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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Sonichu, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. dreamerboy Member

  2. dreamerboy Member

    no troll here what u mean
  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Tuksha
    Sorry I'm late, I was picking up the dry cleaning. Welcome to WWP , take a look around and find somewhere you want to be and join the conversation.
  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Welcome here. What interests you? Look at the conversations and ask questions.
  5. dreamerboy Member

    y did u think i am a troll i just want to join a good forum so i pickd this one
  6. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Lesbian
    Welcome here and please don't be insulted when people use the word fag, it's almost an endearment here.
    You can identify yourself although we don't advise that. You can post a link to your Facebook or blog but don't post your emails or phone or a commercial site.
    Feel free to bring your campaigning here. The membership will apply their wisdom and crazy and be interested or troll you into oblivion.
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    Hi Sergio welcome here. Please start discussions about stuff you know and we don't. We have active conversations in French, Polish and sometimes Dutch and German. If you give us links to your issues we will follow along.
  8. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi dreamerboy
    There is a troll posting crap in this thread. The rules here are mostly pro-troll but not in this particular new members area. So I have deleted the comments and I'm praying... FOR THE LOvE OF GOD...that the troll likes football or something, even golf, and will watch that instead of posting here and leaving me to sweep it up.
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  9. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Welcome dreamerboy, I hope you find stuff here that interests you.
  10. dreamerboy Member

    oh ok, no u dont have to worry about me im hear to help, i am a hacker just trying to find a good group to help out still learning, i am in school for cybersecurity i thought u said that cuz i have my ip blocked
  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi dreamerboy
    We aren't the part of Anonymous that hacks.
  12. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Yo Hook
    Welcome here, lurk around until you find somewhere you like and join in.
  13. socscisur Member

    Hi all, I'm a doctoral researcher, setting up this account for posting on research related topics, have another for my personal use. Hope to talk to you all soon.
  14. 0uts1de Member

    Hola Sergio, bienvenido a WWP, en la tabla principal encontraras el foro en español si te es mas facil hablar en el idioma.
    Antes de todo, te recomiendo que te cambies el nombre del perfil por protección, nunca se sabe si estas hablando con un anon o un guardia civil de la división cibernética.
    Un saludo y buena suerte.
  15. 0uts1de Member

    O como ya veo que te has puesto el nombre diferente en el perfil que el real(fallo mio), te recomiendo que aun así no digas tu nombre verdadero en publico por las mismas razones que el anterior mensaje.
  16. 0uts1de Member

    Hi, hope you´ll find the things you are looking for here, read you soon!
  17. Hi I'm 4n0nym0u5u53r367 I'm new.
  18. Dear Anonymous; I have a problem I need help with. I wish to issue a challenge to the eight richest men in the world. Those eight have enough money that they could, if focused, bring about profound change in a generation. So here it is;

    I am throwing down the gauntlet to the eight most monied, wealthy men in the world.

    Every one of you owes everything you have to the world wide community that is humanity. Yet, you do little to return it in any meaningful way. Face it if you took half your assets and just gave them away, you would not miss it. Nothing in your lifestyle would actually change.

    Here is my challenge to you. Select one world problem and work to solve it. The solutions are out there. Water, fresh potable water. Energy, clean inexpensive energy. Food, sustainable, clean, environmentally sound food. Housing, affordable, environmentally sound housing. Waste disposal, environmentally sound sustainable waste disposal. Nuclear proliferation, stopping and getting rid of nuclear weapons. Health care, affordable and affective healthcare. Population control, slow or stop overpopulation especially in critical impoverished areas. Just half of your wealth could fund the kind of sweeping changes needed to make global warming slow and perhaps even reverse. To slow the extinction of species. To de-escalate war in a substantial way. The kind of funding and executive direction you have it within you power to provide would not just be world changing it would be world saving.

