deze school) zijn er diverse bezwaren aan te tekenen bij Onze Toekomst, en die wil ik ook even in het Nederlands op een rij zetten.

    Hierbij maak ik een aantal keren een verwijzing naar een school van Will Smith die al meerdere keren in deze discussie wordt genoemd. Deze school heeft echt bestaan. Het gaat ook om een school op Scientology-grondslag, opgericht door acteur Will Smith (ja, die). De school werd al vrij snel de op één na slechtste school in de regio (na een school voor leerlingen met leerproblemen). Nadat hierover in de media berichten verschenen, ging de school failliet. De niet-Scientoloog die was aangetrokken om de school te leiden, had op dat moment al ontslag genomen. Een recent interview met haar waarin ze zich zeer kritisch uitlaat over de gang van zaken in deze school is hier te vinden: Alhoewel het hier om twee verschillende scholen gaat die natuurlijk niet dezelfde problemen hoeven te kennen, is haar verhaal wel relevant en ik zou daarom iedere ouder aanraden om het interview te lezen.

    Het eerste bezwaar wat ikzelf heb tegen Onze Toekomst is dat de school veel opener zou moeten zijn over haar banden met Scientology. De school zal desgevraagd beweren seculier te zijn, maar waarom vermeld zij niet gewoon in de schoolgids dat de uitvinder van de lesmethode, L Ron Hubbard, ook de oprichter van Scientology was? En wat is de rol eigenlijk van Applied Scholastics? Deze stichting is de organisatie achter de oprichting van deze school, maar is nergens in de schoolgids te vinden. En waarom wordt in de schoolgids beweerd dat Hubbard een onderwijzer was? Dit is namelijk een regelrechte leugen. Daarnaast is het maar de vraag of de school wel zo seculier is. Waarom werd Onze Toekomst vorig jaar bezocht door een vooraanstaande Amerikaanse Scientoloog? Op de school van Will Smith werden leraren die geen Scientoloog waren onder enorme druk gezet om steeds meer Scientology cursussen te volgen. Hopelijk is dat bij deze school niet het geval, maar ik waag het (op grond van mijn kennis van de Scientologykerk) sterk te betwijfelen.

    Ten tweede zijn er bij de lesmethode grote vraagtekens te plaatsen. Het hoofd van de school van Will Smith bijvoorbeeld, iemand met veel didactische ervaring, had er grote problemen mee. Waarom is de lesmethode (die inmiddels decennia oud is) nooit aangeslagen buiten Scientology? Is de lesmethode welbeschouwd niet erg simplistisch voor iets wat zo ingewikkeld (en persoonlijk) is als hoe uw kind leert? Zijn ouders van leerlingen die enthousiaste verhalen vertellen, enthousiast door de persoonlijke aandacht die er is voor hun kind of door de lesmethode? En zijn die ouders trouwens wel onafhankelijk of zijn ze zelf ook Scientoloog? Het grote probleem bij de lesmethode (wat mij betreft dan) is dat Scientologen een religieuze overtuiging hebben dat hun zienswijze de enig juiste is. Dat betekent dat zij geloven dat, mocht de lesmethode bij uw kind niet aanslaan, dit aan uw kind ligt en niet aan hun aanpak, met alle potentiële problemen van dien.

    Iets vergelijkbaars geldt bij de wat Scientology 'ethiek' noemt. Dit is het interne strafsysteem van Scientology dat ervoor moet zorgen dat leden zich aan de interne regels houden. Als ze deze overtreden, worden ze tijdelijk tot persona non grata verklaard en moeten ze (vaak vies) fysiek werk verrichten tot ze weer door de rest van de groep worden geaccepteerd. Deze handelswijze gaat ook toegepast worden op uw kind. Is dat wel zo positief? Wat als uw kind hier niet goed op reageert? Wederom, dan ligt het aan uw kind en niet aan de religieuze opvattingen van de leiding van de school. Als u het internet doorspit, zult u veel verhalen tegenkomen van oud-leerlingen met erg negatieve ervaringen en dat heeft altijd met het voorgaande te maken. Een voorbeeld van een dergelijk verhaal vind u een aantal posts hierboven, onder 'leerling Lafayette school wil dood' (de Lafayette school is in feite de voorganger van Onze Toekomst). Dat deze school controversieel was blijkt ook uit deze rechtzaak uit 2012:

    Nogmaals, de Onderwijsinspectie tekent geen bezwaren aan bij deze school en diverse ouders zijn enthousiast. Daarnaast lijken niet-Scientologen een redelijk grote rol te hebben bij de school. Dat zijn positieve signalen, maar ik raad iedereen aan die overweegt hun kind naar deze school te sturen, om een aantal kritische vragen te stellen en dan ook dóór te vragen. U weet dit waarschijnlijk niet, maar Scientologen volgen cursussen waarin ze leren om kritische vragen met halve waarheden te pareren, dus u bent bij dezen gewaarschuwd.

