New IT law and what to do about it

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Unregistered, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. In Iran, internet providers are now obliged to save all sent data for 3 months to identify users that spread "sensitive" info. Probably the selection is again done using regular expressions and other search tools.

    To make life more difficult for the governement, I came up with the following principle. I just don't know how to put it into practice when living outside Iran.

    Basically it comes down to generate large data streams with complete random nonsense, filled with all kind of keywords to make the regular expressions useless. This streams of information should be directed from and to open computers (internet cafe's, university halls etc.) and/or computers from the governement.

    This will have also the effect of overloading the capacity of providers to store everything. Question is whether it will make it more difficult for Irani to get on the internet.

    All thoughts are appreciated.
  2. rizah Member

    I think this would run the risk of the government pulling the plug to the outside world...but i'm no expert
  3. Vee Member

    I think it will take them a while to deploy. I cant see them having the solution even architected properly yet unless this has been on the drawing board for a while.

    The issue with that idea is it puts the people transmitting that data at some risk of being identified as trying to disrupt the system.

    Its not like this selfcalled government needs much of an excuse to detain people.
  4. Correct, the object here would be to ensure that the search engine yields tremendous faux leads, basically make them chase their tails down rat holes with non-productive leads. One possible way would be to set-up some internet scanners searching and spewing a key word list of course under a spoofed ipaddress to make the source not so easy to find. The issue is: what are the keywords?
  5. one might even want to spoof the goverment's ip space just to be more annoying
  6. Keywords can include local slang and what they might tag as suspicious code words, i.e. freedom. The keywords can also include both English and Farsi.
  7. Just want to add that an easy way to spout legitimate looking text is to copypasta excerpts from numerous books that contain likely keywords.
  8. ........pictorial metaphor of regime computer fags

  9. Several years ago, someone published a list of the words which would trip Echelon, the signals intelligence surveillance system of the UKUSA coalition (USA, UK, Canada, Australia), and encouraged folks to put as many of them in their comms as possible. It did slow the system down somewhat, and cause intercept operators to spend time sifting through reams of meaningless (to them) material.

    The sheer volume of data on the net today is almost prohibitive of what the regime in Tehran wants to do. The NSA, for example, had a huge store of collected info they will never get to. The new IT law is more of a scare tactic than anything else. However, it would still be wise to be prudent and discrete.

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