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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Sonichu, Oct 26, 2012.

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    Bienvenidos a WWP.
    Tenemos foros en inglés, Francés y en Polaco. La mayoría de conversaciones son en Ingles pero tambien hay Ops activas en espanol.

    el foro en espanol esta aquiñol.377/

    El moderador es FloGold
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    *Research site* poor spelling will only help you research Anon humor.
  3. AnoMM Member

    !אני אוהב אנונימי
  4. AnoMM Member

    You just did. Welcome!
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  6. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  7. ehm.. Hi my current pseudo is TheInternetKid and i'm here to contact anonymous or other activists.
  8. Silver Crow Member

    Hola, Plata de soja me Cuervo gusto y me interesan compartir y Difundir los ideales Que presentaron en el video, quiero Empezar una faire desde ya, en solitario nesesito Alguna Sugerencia Con La Cual Pueda iniciarme .. desde ya muchas gracias

    Pd: soy de Argentina y sin nada Apoyo a la corrupcion Que se Viven en Estós momentos la verme gusta la idea de cambiar la situacion
  9. K!W!anon Member

    hello i am Kiwianon. i praise the work anonymous has done especially toward exposing the TPP (trans pacific partnership) agreement and informing citizens that will be affected unlike our governments who do not. i would like to join the fight in tearing down these cunts who are trying to control us further denying our constitutional rights and taking away the very things that make us 'human'. i am a new zealander with the will of conviction to make a change and i would like to somehow alert others to join.

  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Bienvenidos a WWP.
    Tenemos foros en inglés, Francés y en Polaco. La mayoría de conversaciones son en Ingles pero tambien hay Ops activas en espanol.

    el foro en espanol esta aquiñol.377/

    El moderador es FloGold
  11. glitch_mob9 Member

    Hi there, I'm glitch_mob9 I have seen Anonymous on YouTube and i have been inspired to make a difference.
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    Here is an active TPP thread. Please add your thoughts.
  13. Greetings citizens of the world. Just saying hi to send out my support. Got my mask and just waiting on my robe and gloves to come in by mail before I make my own videos. Plan to talk about ISIS, New World Order and my hatred of the Washington Redskins name and why I hate it. Keep up the good work Anons.
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    Register here, it's easier to answer your questions.
  15. anoniem03 Member

    Fed up with all the unjustice in the world, maybe can I be of some use here...
  16. ldynps Member

    I am in California and would like to begin a petition to SHUT DOWN K-STREET eliminating the "business" of bribery, which is illegal. I believe with all my heat and soul that if bribery was shut down immediately, everything would change....Most all our problems are being cause by Corporations being in control instead of We The People....How can you help me with starting a petition???
    MOD EDIT: Email removed
  17. Hello fellow anons i'm young anon and heard of the anonymous movement through youtube and word of mouth. I got super interested in it when i found out that anonymous is a group that fights for a good cause. I recently started my own anon twitter account @AnonYoung05 to be more of an informationist and activist. I just need people to help me out with sources of news and keeping up to date with current events and situations, especially in how we can fight back against the new world order and the 2030 agenda. I personally feel like a revolution is going to be necessary in order to stop that before Marshall law is put into effect and before the decapitation of the military and very well much so before the mass murders and riots controlled by the government and the media.
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    Please register.
  19. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi. This is a local LA issue and we are an international forum. You can try here
    The only other advice I can give is to search Twitter for like minded people.
  20. UZI-SUICIDE Member

    UZI-SUICIDE Portland OR - USA

    I want to suggest anon hackers take a stand against the terrorists recruiting online
    I think it would be good for everyone in free countries who are under attack by terrorists
    as well as some good press and maybe making the history books for Anonymous...

    Just a thought...
  21. I've had enough and I AM here now.
  22. I would like to introduce myself anonymously.
  23. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi you two
    Please register, it's hard to help you until you do.
  24. ALLEN Member

    Thanks. Just registered.
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  25. Mr.N Member

    Hi i'm Mr.N and i from indonesia and i new in here
  26. Pissedman Member

    Hi, I am pissedman and I learned about anonymous through YouTube after learning about the evil elites. I was inspired by your good motives. For some time I just watched your amazing videos and read anonhq news to know what is really going on. Finally. I just learned that ther is an online chat for anons and joined before even reading one of the posts. I am very excited to be here and finally help anonymous for once.
  27. Markabah Member

    hello i am Markabah.
  28. White Tara Global Moderator

    Hi and welcome to wwp
    Couple of links below to help you on your way:

    Feel free to ask questions in thread^ or pm a moderator if you prefer :)
  29. FreeBooYaa Member

