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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Sonichu, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Rhonddaboy Member

    Hi all,hope your all o.k,very new member here what can i say (not toooo much you never know who's looking over your shoulder),I live in u.k. and...I agree with all of the above, say more later(not much time now).
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    <script>window.alert("Hello. I am Anonymous886122.")</script>
  3. sestiva Member

    Hello to all My name is Sestiva and atm I would like to talk about a company called "Fur ever Wild" they are located in Deadwood, SD. They are described as an educational petting zoo which gives you a chance to pet and play with wolf puppies. They advertise that it cost $20 for 20 min. but this will eventually cost them their lives. They are trotted for photos but once the puppies get too old they are sent back to Minesotta and eventually killed for their fur. "Fur ever Wild" is basically just a side business of a fur farm before making money on the furs of the animals they exploit them for more profit at these so called petting zoos. Below is the link which includes photo
  4. ideafarm Member

    I am a 61 year old activist with a plan. IMO, Anons are right about the problem but wrong about the solution. Lots of people talking here, but is anyone listening?
  5. Yato Member

    Hi im yato im new here
  6. ideafarm Member

    Hello, Yato. What brought you here? (I just joined a few minutes ago.)
  7. ideafarm Member

    I have a plan. Interested?
  8. mi ingles no es bueno hay algo parecido en español para poder unirme?? gracias!
  9. mi mail......muchas gracias!!
  10. Nil Geee Member

    Hola soy nuevo aqui
  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  12. Anonydrugs Member

    Muy buenas desde España, vengo a aprender de los demas y unir conocimientos para conseguir el mismo fin, libertad de informacion, libertad de saber, igualdad, union de todos los pueblos contra el mismo enemigo comun que esta creando las divisiones de los pueblos y las culturas e impidiendo que el pueblo se una creando conflictos para desviar el ojo del planeta. Estoy disponible para ayudar por la causa y traigo conocimiento tecnologico pero sobre todo traigo el tercer ojo bien abiertol Hermanos hagamos del conocimiento un arma para que nuestros hijos no sean esclavos. PAZ
  13. Hola,Soy anonymous 4944 y quiero unirme a esta organizacion
  14. Hola,soy anonymous 4944 y quiero ser parte de la organizacion
  15. Im anonymous 4944
  16. Miky_ice Member

    Gracias yo también quiero ayudar por donde empiezo
  17. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    ¡ Bienvenido! Pertenecen aquí!ñol.377/
    Foro espanol
  18. Ganesh Member

    Hi. I'm new here.
    I am French. I followed certain actions of anonymous.
    The series of attacks in paris are the drop of water excess . I wish to actively fight for the freedom to live , expression and thinking.
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  20. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Welcome here. There is a forum for French speakers.
  21. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Register here as a member. It's hard to talk to you if you don't.
  22. Hi guys I'm new here... How I can receive stickers or something like this to bomb the city? Thanks a lot.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Could someone point me to the, Here to help Kick some Isis Ass, what are my options to help & where do I go.
  24. Lego SkiMan Member

    Social convention dictates I should say hello, so hello.
  25. White Tara Global Moderator

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  26. Hello,

    I'm Libertyfree, come from Belgium. Think about a lot of time about joining your community.

    Now, I'm in.
  27. WhyYouHaving Member

    Hello guys i'll be happy to help anonymous , grettins¡ and my name is WhyYouHaving :)
  28. buenas chicos me uno para atacar a isis
  29. WhyYouHaving Member

    Pls if you can talk on english
  30. WhyYouHaving Member

    PD:I talk spanish to ;()
  31. Anonymus/LTU Member

    Hey I'm new here when I was 10 I watched many documentarys about anonymus and in YouTube so I searched anonymus forum and I found it . My names is Tom i'm from Lithuania but I don't live there i'm learning some things probably i'm going to become hacker or something like that. I'm 15 now
  32. Katehon Member

    Hi Im new to anonymous so I don't know anything :D
  33. [IMG]

    Here is my card. call me Croatoan.
  34. Jef.jefferson Member

    Hi im new and want to fight with you guys for the greater good I'm willing to learn and to y'all have a good life
  35. Hi....Im new here. I really think that Anonymous is what Im looking for. i wanna fight again the coorporations and or people that control our world...with wars, diseases, and everything that make the human been so small on our times.
    Religion, governments, terrorism. Its sik....I need to do something
    thanks Anonymous!!!!
  36. Je souhaite que la paix règne partout et je veux agir pour le bien et la vérité et lamour
  37. Vive la république vive la France vive lamour d'autrui
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  39. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Bienvenidos a WWP.
    Tenemos foros en inglés, Francés y en Polaco. La mayoría de conversaciones son en Ingles pero tambien hay Ops activas en espanol.

    el foro en espanol esta aqui -insert link-

    El moderador es FloGold
  40. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Welcome the latest newbies, your enthusiasm is a breath of fresh air floating over a fetid swamp of inertia, read and read and read, and talk, and ask questions.

    There's a tonne of info here on how to peacefully, legally, make change and protest ~ from how to protect yourself, how to be safe when out expressing yourselves, what-ever, read yer guts out, grow the brainz.

    Cheers! One and All!
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