New Lawsuit David Love v. Narconon Trois-Rivieres

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Intelligence, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Intelligence Member

    Indeed they are spending big $$$ on this case. I just received another stack of Exhibits in the mail from the Court Clerk.

    It's interesting the path they are taking ... nothing unexpected, just DA crap like did at the last Trial.

    For me, win or lose at the next Trial, it was worth it to expose more about their human rights abuses ... and now Bernier will have to sit in the courtroom and listen to things that he is unaware of and so is his lawyer.
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  2. TorontosRoot Member

    Make 'em squirm!
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  3. peterstorm Member

    Each hearing, there is a different judge. They try the same stuff each time hoping for a different outcome?
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  4. TorontosRoot Member

    Typical is scientology's narcissistic manipulation tactics. Try to get a different answer every time. Doesn't work.
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  5. Intelligence Member


    Not much. Still waiting for trial date while working on a new book ... a 'Bleed Them Dry' chapter...
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  6. peterstorm Member

    At the last hearing, defendant Laurent Bernier asked the judge if there was a legal way to oppose Dave's complaint as an abusive lawsuit. "He should take on other people", he said. The judge chuckled, remained polite and basically answered: "meh".

    Laurent Bernier doesn't seem to have his name in high regards if he lends it to NN.
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  7. Intelligence Member

    I received a package from the court clerk - a stack of Exhibits they are using. One of them is a copy
    of my book. I'm glad they did - they have opened the door for me to submit 'Excerpts' as well.

    '... legal way to oppose Dave's complaint as an abusive lawsuit...' The judge in the previous trial

    gave the go-a-head for this new case. I'm just following that Judge's direction - LOL.

    'He should take on other people", he said. I already am in my next book that depicts Tiny Fists
    in a lovely way. And, of course, let's not forget the triplets, TC, JT, and KA.

    OSA minions have no clue what I am or what I am not doing. The bread-crumbs they follow lead to mouldy
    frustration. I'll stick with frying fish and baking clams.
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  8. peterstorm Member

    Is a scientologist being sued considered PTS? If a scientologist is PTS to an SP, isn't Laurent Bernier PTS to David Love? How does it work?
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  9. Intelligence Member

    Good point and question, PeterStorm? Did Bernier pull this lawsuit in and is he PTS because of it? Or am I PTS to him because he's an SP?

    Seems to me that Bernier was whining to the judge about having to pay $250 out of his own pocket, and that NN TR wasn't going to cover the costs ... even if they did have the $$$, which they don't because they told the judge they are insolvent.

    Here's my take: Bernier and NN TR are below non-existence, in a condition of Liability, taking on the color of an Enemy. (according to LRH Tech).

    IMO, he's in a condition of Confusion. (random motion, disorder, and no real production).

    NN TR/Bernier is not flourishing and prospering, as opposed to how I'm doing, so I imagine, for DM, I'm just a pain in his ass, and have been for 7 years and counting?

    Even if they do win this case, they will not receive one red cent from me. If I win, I will not receive one red cent from NN TR... or will I? According to the COS, I do not exist. On the other hand, they say I'm being paid by Big Pharma and their invested interests.

    In an email from an executive at NN UK, I was hired to infiltrate NN TR, commit crimes to topple them so that Big Pharma could open their own drug rehab. Really? Was I? Was I paid to topple NN TR? Perhaps we'll have the answer in my next book?

    Half the shit they think I don't know, I knew a long time ago, and held my cards close to my chest. Here's a hint OSA. Did ESTO Aline tell all while squeezing your cans? Or was she playing the Game much better than you?

    The Players in this poker game as such, have dwindled down to where we are now. Behind the scenes players, (DM/OSA) don't matter. Bernier will probably be in the courtroom alone facing me (except maybe for Jean and their armchair lawyer player sitting in the back of the courtroom). The latter is racking up billable hours for each keystroke ... to the tune of 600 pages and thousands of dollars in the last trial. DUH!

    I look at the last trial as training camp, helping me be prepared for this next one. I know what they objected to and what the judge allowed ... and what the judge will probably allow this time. All of these court records should make for interesting book copy material.
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  10. Incredulicide Member

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  11. DeathHamster Member

    Nice! I would have liked to see what's happening with the grounds outside, but that'll have to wait on a drone overflight.

    Lots of fans and portable heaters. Probably to keep the place from freezing in the winter, breaking pipes, etc, without turning the full heat on ($$$$).
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