New independent: Eric Strudwick (aka WindWalker)

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Zhongjianren, May 22, 2011.

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    Okay. Marty has another sycophant. Now what?
  3. Anonymous Member

    what do all these jerkoffs have in common? LRonHubbard, blah blah blah. I'm still waiting for the first scilon, independent or otherwise, who can defend the dirty old sociopath's policy communiques and the spirit behind them. He was a sinister fucker. Basically good my ass. People suck, we're all basically selfish, and we have to make an effort to be good and to do good. They don't need a cult to help them fight off body thetans and marcabians in order to find the good or spiritual within.
    what a racket. ITS SO FUCKING OBVIOUS. at this point anybody connected with scientology is just a moron, an addict or they're profiting off of it.
    which are you?

    fuck you windwalker, you're not going to help anybody with hubbard tech. you've been conditioned to submit to hubbard and you want to put others in the same chains.
  4. I think Windwalker has been on Marty's site for a while just hadn't outed himself yet.

    One thing I'm interested to know is how many of Marty's followers are ex-SO besides Marty and Mike. I suspect it's easier for public to maintain "plausible deniability" about Hubbard's role in making the CoS what it is today than it is for Sea Org.
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    I'm glad he's out of the cult. MR's group is not as evil.
  8. Changing the name of Amway to Quixtar doesn't change the predatory nature of multi level marketing. So.....not buying this one. Continuing the practices started by the same evil conman doesn't change the impact to the victim.
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    I have to admire Marty in the way he is conducting his campaign against the cult and DM. Marty is the ultimate spinmeister. He knows what he wants. He wants to kick DM out of the cult and take over the cult as its savior. In that respect he is more dangerous than DM.

    If one would examine the propaganda machine that Marty has set up its clever. He has gotten the attention of major international media, though he has been repeating the same shit over and over without showing any real dox. He is a spinner. He mistreated people while in the cult (including women) and not once he showed remorse for the crap he did. Even when he admits it he spins it by saying "DM had me do it".

    Come the fuck on! Marty was a liar when he was in the cult and he still is. He is another cult leader with his koolaid followers. The man is another fucking Jim Jones.
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    This tells me that Marty is making enough in "donations" to pay for her COBRA coverage, which probably is in the range of $600-$1000 a month for employee + spouse coverage. I estimate that individual medical coverage for both of them would be about $800-$1200 a month (covering maternity would be more). I say that anonsparrow or someone else who is namefagged and not afraid of the IRS get on the bus to reporting them at the end of the year. Chump change 'donations' can't pay the bills and I'm guessing the IRS would love to know how they are financing their lifestyle (and property taxes).
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    I'm not a scientologist but ...

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