New Lawsuit David Love v. Narconon Trois-Rivieres

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Intelligence, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Intelligence Member

    In Summary of numerous pages being submitted tomorrow morning to the Montreal Courthouse:

    - I, David Love, am prepared to attend the Montreal Courthouse, Small Claims Division upon the date set by the Court Clerk, to present my case with further Exhibits and Witnesses to be submitted to the Court within the prescribed time limit to do so.

    - I, David Love, acting in good faith, do hereby request that the response by Narconon Trois-Rivieres to reject my claim on far-reaching, frivolous grounds, be rejected by the Court, and this case, File No: 500-32-701750-178, proceed to Trial.
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  2. Quentinanon Member

    Because they want to ruin you utterly, even if they cannot pay for toilet paper in their morgs.
    You may laugh, but this is fact. I have seen scientology morg executive councils approve money to pay for OSA and GO expenses and trash estimated purchase orders for pens and toilet paper. Then, staff are forced to use more expensive extra copies of promotional materials from mimeo that ends up clogging the toilet! Then they have to hire a plumber.
    Between the auditing and study tech, these people have a very adversarial and distorted view of the world.
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  3. Intelligence Member

    Still patiently waiting for reply from Montreal Court Clerk. Could be a GO - Could be a NO? In the meantime, everything is moving forward on my next book with some interesting content about Narconon, the Vancouver ORG, and other Num-Numz...

    Oh, David, oh David... 'Pope of Illusion', how does it feel to have your Canada Narconons in utter ruin.... 'Gone With the Wind' in disgrace, never to raise their evil head again to harm or kill. From nearly $20 million in revenue to gasping for air on COS interest free loans?

    Smiling - Laughing - and Loving Life.:D

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  4. TorontosRoot Member

    Mop the floor with them!
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  5. Intelligence Member

    Received legal advice concerning Access to Information (FOI) held by Private Corporations, and Public Bodies
    in the United States, Canada, Quebec, and other places...

    Still waiting for reply from Montreal Court Clerk. If it's a GO, I suggest that the COS and Narconon
    roll up their sleeves and have extra 'Toner' on hand. Even if it's not a GO, well, we'll see?:D
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  6. ThomsAnon Member

    Lawsuit for Love, where will this end?
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  7. Intelligence Member

    Where will this end? Perhaps Montreal? I think the 'When' is the question.

    I've only been at this for 8 years with 9,658 messages on this forum. We'll see where and when in due course... ;)

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  8. Intelligence Member

    UPDATE: Today’s court hearing stems from a case I filed and won against Narconon Trois-Riveres – filed on August 25, 2010, and won a Quebec Human Rights decision on January 16, 2014. Tony reported on it here:

    Narconon negotiated a settlement, with a gag order, with the other 2 plaintiffs. I refused to sign and filed a lawsuit on May 30, 2014. Narconon/Scientology filed a Motion to dismiss based on expiration in reference to Statutes of Limitations. The court disagreed and the case proceeded. On November 25 – 2016, I lost the case to ‘lift the corporate veil’ in an attempt to win against NN executives and COS Montreal.

    The presiding Judge ruled: [86] THEREFORE, THE COURT: [87] RESERVES for a period of 90 days following the date of the judgment all of David Love’s rights and recourse to file a new application against Narconon Trois-Rivières. I filed another lawsuit within 90 days.

    Several Motions were filed by Narconon Trois-Rivieres to quash the case, including today’s hearing in Montreal. Knowing that today’s hearing would be less than 30 minutes, I filed a request to appear by teleconference – the costs of flying to Montreal on short notice were prohibitive. The court accepted my request, and the case today was only 15 minutes.

    The Judge adjourned the case so that 2 translators could appear for the next hearing – when scheduled. I can’t speak French, nor can the defendant(s) understand or speak English.

    I can’t, at this time, reveal what position I will take at the next hearing, nor can I speculate in public, what we think Narconon will submit at the next court hearing. All I can say is, we have about 3,000 pages of documents, and God only knows how many their ‘COS Shill’ will present next time.

    If the Judge dismisses their recent Motion to quash, there will be a Trial date sent. The last Trial took an entire day, and we have no idea how long the next one will be. I will appear in person for the Trial. If I/We lose this one, we’re not done yet.