    PS De site biedt de mogelijkheid om als gebruiker 'Anonymous' te posten. Diverse mensen maken daar gebruik van in deze discussie, waaronder ikzelf.
    PPS "Hackerscollectief" is niet zo'n heel goede typering voor Anonymous, maar wel degene die je in de pers meestal tegenkomt. Vandaar mijn introductie met aanhalingstekens.
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  13. Schools almost identical in nature to 'Onze toekomst' exist in other countries as well, and they are almost always hiding their Scientology connections. Such a school in France will now be proscetuted for fraud for doing exactly what 'Onze toekomst' is doing as well: hiding the fact that they use Scientology teachings on students.

    Source: A French article posted on January 13, 2014 on the website of the weekly news magazine Le Point:
    Plusieurs structures liées à la Scientologie mises en examen
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  14. jensting Member

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  15. Clusterdux Member

    I wonder if the parents know that the school is a subsidiary of a Cult.
    Probably not....... yet :)
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  16. Just to say - great work spotting this, and thanks for translating to Dutch. Parents MUST know this school promotes the cult.
  17. It seems that parents have started to ask questions to the school as a result of this thread, as they have removed the school guide from their site and had a former teacher leave a comment on this newspaper article about the school.

    I have uploaded the school guide at the bottom of this post to allow parents to compare it to the (potentially sanitized) version they receive from the school.

    I will also include the comment of the former teacher and my response below. It's pretty much a rehash of what's already been said on this thread, but the newspaper has removed unfavorable comments several times before, so I just want to ensure they are saved here.

    First, the teacher's comment:
    My response (yeah, I'm a wordy guy):
    Thanks, but just to be clear, a guy I don't know revealed the Scientology connection in a comment in the article I linked. I just provided a Google entry which has Scientology in the title if you search for the school.

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  18. Karin Verheyen, the Scientology head master of the school, has now responded. She confirms that this thread and the article are hurting the school. She also goes off in a tangent towards me in a manner which perfectly illustrates her cultic 'ethics' mentality. In my response I offer a more detailed explanation of how this mentality could destroy a kid's mind or the relationship with his parents.

    Anyways, first Karin's response and then mine:

  19. anon8109 Member

    Anonymous works, and it helps people protect their children from cults.
  20. fishypants Moderator

    Google translate (because Dutch is hard)

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  21. The school has updated its website and found itself forced to discuss its connection with Scientology. Of course, they deny any meaningful connection. They do admit however, that they are a member of Applied Scholastics.

    Now, there two bits of background information which are important here. First, Applied Scholastics reports up to a an organisation called ABLE which is part of a legal entity called the Church of Scientology International (, if you want to dive into the complex organizational structure of the cult). Secondly, the contract that Basisschool Onze Toekomst signed with the Church of Scientology can easily be found on the Internet. Here it is.

    I'll copy in a couple of the legal terms and conditions which Onze Toekomst has signed up to:

    So they have a contractual obligation to dissiminate the "Hubbard Philosophy". But wait! That's actually what they called Scientology on their own site: a philosophy. So they have the obligation to promote not only Hubbard's study method, but also his religion.

    So they also pay 4% of turnover to Applied Scholastics. Wow! Talk about no connection. And although some of it is legitimately used as overhead for ABLE and Applied Scholastics, ex-members who used to work in financial positions in the cult state that most of this money goes straight to the coffers of Scientology itself.

    So Scientology reserves the right to basically take over the school, which means they are in full control of what happens there. And if you watch the videos that were recently released, you'll hear one of the employees say that he/see is responsible for Quality. If you Google this person's name, you'll find that this person is a Scientologist [red: I'm being vague because I can't mention the person's name due to privacy concerns]. Rest assured that this person is reporting what is happening in the school directly to Applied Scholastics and therewith Scientology. I wouldn't quite call that no connection at all, as they state on the website.

