New Independent Scientology Milestone Two Arts and Culture Space - Poetry & Candles

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  1. New Independent Scientology Milestone Two Arts and Culture Space - Poetry & Candles

    Milestone Two: Poetry & Candles (Vol. 1)

    * * * * * BEGIN QUOTATION * * * * *

    Posted by The Poet Ren
    August 1, 2015

    You are invited! Contribute your art, creative ideas, comments and all things CREATIVE here…

    Hello and welcome to Poetry & Candles, the all new “Arts and Culture Space” here at Milestone Two.

    My name is Ren and I am going to be your weekly Host. That means I will be starting the post each week with art and music and all manner of creative surprises. Then it’s your turn to post your comments and anything creative, music, paintings, your crafts, videos, you name it.

    The motto of this space is INVITE – INSPIRE – ENTERTAIN. So please do.

    The purpose of Poetry & Candles is to usher in a whole new time – an all new, fresh, affinity rich cycle in the history of artists and creative souls, who have traveled in and around the Scientology world. It’s about YOU, your creativity, your desire to share and help and touch others with the love and the caring that inspires you to CREATE. This is that safe space, a warm fireside where you will not be judged by your political or religious affiliations, but only by the sign over our door, stating WELCOME.

    All forms of creativity are welcome. You won’t find any elitist view of art, artists or creativity here. Any time you want to invite, inspire, entertain then you are among friends in this space.

    For that reason Poetry & Candle’s rules are few and entirely kind. Art critics, political experts, religious experts, proud owners of dirty laundry and personal conflicts, suicide bombers, OSA Staff and ugly people with a festering hatred for little children and puppy dogs LEAVE IT ALL AT THE DOOR. Then you are welcome to join in on the simple joys of throwing seriousness to the wind and playing make-believe with grown ups and art lovers.

    Each week (hopefully on time for the weekend) I will begin the post with a “Theme of the Week.” The theme is intended to spark ideas, comments, creativity and general communications, wherever they take us. It could be “Affinity” or it could be “The sexual practices of the African monkey.” One never knows what kind of colorful, melodic, literary or motion-filled chaos might come next. But there is one thing you can be certain of: I will never tell you what next weeks theme will be, or let the guarded, CONFIDENTIAL secret slip out prematurely. (That’s called a “Mystery sandwich” as you may know) And I confess. It is 100%, unashamedly intentional. So please do check back each weekend and say Hi, when you can.

    I will also kick things off each week with a piece of art of some kind. And since I have been a working artist since I was 14 years old, working professionally as such since I was barely 16, I have plenty to share. It might be a poem or some music, a painting or a story i created. It might even be a rant or raving on the news of the week.

    One never knows with art. But from there the Comments Section will remain open all week for your comments, discussions, your CREATIONS of any kind. Music, poems, pictures of your crafts, videos and more – it’s all about art, culture and free flowing communications, wherever that happens to lead us week to week.

    Invite, Inspire, Entertain, let’s SPLURGE ON IT.

    Now in this first-ever post of Poetry & Candles, I want to say THANK YOU to Lana and Jim. Without their vision and awareness of the fact that Art & Culture make a community a more beautiful, more valuable community, I would not be here. That said, it is now a vision mutually shared, that Poetry & Candles might serve as a humble, yet safe landing space for artists and creative individuals the world over.

    I am – we are well aware that many vibrant, creative Beings, who so wanted to serve in the making of a better, more loving civilization, may be in need of just such a safe space. If you know any of them tell them to drop by.

    Some are busy, working happily on their creative objectives still. Some have suffered tremendous blows to their confidence and dreams of greater economic, physical and/or spiritual freedom. So they wait and wonder and question who they can trust, who they might find capable of understanding their innermost creative desires. For it is Earth after all.

    They are not all Rock-stars, or famous faces painted on billboards and TV screens the world over. They are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, good and decent Beings who can communicate in ways that make us marvel. Some do it with herbs and spices, others with a drafting pencil, others with an eMeter and pen, some with Rock N Roll drum sticks, some with paint and easel. Their creativity inspires, their caring shines a brighter light on humanity and in the end we all seek the joys they bring into the world. Thus, they are valuable Beings, worthy of every measure of kindness and understanding any community might offer.

    That’s what Poetry & Candles is here to celebrate. CREATIVITY! Your creativity and all the joy it brings you. So let the drumsticks roar and every color of the rainbow splash down on us. We have nowhere else to go in this universe, but into the heart of creation itself.

    And perhaps, in some way, big or small, it will be YOU or me or us who greets that creative soul once again to say, “THE PURPOSE IS NOT FAILED. We are here; we hear you; we admire your beauty; we thank you for all of the joy you care to bring us, regardless of form.”

    I look forward to each new individual’s arrival.

    But for today there is just you and me, reader/viewer and Host. And what would Poetry & Candles be, if not for some poetry and a candle or two. So until next week I’ll provide the poem, one I wrote recently, entitled, “Soul Searching.” You mock-up a few candles and a match and Poetry & Candles Volume 1 will be OFFICIALLY launched.



    * * * * * END QUOTATION * * * *
  2. RightOn Member

    "let’s SPLURGE ON IT. "
    puke :confused:

    this has such a familiar ring to it. Now why is that?
    Could it be the COS's poetry, writing and art contests they used to (still) run?
    I know this isn't a deceptive contest, but I surely hope that dissemination of the woo doesn't occur.
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  3. RightOn Member

    And its not people with "a festering hatred for little children and puppy dogs" :confused:
    it's the disagreement and dislike of continuing the mind fuck and disseminating Hubbard in any way.:mad:
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