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  1. Hi I'm Lily from Cape Town, South Africa. I've been following the History of the Rothschilds and the secret government agendas on You Tube and other sites since living in India in 2008. Things have consolidated a lot more now, that the news is more available. I'm a traveller, a dancer, a scuba diver and a designer. I love meeting new people from everywhere and learning about other ways of life and how and what people think. I 've studied a lot of Science and I'm a very very curious person :) I love my Home Planet and all the beautiful souls, both animal and human that inhabit it ... and have been deeply concerned that the goings on of Corporate & Military & Financial & Governmental Entities (along with other even darker sorts of entities) are plotting to destroy the Future forever for all generations to come ... and its not even that; The suffering these entities have caused over hundreds of years on Earth; the wars, the destruction of our water and food supplies, the annihilation of tribes, cultures and traditions, of animals, of the sea and the land - these cannot be forgiven nor forgotten, moreover they must be stopped. I sign petitions all day, trawl the news (its actually interesting now thanks to Anonymous and Wikileaks) and share with my friends all around the world - and enjoy discussing solutions with anyone!!! Glad to be on board, let know if there is anything I can do to help out? I'm no techie but I can write!!!!
  2. Hola la verdad yo no se mucho de tecnologia bueno lo escencial lo que yo kiero hacer y supe desde que naci es tener el poder de cambiar al mundo y si no puedo ser yo kiero k lo hagan ustedes o dejenme ser parte de uno de ustedes gracias
  3. Soy del pais de mexico bueno yo creo ustedes ya saben eso y ya saben lo que esta pasando en nuestro pais espero respuesta gracias
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    Hi Lily if this is your name please register using a different name.
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    por favor regístrese aquí. tenemos un foro Espanol, no podemos dejar de organizar proyectos en Español. Únete a conversaciones y gente de mensaje privado para continuar. Usted puede hacer WhyWeProtest trabajar para usted
  6. I live in the southern US, and I am very frustrated with the Nextdoor site. All dissenting voices are silenced. Only alt-right views are allowed to remain on the site; other posts are taken down. I have been viciously attacked for posting science-based articles about the dangers of pesticide spraying and other articles on the environment. Most of my posts have been taken down. Rude, obnoxious, ultra-right comments are never taken down. The vast majority of my neighbors are Trump-supporting racists! They are anti-Black, anti-environment, anti-science, anti-free speech, etc. When I posted that two young white males attacked my "Vote for Hillary" sign with knives, I was mocked and denigrated on this website. These mean-spirited, sarcastic remarks were, of course, left up on the site. I am voting for Hillary, because I do not want Trump to be President. I am a Bernie supporter. I love Jill Stein, but I am afraid she cannot win.

    All of my science-based articles on the Nextdoor site about the environment are CENSORED! I cited the President's Panel on Cancer, The Academy of Pediatrics, The Audubon Society, and others. My posts are informative and respectful. My posts are taken down from the site. I deplore this censorship!! It is censorship of the worst sort. I looked at the reviews for this Nextdoor site and many others have had this experience! Nextdoor is an ultra-conservative site that does not allow free speech. It consistently censors dissenting views. I have complained to the Lead on the site, and I've complained to Nextdoor. Both the lead and the Nextdoor site were dismissive and rude.

    I am not a techy! I know very little about computers. I know that you, Anonymous, hate censorship. You know how important it is to allow free speech!!

    I do NOT think this sort of censorship should be allowed to stand. I hope someone hears me. I think it is necessary to fight back against ultra-right, racist, anti-environmental views. I think it is necessary to fight websites that allow these views to dominate and censor those who support liberal views!!

    I'm hoping for some help here.

    Thank you and take care
  7. foot man Member

    hey, im looking for people to follow my foot fetish account on instagram. the username is footorias_secret. please come follow me if you love feet too. thanks everyone and share the love
  8. my name is gopher guts

    totally new to this but I have been inspired by the countless stories I have heard about hacktivests. I am not technology literate in the slightest. I get in slumps in my life where I feel the world is being blinded but something much sinister. I believe the definition of "conspiracy theory" has been misinterpreted. the public automatically assumes its fake or untrue, yet time and time again some of these theories have come true. Both political parties are pawns and I refuse to fall in line. I would like to thank hacker groups and whistle blowers for attempting to shine light on the general public and for opening my eyes especially. I hope some day I can offer a helping hand to spread some truth. So when the time comes for a protest or anything I can help with let me know

    greasy grimey gopher guts
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    NextDoor is a website that is organized around neighborhoods. The Mods are called "Leads"they have limited tools. They can lock threads or hide threads. Are your posts being taken down ( deleted from the thread) or are people arguing with you, or are your threads being deleted?
    NextDoor is a private website, you can't demand membership. If they are ignoring you, leave.
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    I see you registered, welcome here.
  12. SillyRabbit Member

    Hi everybody!
  13. K????? Member

    I want to sign up I don't speak English only Spanish I am going to help you.... I have some informatic preparation and virus creating worms and Trojans and use ghost code and ip.... contact me for a meet
    I'm from Panama....