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  9. Intelligence Member

    New court date set in the Montreal Courthouse:

    Court Clerk,

    I confirm the above court appearance date, December 19th, 2017 at 2:00 pm.
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  10. TorontosRoot Member

    Too bad it's not Thursday at 2pm. ;)
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  11. Intelligence Member

    November 20 - 2017 Court hearing and Judgement dox.

    Next Hearing this Tuesday, December 19 - 2017 at 2 pm.

    OSA minion, Jean Lariviere appeared with defendant, M. Bernier (Narconon Trois-Riviers).

    Anon and Montreal news reporter in court room on November 20 - 2017.

    Court appointed translators will be in court next week.


    Tuesday's Hearing should be an interesting one.
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  12. TorontosRoot Member

    Hearings are always quite interesting when you're there in person. ;)
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  13. Intelligence Member

    Today, Narconon Trois-Rivieres' motion to reject and dismiss the lawsuit against them was rejected by the presiding Judge.

    Now, there will be Trial Hearing date set. I informed the Judge that additional Exhibits will be submitted in due course to help prove my case.

    The Judge informed me that if there is a Judgement against the Defendant at the Trial, there may be no recourse to satisfy the Judgement due to NN TR's claim that they are not involved in any business operations are are insolvent.

    It's going to be a tough and complex case - not giving up until the Judge rules.

    The Love v. Narconon continues...
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  14. Quentinanon Member

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  15. Intelligence Member

    The piercing the corporate veil case in Montreal is over - we lost that one... for now. We'll see if we can file a case in Quebec Superior Court for defamation/libel.

    The issue I faced today was Quebec's Civil Law statutes versus Canada's Common Law. Quebec governs itself differently than any other Province. There is no Bankruptcy law in Quebec that forces companies to declare bankruptcy and file with a Trustee. In Quebec, the company only has to prove it is dissolved - not doing business or being registered with the Quebec Business Registry. However, their can be exceptions.

    Narconon Trois-Rivieres board member in court today, insisted NN TR and himself do not exist. My question to the Judge was, 'If neither exists, why is the board member in court today, and why is NN TR still doing business on the Internet and elsewhere?'

    The Defendant responded with (paraphrased), 'There is Narconons all over the world, that doesn't mean it's Narconon Trois-Rivieres.'

    I replied to the Judge with: 'Your Honour, there is only one NN TR, and there is only one NN with the address and phone number of NN TR in Trois-Rivieres. This entity is still, today, promoting Narconon on their websites with phone numbers for people to call when in need of a Narconon service.'

    With their websites still up doing business and my recent recorded phone calls, we may have a chance at the Trial. We'll see? ;)

    And, if they really don't exist, I suppose there is no entity or board member to file any lawsuit against me? If this turns out to be the case, I won't be sued when I finally release countless, sauce documents that I have been reluctant to do thus far.

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  16. loriisfree Member

    Good Job hon!!
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  17. Intelligence Member

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  18. loriisfree Member

  19. peterstorm Member

    For Great Justice!

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  20. peterstorm Member

    All is not lost. Defendant and poor shmock Laurent Bernier complained to the judge that he had to pay 180$ for the hearing today. He said it was not NN who paid. He won't be getting his money back.

    That's money that won't be going to the cult.
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  21. Intelligence Member

    I must review the Hearing transcript again, and if he did say 'Narconon didn't pay' - Bernier is expressing or implying the court that NN TR does exist, contradicting his claim that NN TR does not exist? Just a minor detail for the Trial.

    PeterStorm, my learned friend, thank you so much for appearing in court today. The video conference link worked perfect. It was like I was right in the courtroom facing and talking to the Judge. And thanks for standing up in court today to advise the Judge that the Hearing was being conducted via me appearing by Video Conference - I'm sure OSA minion, Jean Lariviere, who was sitting across from you, was pissed - another Flap for OSA to try and handle.

    Don't forget to send me the files the Judge handed you. Anonymous delivers again! :D
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  22. peterstorm Member

    Yeah. The hearing actually started without Dave and anonymous had to interrupt the judge from the back of the room to tell him something was wrong. He was annoyed at first but he finally realized there was a mistake. A fair judge, once again.

    Always expect the unexpected when it comes to scientology.
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  23. loriisfree Member

    I'd like to thank you too Peterstorm for being there for David yesterday!! I wish I could see the look on the OSA Bots face!! Bet it was priceless :D
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  24. peterstorm Member

    Let's just say I didn't expect to have to breach courtroom procedure. It's the small claims court, so there are no lawyers to interact with the judge about logistics. If I had stayed silent, the scienos would have maybe won by default?

