New Independent: Chris Mann

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Zhongjianren, Jun 22, 2011.

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    New Independent: Chris Mann
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    Still a thoroughly mindfucked Scilon. Running processes on a 6-year old kid. Check out this request made to Marty last December..

    "DFB aka Dfb99

    View attachment f804ebae505b46ee4162c82c04c94eb5?s=32&d=identi
    Can someone recommend to me some things I can do with my kid? He is 6 and he’s really being a handful with school and “not listening” seems to be the way people describe it. He I am working with him a lot on his school materials and trying to sort out any MU’s and areas of upset. I found out that even though his school was a private one and very good, there was some psych false data and one of his classmates is on psych drugs. I think theres only three kids in his grade at this school.
    What I am gleaning from his comm is that he is acting like the kid who is on psych drugs, like he it using his behavior to get out of doing his work or doing what the teacher says, like a ser-fac I guess.

    He keeps doing it and I don’t quite know how to snap him out of it. It’s like it’s keyed in something and he’s acting crazy sometimes, usually when he doesnt want to confront his school work. I want to run some light objective process on him but maybe thats not the right thing. Also I tried to explain to him auditing and he wouldnt agree to do it. I think if I started an objective process I would end up having to ‘enforce commands” and I’m not sure how that applies to child auditing.

    I don’t have any red volumes. I’ve got the assists pack and the basic books/lectures and some other books such as the Scientology Handbook. I do have a meter and have done the metering course, but I;’m not a classed auditor and I dont have any materials such as lists. I have cleaned up a few things just talking to him, for example he was getting really upset if he didnt understand something, so I asked him if there was a time at school when he didnt understand something. One was right there and another similar one we cleaned up.

    I had to go to his school because he was refusing to participate and his teacher said he had “defiance disorder” or some such thing and that if we didnt handle it he would end up in “juvie” and seing a psych. I was surprised by this and have been working with him at home until I figure out how to handle this.
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    Dear Chris

    You are very astute in your understanding that your son is getting a contact high from PTS schoolmates on psych-drugs. You were also very wise to seek the help of Marty Rathbun. By now I am certain that your son is doing well in school. See how great Rathbun + Hubbard Tech is? If the tech is applied correctly it never fails. 100% success rate. If it doesn't work it is because it was misapplied...or possibly you're pulling something in. Anyway, congratulations, Chris. Great job!

    Your true friend

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