New E-Meter Rules

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Nov 25, 2013.

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    Scientology’s Shiny New Mark Ultra VIII E-Meter

    By Tony Ortega


    One of the more exciting results of Scientology’s new product release was the slick new E-meter that all church members will now be expected to purchase, and for the low price of only $5,000!

    We asked the one person who probably knows more about this device than anyone else to give us the lowdown on its history — welcome back to the Bunker, Marc Headley!

    Marc is the author of Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology, one of the best escape narratives ever written about the church. Before he left the Sea Org in 2005, Marc and his wife Claire had worked at Scientology’s secretive International Base near Hemet California. And while he was there, Marc was an audiovisual specialist who oversaw or participated in many of Scientology’s technical projects — including the manufacturing of E-meters.

    Even though it’s been eight years since Marc was in the church, he still can give us the lowdown on the new E-meter — because they’re even older than that!

    MARC: That’s right. The initial design work was done in 2003/2004 by Reiko Abo (now Morrison). She worked with CST staff directly on the design and finishes for the meter, case, and accessories.

    THE BUNKER: The Church of Spiritual Technology, CST was involved. Fascinating. And you had personal knowledge of this design work being done?

    MARC: I met Reiko when she was designing the meter. She came to the Gilman Hot Springs property several times. There was a possibility she and the CST staff might do some design work for the AV systems as well and I was working on those. I ended up designing them myself and having one of the staff there make up renderings for me. I was assured that if I did not come up with some designs that worked, I was expendable and an outside pro would be hired to do my job. They are still using my AV systems designs to this day.

    THE BUNKER: Fascinating. And after the machine was designed, what then?

    MARC: GE/Fitch of Hong Kong oversaw the design development and production of the meter. The meter was made in a factory in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

    According to David Miscavige and Russ Bellin, at least $20 million was spent on just the design phase.

    THE BUNKER: Twenty million just to design it?

    MARC: That was a figure that was mentioned frequently by both Dave and Russ in meetings and conversations regarding the meter.

    THE BUNKER: Why would it cost so much to design such a simple device?

    MARC: Colors, finishes, design elements and any and all aspects were constantly changed and tweaked over the period of at least 2 to 3 years. This was all done in the early 2000s. In fact most if not all of the design work was done under extreme pressure and constant monitoring changes and last minute fixes all the way until the meters themselves were produced on a rush basis. All so they could be produced and sit in a warehouse for almost a decade.

    Continued here:
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  4. That really brings home how wasteful Miscavige is with money.
  5. DeathHamster Member

    Gold edition of the Mark 8 EZ Bake in the Taiwan Idle org:

    I bet Davie will charge special prices for this special edition. (Unless someone just used a gold rattle-can...)
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  6. Anonymous Member


    Think of software - what you buy is a license to use and it's often not resellable, or only under certain conditions.
  7. Rod Keller Member

    I don't know of any software where you pay first, then they decide if you qualify to buy it, then you have to sign an agreement that you can't see in advance. Also, you have to buy two licenses, not just one.
  8. Each "org" has its own color.