    OSA bot had his usual poker face, but he was still enturbulated in the end.
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  25. loriisfree Member

    Ahhh....That's called having your TR's in! Wonder if he kept them in and maintained that poker face once he realized he had to report his counter intention and thus a fail in stopping my husband's quest to the evil little dwarf...... ;)
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  26. peterstorm Member

    Funny how scientology and Laurent Bernier spent money and got the wrong legal advice from this lawyer:


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  27. Intelligence Member

    And they're spending more before the upcoming Trial and at the Trial. At the hearing in December, Laurent Bernie
    seemed very unprepared... fumbling for words. Perhaps they were not ready for what I said to the Judge and my insistence that their motion be denied and a Trial date set for litigation.

    We'll see all in due course. ;)
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  28. Quentinanon Member

    I wonder if that expense has lead to another austerity period where the bathrooms lack toilet paper.
    Time to raid mimeo for some promo paper which then clogs the toilets and costs plumber fees!
    Hubbard did say that scientology is whatever works.
  29. peterstorm Member

    Or the staff is put in sea org-like pay?
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  30. pink-beans-and-rice1.jpg?quality=80.jpg

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  31. Intelligence Member

    Another stack of Montreal Court documents arrived today with Exhibits from Defendant... waiting for translation before deciding to post.

    Also waiting for Trial outcome before publishing all the content on our new website:

    We have oodles of content ready to go. All of the TOP Navigation Buttons are live to Narconon Expose websites.

    Now that I'm semi-retired on 3 Canada pensions, I have lots of time to dive back into exposing Narconon human rights abuses.

    Once my next book is published summer 2018, we may publish the entire book, 'Dante's Eighth Circle - Why Scientology's Narconon Must Be Stopped - in a PDF on this new website.
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  32. TorontosRoot Member

    Heck yeah!!!!!
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  33. Intelligence Member


    Canada Government Funding Narconon Incorporated

    It appears to me that our government in the year 2016, has begun funding NN INC for their work in providing communities with evidence-informed information?



    There's a lot of information to sift through, including waiting for an FOI Request being submitted, but something is amiss here with NN INC and our Federal Government.
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  34. Intelligence Member

    Indeed, always expect the unexpected.

    New Motion to Dismiss documents now translated - thanks Anonymous - much appreciated.

    NN TR has now filed another Motion to Dismiss, not based on their previous claim that NN TR did not
    exist because they were Dissolved, rather, NN TR had not Breached their Contact with me and had
    fulfilled their part of the Contract. 'FACE-PALM':confused:


    We'll see where this goes at the next Hearing?

    I can not believe how much time and money NN TR is spending on fighting this wee case - unbelivable.

    It's almost like OSA is handling this case, not NN TR, their lawyer or the executive on the Board who
    appeared on behalf on NN TR.
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  35. TorontosRoot Member

    Those lawyers are making a pretty dollar, must I say. Hahahaha.
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  36. peterstorm Member

    Are they angry at attorney Menard? Is he still in the picture?

    Bernier specifically named this lawyer during the last hearing as if to say: " My lawyer told me this would work!"

    This small claims court is actually perfect because no wog lawyer is there to spin things for the judge. You get the "homo novis" talking directly to the judge. They look sad and pathetic. I suspect they would prefer to have their lawyer representing them and try to raise their public image.

    At the hearing in November 2016, OSA bot Lariviere painted Therese Sanfacon as a poor 70-something year old lady being picked on. Hearing her talk, you realize scientology was a terrible waste of her life.

    Lariviere is stuck defending NN with unsophisticated dumbasses like Bernier and Sanfacon.
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  37. Quentinanon Member

    Believe it because it's all about getting a win of any kind to get their stats up. It doesn't matter if it costs them $50,000 to win a $5,000 challenge. The morg staff members will be forced to subsidize it by their pay getting cut for months or years and no toilet paper in the bathroom.
    And you're correct, but OSA supervises the cases even when they do hire an attorney.
    What you see when an OSAbot testifies in court is a brainwashed drone of person who stands out.
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  38. peterstorm Member

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  39. Intelligence Member

    Ya, I remember my pay being cut - or no pay at all for quite some time when stats were down.