    Most of these problems already have excellent answers. Take for example population control. The single most effective form of population control is educating women. So do that. Pour your money into a world wide effort to bring education to the world for women. I am pretty sure you have enough money to hire some one who would be able to effectively implement a world wide strategy to build and fund schools in impoverished areas all over the world. The energy solution is already here it only lacks the financing. With enough funds even big oil could no longer be able to thwart clean energy. Wind, water, solar. These are all viable solutions with working systems world wide. Sink money in mandated new businesses that promote making clean energy accessible to Joe Average. Mandate your companies to maintain a certain pay structure that prohibits CEO's and upper employees from damaging the company and the companies goals with greedy salaries and compensation packages. Employee owned businesses do this exceptionally well.

    Make your mother really proud of you. Save the world. To have the power to do so, and you do, and not at the very least try is the most shameful thing imaginable. It is quite akin to watching a house burn down and not calling the fire department even though your cell phone is in your hand. Just so you know, doling out dribs and drabs, just enough to avoid taxes, is a hideous mockery of generosity.
  19. I read a book a loooong time ago, written in the late 70s, in my library, written by one of LRH's sons and he and his co-author were on the run from Scientology even back then. They had reported getting mailbombs and death threats and all the other stuff about being spied on and harassed back then. I'm not sure which son it was - since LRH had a second family after the one with Ron, Jr, I'm tempted to think it was Ron, Jr, or a brother of his. I think I remember one of the sons was found poisoned with CO2 in his car? Maybe it was that son.
    Just read Jenna M Hill's book and the Going Clear book. Have been watching the Leah Remini series. I'm so glad people who were important in the church got out and are speaking up and letting the world know.
    Since watching, I've been constantly wondering what can be done about this group. If our own IRS and govt was cowed by them (worn down, actually), I'm hoping that a class action suit, all this internet and tv exposure, and lowered membership will help.
    I pray that all totalitarian groups get cut down in the end. I know their is a great fear of anarchy all over - in all countries - and that is where this control idea originates.
    I also think LRH, who was already on his way to being quite mad, was somehow really messed up further by his enlistment in the military/navy. The tactics used by the military have gotten better over the years but I bet back when LRH was in the navy he saw and experienced some really twisted stuff that made his already odd personality even odder. He had father issues - I remember reading that in Going Clear - how LRH had his own dreams but his dad insisted he be what his dad wanted him to be. But that is a common thing, a lot of parents influence their kids' choices.
    Please keep fighting for this 'church' to be denied any special tax exemptions or special treatment. They really ought to make them quit wearing the military regalia, too, as that has been mentioned as a way to appeal to people to lure them in. And I hope to do what I can to help.
  20. I hope the church disappears, after all is said and done. And is held accountable to all the people it has mistreated and appropriated funds from.
  21. GREAT IDEA!!!!!
  22. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  23. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Welcome to WhyWeProtest
    In general this thread is for introductions and we have discussions like this elsewhere. If you want to start a discussion you'll need to register, but you can join the conversation in any thread.
    Welcome here.
  24. Hi, I take my name from the Hollywood actress who was lobotomized by psychiatry decades ago. There is a movie about her.
    Anyway. I'm not anti all psych drugs. I'm not anti all psychiatrists. I am very skeptical of drug companies. I really dislike adherents of patriarchal religions who go into any field of mental health. I find they forever remain oblivious to the border between their profession and their religious beliefs about family.

    Nice to meet you!
  25. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Welcome here Franny!
  26. Tanks!
  27. Welcome aboard!

    Just curious...
    how you feel about adherents of non-patriarchal religions who get involved with mental health?
  28. Lobotomy claims[edit]

    In 1978, Seattle film reviewer William Arnold published Shadowland, which for the first time alleged that Farmer had been the subject of a transorbital lobotomy. Scenes of Farmer being subjected to this lobotomy procedure were part of the 1982 film Frances,[30] which had initially been planned as an adaptation of Shadowland, though its producers ultimately reneged on their agreement with Arnold.[20] During a court case against Brooksfilms (the film's producers), Arnold revealed that the lobotomy episode and much of his biography about Farmer was "fictionalized".[20] Years later, on a DVD commentary track of the Frances movie, director Graeme Clifford stated, "We didn't want to nickel and dime people to death with facts."[31]