    "public" can only buy silver or 3 others (from Planetary Dissemination) red, blue or green.
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    Mike Desposito
    I know this may seem a bit silly with the new meters having come out but I have a basically brand new, gorgeous Mark VII Planetary Dissemination meter I'm now selling for only $1000. Price negotiable. I bought it right before the new release. I just joined staff at Celebrity Centre New York and could use the money to help with debt. Price negotiable. It may not be the newest meter but it still works, obviously. So if you don't have $5000 to buy a new meter right now, getting this MarkVII meter could be a good gradient for you.
    Follow Post · December 14 at 10:28pm
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      Melinda PirgiWhere the data come from that it could be used in GAT II training? Everything built around the new meter. I am a mission staff and we can not really use the old meters. So I am interested if you have any written data about the meters.
      Yesterday at 12:54am
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      Melinda PirgiSorry I don't want to buy it but I would be interested in the written data because now I am in a bit of confusion based on contrary facts.
      Yesterday at 2:22am
    • 400048_3305402878085_1290300992_t.jpg
      Susanne LawrenceI dont know of any issue that bans, cancels or otherwise invalidates the Mark VII other than you must have a Mark VIII for OT7 and above and even then the Mark VII can be a your second meter. Also the Mark VII continues to be silver certable for the next 18 months. If you silver cert at the end of that 18 months you will have 2 more years of Mark VII available to you. Thats three years and half years if in use from now. I expect there will be written data from up lines on all this kind of thing in the not too distant future to handle the confusions.
      Yesterday at 3:20am
    • 1457453_10201737794800557_1994962371_t.jpg
      Melinda PirgiThank you!!!! This would be really awesome!! I hope is really like you said
      Yesterday at 7:50am
    • 71_505181021064_8160_t.jpg
      Brandon MoreauWe should get the data from the source. Contact Hubbard Electrometer Manufacturing by using this link. and ask them directly about things like whether or not a Mark VII can be used for training.
      Yesterday at 10:08am
    • 524191_10100621495554827_1077128243_t.jpg
      Mike DespositoI would suggest RTC as a source point for this data then if you're looking for it. Those making policy.
      Yesterday at 10:54am
    • 1004427_10201556515821150_141812008_s.jpg
      Barbara MahI have 2 Mark 7s that I used for OT7 (now done) and would love to be able to get something for them. I have contacted the e-meter link above, and we'll see.
      Yesterday at 1:21pm
    • 430166_3166078604463_2009438417_t.jpg
      David DiazYou cannot use a Mark VII (or earlier) for training. The new training lineup depends on the Mark VIII, particularly the Pro Metering Course. You can, however, continue to use a Mark VII for auditing, just as you can a Mark VI or Mark V. It is still a valid meter, just can't be used for Academy training.
      Yesterday at 2:12pm
    • 269198_343875852350917_850090577_t.jpg
      David EvansFacebook is a very public forum and not the place to voice confusions or appeal for answers from other Scientologists. There are very specific internal lines set up for these communications and terminals on those lines who have the data. Don't come on here and give that confusion to the 4000+ people who are part of this group. I would like to appeal to the Admins of this group to remove this entire string.
      Yesterday at 2:39pm
    • 1457453_10201737794800557_1994962371_t.jpg
      Melinda PirgiYou are right David
      Yesterday at 3:27pm
    • 524191_10100621495554827_1077128243_t.jpg
      Mike DespositoAlrighty, comm understood from all parties here. My original post is edited to not include any statements about whether the meter can or cannot be used.
      23 hours ago
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Contact Hubbard Electrometer Manufacturing

    If you would like to contact Hubbard Electrometer Manufacturing regarding customer service for your meter, please fill out the form below.
    You may also contact us by mail, email or telephone:
    Hubbard Electrometer Manufacturing
    5600 E. Olympic Blvd.
    Commerce, CA 90022
    United States
    Phone Numbers: 1-800-722-1733
    (323) 888-6200
    Email Address:
  13. BigBeard Member

    I wonder when the last time was OSHA had a look around the Hubbard Electrometer Manufacturing plant?

    What do they actually manufacture there is the Mark VIII's were built in Taiwan?

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  14. Rod Keller Member

    That address is the Bridge Publications warehouse in Commerce. It's huge and well advertised.

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  15. Rod Keller Member

    Google Earth tells me it's over 24,000 sq meters.
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  16. DeathHamster Member

    It's supposed to be a large print-on-demand facility. Which is weird, because they now also have that Scientology plant that can print enough posters for all the subways on the planet in 30 minutes, or some Shermanspeak like that.

    Not only do they have ridiculous overcapacity, they have redundant ridiculous overcapacity.
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  17. Rod Keller Member

    The printing plant is close-by, but it's a separate facility. The International Dissemination and Distribution Center. Part of it looks to be two-story, but the footprint is about 15,000 sqm.

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  18. blownforgood Member

    Internally, they call that building "Sheila". That is what all Sea Org refer to her as. I know that is what street it is on but the other warehouse was always referred to as "Bridge Warehouse."
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  19. Rod Keller Member

  20. DeathHamster Member

    The Bridge place is also a printing plant, and they have another in Europe for New Era Publications.
    No wonder they're so desperate to push copies of the Basics. What do you do with all that print-on-demand capacity when there's no demand?

