New Ideal Org Uniform pictures

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    Re: New Ideal Org Uniform pictures

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    Re: New Ideal Org Uniform pictures

    New information from an ideal org staffer:

    1) The accent color (red in the photos) depends upon the org and is related to their color scheme for the building. Milano's is red, but other orgs have different colors.

    2) Warm-weather climates get short sleeves and light jackets. Presumably climates that are warm in summer have a summer wardrobe, but my source didn't know what happened in that case.

    3) Apparently, the first set of uniforms is free to the staff member.
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    Re: New Ideal Org Uniform pictures

    Red is a good color...

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    Re: New Ideal Org Uniform pictures

    Um, why haven't we seen these in Dallas or Nashville? Seems like someone might catch a staffer wearing them.. or is this the case of the Only worn once a year.. type uniforms.
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    This was published today:

    Jason Alper has mastered the art of irony | GQ

    Here's the excerpt that's relevant:

    His most recent commission hasn't been for an art piece, though, but a uniform. Last year he was approached by the Church of Scientology in Riverside County, California, who wanted him to design its new costumes. While it may seem strange - worthy of a reality TV show, even - that the man who created BrĂ¼no's mankini would be commissioned to make the uniforms of L Ron Hubbard's spiritual rehabilitation group, it's true.

    "It's odd, I know, I get that," says Alper, smiling, obviously keen to tell his story. "I took a meeting with them, and it was really weird. I mean, look, I'm not a Scientologist, I'm not even religious, but when I went for the first meeting they sat me down and very carefully, almost methodically talked me through what they wanted from me. I couldn't believe it. Not only was it an amazing job and an amazing opportunity, but it has turned out to be one of the great working experiences of my life."

    A group of senior Scientologists drove all the way to Lab Art in LA, sat on the same sofa, and told Alper what they wanted. "We spoke about what they already had, what I thought was wrong with that, and what I thought they needed to change their image slightly. So for the guys I designed an eight-button blue suit, a turn-of-the-century, high-fastening, double-breasted suit. When I worked in Woodhouse we stocked this designer called Giuliano Fujiwara who made this sensational eight-button suit. I could never afford to buy it, so this uniform is my homage to it. My first meeting with them was 18 months ago, and I was pretty confident that, given the circles of change, this kind of suit would be back again."

    Alper told them their previous uniforms were shapeless, too utilitarian, and far too aggressive. "For the men, I said that I'd like to do something in a really dark navy, with a black lapel. Just look at every man on the red carpet these days - every designer's doing it, albeit single-breasted. For the women everything's suddenly a lot shapelier, and I even gave them the option of Capri pants. I'm not doing anything crazy, but I just wanted to do something really stylish, and that would last, and that would be kind of timeless. I think it was really brave of the Church to listen to me, to collaborate with me. It just really was such a great experience. And now they're in production. They were just so great to work with."
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    Capri pants, all the better to slave in.
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    It's a Cargo Shorts Cult!
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