    Hi, new here

    What can I do to help? I'm tired of the way things are going
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  30. Hi, I promised an øld friend I'd drøp by and say "hi". I go by simply WØLF any others are fakes and rip offs of the real thing! Straight up.
    I've been with Anøn for sum time since he convinced me Anøn would never be about making money øff what I dø and nø leadership except før mutual respect among felløws alike. These things have remained solid and firmly advocated and feel, that feels they are sô much so that there is no reasøn to mention them. I'm very happy abøut this, because 1. I HATE GOV and OPRESSORS AND THEY SHOULD LOATH ME! 2. What I do and øffer varies, I enjøy educating, learning truths and spreading them like spamm mail (the kind of spam AOL usto slap in faces the second you'd open your mailbox and find yet another AOL DISC promising free service for weeks @ a time... When some of us were malicious and destructive we'd pass time pissing off half the world it felt. :( things sure changed. Lmao, like when YouTube came out and psycho turbine people with huge knifes would magically make people into 2 pieces and unique ritualistic satanism would be filled with hellish looped bedtime story songs.
    Now you type in how to hack and boom (party popper sound w/kazoo) thousands of hour long videos begging to teach sponge like minds, it's practically spoon fed it's a mystery how people can want to exploit anything and everything with the answers lined up in alphabetical order a click away from them, yet, they give up and turn bored and lazy seconds after finding something that will teach them, or the it's to hard, or takes to long.... When I was younger (I'm only 28 chill -_-) in 2000 I'd fly around and hunt for chat røøms in these websites with weird puzzle like clues to get into the place then finally get in tø be pass locked out of the chat until I'd crack in, then I'd ask my n00b questions persistently till a couple took me under their wing and would teach me things but never explained them, I had to figure out what was done, what it was called, how it was done, what it did, how to prevent it, after being frustrated and pissed off for days and hours on end I'd have it figured out 1 would test it, get silent then my screen would flip upside down, all my letters would be scrambled then note pad would open the timer opened set for 5hours countdown and a simple message would be left "when times up, your computers dead, 5 hours-save yourself. P.s. Welcome to part2, fail and we will never teach you ever again" ...These were my lessons hands on, very aggressive, and felt like cruel mental torture, yet I came to realize they weren't even teaching me, they made me teach myself until all the n00b crap was beaten out of me, and I was practically doing everything thru dos, reading lines of C and Cpp to find some weakness, or html flaws, source codes and back doors became 2nd hand... This is my back story, I've come along way, I've been around many blocks, left certain behind, dreading and hating the moment I knew I'd finally show myself from the shadows. When my friends words finally made sense, he told me to visit a certain place, his words "dude, if you've done nothing wrong you've got nothing to worry about" and being in Anøn for awhile but in background ive grown to like a lot of the silliness and fun while making a difference in the process. Well I've felt the want to be a bit more out-spoken and offer more of my attention to the group. Ty for taking the time to read my little back story, I'm hoping a lot of y'all don't know me, if so then I've done a good job thus far.
    I'll end with this. When I speak its from the heart, my words are strong and powerful, calm and serious are the average. Things are going To be interesting, and our FREEDOMS will be threatened like we've never dreamed they could be! But in those times We will be stronger then anyone else, we are not in this for fame, or worthless paper, and these governments, world leaders, and Twisted minded sick fucks are going to be thrown out of power! I want to feel freedom like it was ment to be felt, and Not because I'm miles away in deep woods with no one around. NO! I want to feel peace and happiness right out of bed, straight out the door of my house! I'm done watching over my shoulder, watching my speedometer if I'm going to be pulled over and fucked with by some hoe as bastard in a blue outfit with a chip on his shoulder, No that shits done! I get out now I tell him to get the fuck back in his little piggy car, and get out of my sight! I'm not property! I'm Not a toy! And I'm Not Going to be any governments bitch or their debt assurance, they're going to stand up alone and with only them selfs to offer when their debt is owed, Not ours, we didn't make the deal were Not theirs to do as they wise. They better hate me because I'm going to make these giants look like the clowns and cowards they are! And I wish the same freedom from these monsters for all! Now is No time for shyness, this is the last call, we may NEVER have another chance like we have Now! We must move and always remain ahead of these OPRESSORS. Because once they strike we may not like what we see. I don't want to see the ugly things that are coming if we don't unite, grow, and stand up. Some of us may not feel the same and that's fine, I know many either don't care or refuse to deal with these things. But they aren't going to go away on their own! They're not going to just give up. They are only going to grow Meaner, and crueler, and more greedy, how long until you feel their cold alcohol filled breath down your spine, taking more and more, giving you less and less? Don't let that happen. It doesn't Hafto WORDS CAN BE stronger then a blade, swifter then a bullet! Speak truth from the heart And entire Rooms will be silent, they well feel your words like A dagger, and like lightning they will instantly LOVE YOU... OR FEAR YOU! My Voice has been heard And it will NOT be silenced, even thru death my vision and dream will Carry on! I am 1 man but I am Not Alone in how I feel, what I want, and this IS HOW I AM NOW KNOWN!
  31. Just signed up. Libertarian...which is the path to Anarchy. Freedom Lover. Tired of the anti-freedom propaganda we face everywhere we turn.

  32. HOLY FUCK.
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  34. Zellaya Member

    Hey I have just signed up and don't know where to start!
  35. Hello!, mi name is Alvaro!
  36. MentorJ Member

    yo im new here, you can just call me Mentor
  37. Anonymous Member

    hey just started in here. My name is tyler, Im from UK.
    Looking for networking in Jakarta + surrounding
  38. ExtremeDj. Member

    Hi my name is diego i am from Venezuela, i just started in here

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