    They also have a place "bigger than a city block" where they laid out all Hubbard's stuff for organizing and semicolon removal. (I thought all that stuff was supposed to be in the vaults?) Meh, I'm not going to rummage around on their site to find it. I've hit my toxin limit for today. This looks like a job for wget and my Raspberry Pi.
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  21. Ogsonofgroo Member

    More than just wasteful. That DM touts the '20million$' as what it took to put out the new meters is out-right lying and deceptive, and I suspect just another aspect of scilon's fun-with-numbers-lets-launder-some-loot type of thingy. Typical culty bullshit to placate the dupes and ask top dollar for a piece of plastic glitz.
    I got curious the other day on what it takes to develop an electronic product from the ground up (for example, a portable stereo with digital displays etc.), here is just one example of what I found (*note, this graph is in US dollars too), if I'm not mistaken this would be for a run of over 5,000 units, things that actually do something.
    Even given the figures of development and manufacture in the States, 20million seems like 20x what it should have taken, and when you consider how much slave-labor gets used by RTC and other branches of the octopus, makes me go WTF? Hmmmmm.

    Another aspect of this sham, the fact that the MarkVIII design is over 10 years old, and these glorified ohm-meters have been warehoused for years (while cult flogged off their even older shit/stock to its sheeples), holy-hell, state-of-the-art lap-tops from 5 years ago are almost prehistoric by electronic standards, where does that put this bit o' junk-science?
    And of course, if scilons don't immediately buy a pair of these, their eternity is surely in danger.

    Ron is gone, but the con goes on!
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  22. Rod Keller Member

    Do you know where the European plant is? I found the bookstore, but that's not the big building on your link. I have the feeling there must be a separate berthing for the LA plants since they're not close to CC, Big Blue, HGB, etc.
  23. Rod Keller Member

    I found it. Smedelaqnd 20, 2600 Glostrup, Denmark. Approximately 5,000 sqm.
  24. Anonymous Member

    'How do you want your cans, Son?'

    'For me, cans have to be not just light, but ultra-lightweight. I abhor the force of gravity. Furthermore, if those things are coated, they damn well better be coated in a unique manner. I hate things that are done like other, normal things.'
  25. Anonymous Member


    Larry Jaffe
    I want to tell you that this experience of auditing with the Mark Ultra VIII is incredible. I loved my VII but this is another world. I actually feel like I am using LRH's meter. Like I walked into his office sat down at his desk and turned his meter on. Kudos to the team that put this together. Wow.
    Follow Post · December 16 at 6:27pm
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  26. Quentinanon Member

    Larry Jaffe, delusional idiot.
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  27. Quentinanon Member

    They have to be ready for the boom that shakes the rafters of this galaxy. (That's Hubbard megalomaniac speak.)
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  28. Anonymous Member

    If I were using LRH's meter I think I'd want to wipe it down first.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    FTFY. n/c
  30. Quentinanon Member

    Brush it with a turkey feather duster and clean the transparent plate over the indicator needle with water soaked newspaper.
  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    Watch the video in this article to see an unreal, creepy example of brainwashing at work:

    The happiest guy who ever bought an e-meter

    Now that the new $5,000 Mark Ultra VIII e-meter has been released, you have to think that Scientology leader David Miscavige is hoping lots of his followers are this happy about forking over that much cash for a machine that measures tiny electronic fluctuations in the skin.
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  33. That video . . . I don't even.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    And wear gloves.
  35. I love a man who knows how to clean properly.
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    Un-fking-believable. A leaked e-mail from the Commanding Officer of iHELP Int that was sent to all field auditors with the marching orders for GATII and the new e-meters.


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  37. Anonymous Member

    Most of them are still trying to pay off the old world.
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  38. Woo Hah Member

    How many times are these idiot fields auditors supposed to re-do the Student Hat?

    Scientology needs more fascists like this moron IHELP CO to totally drive field groups into confusion (it's way below non-existence).

    I was a trained Sup and Auditor, btw

    Fuck Scientology, Fuck Elron, Fuck DM, Fuck Rinder, Fuck indies.
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