    Now, I would presume that the above conditions have not been added to the Charter that Onze Toekomst is willing to show you. And that means that you'll have to make up you own mind which document you find more reliable. But remember: Like most religious people, Scientologists will have a natural tendency to try and convert people they think might be interested and moreover, they have a religious obligation to lie if this is in the interest of Scientology. There are countless examples of this, including forgery of documents.
    So thread and read carefully and don't turn of your critical thinking skills. As an example: they are now stating on their website that Hubbard's teaching method is exact and works for practically every student. So if that's the case, why do they feel the need to reassure you a sentence later that they use regular PABO teachings methods as well? Aren't those two sentences mutually exclusive? And might you wonder, if it works on practically anybody, who doesn't it work on? Well, let me fill you in on that. It won't work on Suppresive Persons, the inherently evil people like myself, which I mentioned before. Scientology will even be able to tell you that exactly 2.5% of the population is such a Suppresive Person. So theorically, there should be a 2.5% chance that Onze Toekomst will find out that your kid is such a Suppresive Person (in practice I think it's somewhat higher). Those are relatively good odds, but still, it's a gamble isn't it?
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  22. wolfbane Member

    Is that "Charter" an official document registered with some governing authority or agency? And if so, is it possible to obtain an official copy and leak that shit?
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  23. It hasn't been registered with the Chamber of Commerce. It is available at the school premisis according to the website, but I'm not willing to risk naming myself to look into that (for parents reading this: the cult is likely to start an intimidation campaign towards me if they are ever able to find out who I am - just like they once did towards Karin Spaink. It's something they have to do per policy).
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  24. Since July 1st, non-profits in the Netherlands have to publish their charter and financial statements on their website. It's interesting to look at what Applied Scholastics published.

    In their charter, they seem to confirm that the above contract has indeed been signed by the school. They are talking about evaluating their schools for example - indicating that they indeed can take over the school if it doesn't comply wih Scientology doctrines. Their financial statements also confirm they receive licensing fees. And at least in 2013, almost everthing goes uplines presumably to the mother church. Interestingly, the amount is much lower than one would expect (about €500 rather than several thousand).

    Anyway, there are a few things that I'd like to reiterate which maybe aren't too clear from my earlier posts. Firstly, if you look at the URL of the contract I posted, you'll see that it starts with webarchive, than a date in 2004 and finally a second URL in it, being a page from the ABLE website. This proves that the contract is not a fake, because it was posted at ABLE's own website in 2004 - webarchive is a wonderfull archiving project which tries to make a spare copy of the entire Internet.

    Secondly, the contract is signed not only with Applied Scholastics (which you'll find is legally not a part of the Church) but also with ABLE, which is legally part of the Church of Scientology. ABLE however still goes unmentioned at the school's website. I hope that future parents researching the school, will take them to task about this little white lie.

    Thirdly, the school tries to reassure parents that there is no religious education going on in the School. I suspect this is (by and large) truthful, but parents also need to understand that the school doesn't need to teach Scientology because it is Scientology. Study Tech is an intrinsic (albeit not overly important) element of their doctrines. Just so you know.
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  25. A television program infiltrated the Amsterdam Scientology cult last week. It created quite a stir, since they filmed an eleven year old kid giving a psychological auditing session (how fucked up is that!).They also filmed in Basisschool Onze Toekomst.

    The broadcast can be seen here:

    Below is an embedded version (which doesn't seem official, so it may be taken down):

    The program showed Karin Verheijen giving the usual spiel about psychiatrists being behind the Holocaust. When the reporter mentioned this isn't in the history books, Karin said they'll teach the kids anyway.

    They also showed the contract between the school and the cult (linked above, it's obvious that the program makers found this thread as well)

    A councilwoman has voiced concern in the press and said she would discuss the situation with the school inspection.

    So very good news on this front and we'll see how it develops. Personally, I think the inspection cannot do very much, so the school is likely to weather the storm in the short term. However, the program definitely increases the chance that parents will wise up when researching the school.

    Apart from being duly scared about 11-year old kids giving psychological sessions (you are supposed to discuss your trauma's in such sessions! it's absolute bonkers they use kids for that) and the creepy anti-psychiatry talk, they should take particular note about the fact that the cult immediately started to drive a wedge between the reporter and her husband. Apparently, they decided he was an SP.

    It shows very strongly what I've already repeated multiple times: the mindfucked 'ethics' worldview which the head of the school has, is designed to allow the cult to destroy people and relationships which they do not approve of. No sensible parent should risk exposing their child to the possibility that the school decides their child or themselves is such an SP.
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  26. ravenanon Member

    Anyone else feel bad for the kid being treated as a puppet?