    $89.00 for a 40 hour work week was not enough for me to save enough to leave. More about this AFTER the Trial in Montreal. ;)

    Attached Files:

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  40. peterstorm Member

    They are still spending $$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!! to fight this just like Hubbard tells them to.
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  41. Intelligence Member

    Indeed they are spending big $$$ on this case. I just received another stack of Exhibits in the mail from the Court Clerk.

    It's interesting the path they are taking ... nothing unexpected, just DA crap like did at the last Trial.

    For me, win or lose at the next Trial, it was worth it to expose more about their human rights abuses ... and now Bernier will have to sit in the courtroom and listen to things that he is unaware of and so is his lawyer.
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  42. TorontosRoot Member

    Make 'em squirm!
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  43. peterstorm Member

    Each hearing, there is a different judge. They try the same stuff each time hoping for a different outcome?
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  44. TorontosRoot Member

    Typical is scientology's narcissistic manipulation tactics. Try to get a different answer every time. Doesn't work.
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  45. Intelligence Member


    Not much. Still waiting for trial date while working on a new book ... a 'Bleed Them Dry' chapter...
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  46. peterstorm Member

    At the last hearing, defendant Laurent Bernier asked the judge if there was a legal way to oppose Dave's complaint as an abusive lawsuit. "He should take on other people", he said. The judge chuckled, remained polite and basically answered: "meh".

    Laurent Bernier doesn't seem to have his name in high regards if he lends it to NN.
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  47. Intelligence Member

    I received a package from the court clerk - a stack of Exhibits they are using. One of them is a copy
    of my book. I'm glad they did - they have opened the door for me to submit 'Excerpts' as well.

    '... legal way to oppose Dave's complaint as an abusive lawsuit...' The judge in the previous trial

    gave the go-a-head for this new case. I'm just following that Judge's direction - LOL.

    'He should take on other people", he said. I already am in my next book that depicts Tiny Fists
    in a lovely way. And, of course, let's not forget the triplets, TC, JT, and KA.

    OSA minions have no clue what I am or what I am not doing. The bread-crumbs they follow lead to mouldy
    frustration. I'll stick with frying fish and baking clams.
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  48. peterstorm Member

    Is a scientologist being sued considered PTS? If a scientologist is PTS to an SP, isn't Laurent Bernier PTS to David Love? How does it work?
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  49. Intelligence Member

    Good point and question, PeterStorm? Did Bernier pull this lawsuit in and is he PTS because of it? Or am I PTS to him because he's an SP?

    Seems to me that Bernier was whining to the judge about having to pay $250 out of his own pocket, and that NN TR wasn't going to cover the costs ... even if they did have the $$$, which they don't because they told the judge they are insolvent.

    Here's my take: Bernier and NN TR are below non-existence, in a condition of Liability, taking on the color of an Enemy. (according to LRH Tech).

    IMO, he's in a condition of Confusion. (random motion, disorder, and no real production).

    NN TR/Bernier is not flourishing and prospering, as opposed to how I'm doing, so I imagine, for DM, I'm just a pain in his ass, and have been for 7 years and counting?

    Even if they do win this case, they will not receive one red cent from me. If I win, I will not receive one red cent from NN TR... or will I? According to the COS, I do not exist. On the other hand, they say I'm being paid by Big Pharma and their invested interests.

    In an email from an executive at NN UK, I was hired to infiltrate NN TR, commit crimes to topple them so that Big Pharma could open their own drug rehab. Really? Was I? Was I paid to topple NN TR? Perhaps we'll have the answer in my next book?

    Half the shit they think I don't know, I knew a long time ago, and held my cards close to my chest. Here's a hint OSA. Did ESTO Aline tell all while squeezing your cans? Or was she playing the Game much better than you?

    The Players in this poker game as such, have dwindled down to where we are now. Behind the scenes players, (DM/OSA) don't matter. Bernier will probably be in the courtroom alone facing me (except maybe for Jean and their armchair lawyer player sitting in the back of the courtroom). The latter is racking up billable hours for each keystroke ... to the tune of 600 pages and thousands of dollars in the last trial. DUH!

    I look at the last trial as training camp, helping me be prepared for this next one. I know what they objected to and what the judge allowed ... and what the judge will probably allow this time. All of these court records should make for interesting book copy material.
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  50. Incredulicide Member

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  51. DeathHamster Member

    Nice! I would have liked to see what's happening with the grounds outside, but that'll have to wait on a drone overflight.