  14. Take the last train to Clarkesville and I'll meet you at the station....................................................
  15. J2m3s Member

    Hello. Im J2m3s. I learn't about anonymous through youtube. I saw video's and just felt so inspired...
  16. UnnamedUser Member

    hi i'm new here, if you need anything be happy to contribute. UnnamedUser
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    Hi all and welcome to WhyWeProtest. We aren't the hacking part of Anonymous, but if you have technical question you can ask them just remember we don't do anything illegal.
    We protest legally. Here are some threads to look at:

    This is a on line protest against Scientology using Craig's list to bait -and -switch. They offer services or classes that are hidden recruitment.

    This is a online protest using Google Maps. You can upload pictures of your self protesting with the place behind you. Think national monuments, churches, any landmark or building, protesting what you want ( but wear a mask or bandana)
  18. i am new i want to get hacking wahts opp can i help in
  19. If you register Disambiguation will talk to you.
  20. Hello, I'm that guy. I just joined seeking information.
  21. Good job, now Disambiguation and White Tara will talk to you!
  22. White Tara Global Moderator

    Meh. I say come as you are :) I'm happy to talk to all, but you do bring up a salient point, those who register have access to wwp's personal messaging system, That gives us mods an opportunity to help those with the questions who would prefer to ask in a more private manner than posting to the still got questions thread. :p
    All options are open.
    here's some links too for newcomers:
  23. randycrawford Member

    Hi Anonymous. I am a person who has never yet marched or protested but a great admirer of those of you who do and I do believe, as Noam Chomsky observed, that throughout history its the only way things ever got changed and ever will get changed. I wanted to pay tribute to this group somehow and I have in my own way by making a minuscule budget sic-fi sitcom. We talk about the environment but really do nothing about it. I realised that on this level we're like insane sitcom characters who never change, stuck, arguing about doing change until its too late. Its still a sitcom but its my tribute to Anonymous (and people like Snowden and Glen Greenwauld). so, fuck it, here it is: Episode one:
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    I'd like to start a thread and move this for KYAnonymous. Thoughts?
  25. Cuntsparkle Member

    Let it be done!
  26. anonflyfisher Member

    Anonflyfisher......waiting to help the Lakota
  27. EJP Member

    I my I am EJP I am new... Nice to meet all of you I am willing to do anything I can to help this cause
  28. EJP Member

    Hi I'm EJP I'm new... Nice to meet you I am willing to help our cause in any way I can
  29. kcinaz Member

    Hi, I'm kcinaz and am sick of getting those phone calls, "Hi, I'm John from Microsoft support. We are detecting errors and viruses from your computer." Needless to say, I use Linux most of the time. I really want these scammers gone because sometimes they get my older friends fall for these scams. Grrrr...

    The last time I got one of these calls on the phone, just today, I hung in there long enough to get information about them. They have a website that I'm sure is highly malicious:

    I'd overwhelm the site with pings if I really understood what to do, but I'm just learning, so I thought Anonymous would know how to deal with these people. So here I am. I suspect this is all I need to say at this point.

    Thanks in advance for helping protect the vulnerable among us. (As you can tell, I'm a champion for the underdog.)
  30. Excellent product placement.
  31. Hey. I'm new here. If any of you guys have advanced advice on encryption, that'd be fantastic & please share.

    I can't afford the TOR app so I'm browsing on Endless. I'm scared to death of fucking up my laptop, so I'm not encrypting any data on there until I can afford legit software.

    I live in the South of the USA slam-dunk in the center of the Bible Belt.

    I'm sixteen and I'm female. Looking to get the hell out of here, but I can't live with myself sitting idly by while injustice after injustice occurs right in front of my eyes.

    I literally live around some of the trashiest people on this planet. Surrounded by sexism, racism, fucking homophobic people who can't understand actual fact.
    News flash, your government is lying to you. Your candidates aren't sent from fucking Jesus to "save you from the Mexicans"

    The KKK has a strong influence here on our government. News flash: I live in the same state where it started.

    So I'm looking to make a difference. I'm too pretentious and stubborn to sit around and wait for somebody else to swing in with common sense.
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    Welcome here. Anonyfisher- let me know if that contact info isn't enough.
    EJP- welcome. Take a look around and find something you want to work on, ask questions!
  33. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Paper
    Please register, I want to talk to you privately.
  34. Hey this is the dark knight. I am a HUGE supporter of anonymous
    !!!!! I thought there was no hope for the world until I heard about anonymous. When I heard about them I knew this was the right thing to do so here I am.
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  36. Zekitu Member

    Does anyone have any tips fpr organizing a protest ?
    I have downloaded several basic guides, and just wanted to know if anyone has any insightful tips they would like to give me that are often overlooked. I am holding the protest the 5th of Nocember in Fort Madison, Iowa which is a small rivertown with less than 15,000 people. I greatly appreciate any wisdom that you would liketo share with me.
  37. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Welcome here, Zekitu
    Good question! What are you protesting? There is a guide here for protesting that is geared to protesting Scientology (more dangerous than protesting other things) the how to protest general advice is in this thread.
    Small protests don't need everything here, but you should read it anyway.

    We always post pictures of the protest - this is called "post game"

    Here are conversations about stuff

    You can start a planning thread here and ask advice

    These are some words about protesting and using WWP. This advice is about protesting Scientology but it's good for other protests.
    ( many many words)

    There are posters and flyers here

    Here is another newbie planning a protest
  38. The Wrong Guy Member

  39. PaperKoopa Member

    Registered & ready.

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