    I know the cult like to rewrite history, but WW2 was on thier turf. how van you find people in Europe that fall for this?
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  27. Having a bad case of thick fingers today huh :).

    But yeah, I feel sorry for the kid, It's a shame that the program didn't do a very good job in exploring his future prospects. He is clearly being raised to become a cult employee. At best, he'll become a staff member at the Amsterdam org right out of high school (or even earlier as happened in this occasion: At worst, he'll join the Sea Org (the inner core of the cult where the really bad things happen), perhaps even when he is still a child (this happens very rarely, but it does occur; see my site for well documented cases). Or, he'll wake up and escape, which will likely result in the cult messing with his relationships with parents and friends.

    Mind you, the female reporter has guts going in undercover and the program did create a stir, but it's a shame the program didn't choose to ask an expert to comment on what was happening.
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  28. ravenanon Member

    bad case of thing fingers on tiny phone.

    I was thinking that too and failed to include it.
  29. jensting Member

    Thanks for the report. The above should at least get some unwelcome attention. "Religious" fanatics teaching their own version of truth in "schools" is getting more and more attention. Good.
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  30. Hi,I've been working on English subtitles for the Rambam report, which are nearly ready. I only speak a bit of Dutch, and have tried to make the English translation as colloquial as the original.

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  31. RightOn Member

    wow thanks for the translation!
  32. wolfbane Member

    Wow! A never ending shower of praise to EG for the translations. Rambam's investigation is truly incredible. They really went DEEP as far as playing the role of raw meat. The part where the scifag does the maniacal laugh near the 16:30 mark after the woman says she is planning on just dealing with whatever the hell he was going on about, is horrifying to hear.

    Also. capturing how hard, and how soon, they start trying to manipulate her to turn against her partner is a MAJOR score to get on film. That is major ass ramming to the sycophant apologist claims that attempt to discredit apostates as being unreliable sources. Rambam THAT evidence. With a jackhammer. BOOM! A thousand times over.
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  33. RightOn Member

    yes I was particularly happy that it showed the obvious "wedge building" between Rinke and her husband that was caught on tape AND the 11 year old auditing her.
    And I also cringed when he laughed.
    This vid needs to be mirrored and spread far and wide.
    And the Study Tech has to GTFO out of those schools!
  34. Thanks for your praise - it's been a work in progress as I've been trying hard to make the English translation sound natural and idiomatic. It helped a lot that there were Dutch subtitles available as it would have been much, much harder.

    It just goes to show that Scientology is creepy in any language - I love the Dutch word eng meaning 'scary' or 'creepy' - as Rinke said, it's 'fucking eng!' The Church has even tried to corrupt the Dutch language with the verb enturbuleren -

    It was a bit slapstick at first when the two guys tried to get in, but Rinke did really well. Incidentally, did anyone notice when they pinned a picture of Xenu on their wall?
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  35. Nice thread! It is noticeable that Applied Scholastics has acquired the ANBI status in the Netherlands ( and per this ruling, Scientolgy names since 29 September 2009 at least one person directly into the board of each scientology ANBI organization, such as AP, Narconon

    Voorts stelt eiseres zich op het standpunt dat zij fungeert als koepel van de aan haar gerelateerde ANBI-stichtingen en daarom zelf als ANBI-instelling is aan te merken. In dit kader heeft eiseres de statuten aangepast en is daar vanaf 29 september 2009 in artikel III, f opgenomen: “vestiging en doen functioneren van seculiere activiteiten ter verbetering van de maatschappij.” Voorts is in de bepalingen neergelegd dat tenminste één bestuurder van de ANBI-stichtingen door SKA wordt benoemd.

    Here are the current scientology related educational (sortof) organizations in NL of which I'm aware:

    Bijlescentrum Aps Bussum
    Bijlescentrum Aps Lelystad
    Bijlescentrum Amsterdam Noord
    Bijlescentrum Scio - Veldhoven

    Particuliere Basisschool Amsterdam 'Onze Toekomst'
    In Amsterdam East (

    Karin Bijles Centrum
    Amsterdam East en West (
  36. anon8109 Member

    Please enable comments on the video.
  37. Miss A Member

    Hi Anonymous, i tried to send you a personal message, somehow i can't. Maybe i hit the wrong button or you don't accept messages?
  38. Hello Miss A, please see your inbox.
  39. Dutch Anon9 Member

  40. The school no longer exists. It went belly up without so much as a whisper in the 2019-2020 school year. The local Applied Scholastic site has removed any reference to the school. In the same building, founder Karin Verheijen now runs a new location of her tutoring business.

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