    Lots of fans and portable heaters. Probably to keep the place from freezing in the winter, breaking pipes, etc, without turning the full heat on ($$$$).
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  52. Intelligence Member


    No matter the outcome of the next trial in Montreal, I am grateful beyond words. Without Anonymous, Why We Protest, and my countless friends, I would not have succeeded in helping to bring down NN TR and winning the Quebec Human Rights decision et al.

    I HUGE thank you to:

    Anonymous, PeterStorm, Mnql1, Anons on WWP, Lawyers in USA-Canada-Australia, Senator Celine Payette, book editors, and countless others.

    After I escaped NN TR, the following few months were something I prefer not to think about. I was lost, broken, lonely, and pissed off ... until I came across the WWP website. Only then, did I not feel alone. Only then did I begin to use the words of LRH: (paraphrased).

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  53. peterstorm Member

    This is not over. Brace for major enturbulation!
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  54. Intelligence Member

    Let's do eet ... :D
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  55. peterstorm Member

    This is a bit of confusing. NN Trois-Rivieres no longer exists. If Bernier shows up at the next hearing, whatever he says is kind of moot? How can he represent NN T-R if it's dissolved?

    And he was only on the board of administrators. He has no knowledge of what went on, on a day to day basis. What's his credibility as a witness? Are they gonna bring back the poor incoherent Therese?

    Marc Bernard knew what he was doing when he jumped ship. Bernier should realize he's being played and thrown under the bus by the cult of scientology.
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  56. Intelligence Member

    Cheryl and I were talking about this tonight - it doesn't make sense. First, the Judge asked Bernier why he was in court as a Defendant, and Bernier replied that he was Served and paid the lawsuit Defendant reply fees with his own funds, not NN TR's.

    Bernier presented evidence to the judge that NN TR was dissolved. Quebec civil law is different than the rest of Canada - there is no Trustee in Bankruptcy in Quebec. So I can not attach or seize assets - even if there is any - which I doubt. The corporation only has to prove they are dissolved. I, of course, informed the judge that NN TR was still doing business online with their websites referring people to Narconon, and that I would prove it at a Trial.

    The judge then agreed to proceed to Trial - whenever that is?

    Because Bernier was on the Board of Directors, under civil law, he knew, or should have known the affairs at NN TR that he was on the Board of.

    Here's my take on this confusing mess::confused:

    The ONLY person that's going to make or receive money from this case is the COS/NN TR lawyer, who, by submitting more than 600 pages in the last trial, is making a tidy sum. No doubt, Bernier contacted Uplines to ask what to do? They may have directed him to this shill lawyer?

    And here's the kicker: Even if I win this case, I will not receive a penny because NN TR is dissolved and does not exist as the Judge stated in the last hearing. If NN TR (Bernier) wins, he won't receive a penny. Something or someone who, in the courts eyes, does not exist, can not order me to pay Bernier's court costs. Nor can the Judge order Bernier to pay my court costs.

    There is one other possible outcome. If the Judge gives weight to 'Bernier knew, or should have known that NN TR was negligent and/or defrauding customers', that he is personally liable and accountable for compensating the Plaintiff. As a Board Member, Bernier is responsible for his due diligence in matters concerning NN TR.

    What's even more confusing is if NN TR does not exist due to being dissolved, then Bernier is no longer a Board Member of something that does not exist. (FACE PALM). Why would he even reply to the Court as a Defendant?

    This case is about Breach of Contract. In Quebec Civil Law, there is a Breach of Contract and the Law of Delict - where Quebec law allows damages to be awarded for violation of fundamental rights prohibited under the Quebec Human Rights Charter.

    Only if Bernier claimed he was insane, could he avoid this law. In other words, he is capable of discerning right from wrong. Or is he that brainwashed? But Quebec courts don't allow that defense as I discovered in the last trial.

    Also, I received a package of Exhibits Bernier submitted, similar to the Exhibits submitted in the last Trial. Is this act of defense a sign that he is preparing for Trial? Are they (OSA) and their Lawyer waiting for my Exhibits to arrive? Oh' the Lulz.

    And this wee case of confusion is but a whisper compared to the thunder storm coming soon.;)

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  57. peterstorm Member

    David Miscavige roasting a monkey?

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