    Farmer's family, her former lovers, and her three ex-husbands all denied, or did not confirm, that the procedure was completed.[2] Farmer's sister, Edith, said the hospital asked her parents' permission to perform the lobotomy, but her father was "horrified" by the notion and threatened legal action "if they tried any of their guinea pig operations on her."[7] Western State Hospital recorded all the lobotomies performed during Farmer's period there. Since a lobotomy was considered a ground-breaking medical procedure, the hospital did not attempt to conceal its work. Although nearly 300 patients received the procedure, no evidence supports a claim that Farmer was among them.[20] In 1983, Seattle newspapers interviewed former hospital staff members, including all of the lobotomy ward nurses who were on duty during Farmer's years at Western State, and they all stated Farmer was never a patient on that ward. Dr. Walter Freeman's private patient records contained no mention of Farmer. Dr. Charles Jones, psychiatric resident at Western State during Farmer's stays, also stated that Farmer never underwent the lobotomy procedure.[32]
    • Frances: The book Shadowland on which this movie is based got support from Scientology president Heber Jentzsch and CCHR, a Scientology front group attacking what they call the psychs. The lobotomy of her is invented: neither Frances Farmer's own bio Will There Really Be a Morning? nor the memoirs of Walter Freeman (the infamous but proud-of-it ice pick lobotomy guy) mention it. The Frances Farmer page of CCHR conveniently "forgets" to mention this. Jeffrey Kauffman has researched this topic for 20 years, and has documented the inaccuracies of the book.
    What could William Arnold’s motives have been for so severely distorting the record of Frances’ unfortunate troubles? Edith Farmer Elliot, among others, maintained that Arnold was a Scientologist, intent on furthering Scientology’s late 70s push to have psychiatry discredited, though Arnold himself has reportedly stated he is not affiliated with the group. (As recently as 2004, Scientologist Tom Cruise was on record as saying “Psychiatry is an utter waste of time and should be outlawed”). In his acknowledgements, Arnold himself thanks at least two Scientologists or Scientology groups, including the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) and Heber Jentzsch. Indeed, in the People magazine article referenced above, it is explicitly stated that Arnold and Yates met through the Scientologist publication Freedom, and to this day the CCHR’s publications and website continue to quote liberally from Arnold and utilize Frances’ supposed mistreatment and ultimate lobotomy as the prime example of what the “horrors of psychiatry” can do.

    Why Arnold chose Frances to be his “poster child” is unknown, other than that she provided an obviously riveting “hook”; certainly his quite laudable thesis regarding psychiatric abuses could have been just as well served by the actual facts, without the “fictionalizing” Arnold added. As is sadly described in archival records, between July 23, 1942 and June 12, 1953, 252 pre-frontal and transorbital lobotomies were performed at Western State. These poor souls suffered no less by reason of the fact that Frances was not among their ranks.

    Supporters of the belief that Frances never underwent a lobotomy have long labored under the burden of having to prove a negative. With the overwhelming weight of this clear documentary evidence, the burden of proof now shifts to those who insist the operation took place, yet who fail to provide documentary evidence of any kind.
  29. Hi I'm interested in learning more about hacking and it's what you guys do right?
    If there's a special thread or part of Anonymous that I should join will you direct me please .
    I want to learn how to hack the government and big banks and corporations and politicians and stuff.
    We could make it a big joint effort and work together to bring everyone down and teach them all a lesson they'll never forget.

    Anybody want to join me in this. Everyone is welcome.
  30. Anybody?
    Anybody at all?
    Help me please?
  31. Sounds like a good idea, we're all with you on this!
  32. Is there a special part of anonymous I can joiin can you show me please.
  33. Is nobody to help me ?
  34. If your all with me help me answer me.
  35. White Tara Global Moderator

    Pointer please ignore the Trump troll, wwp is a site wholly dedicated to strictly legal and peaceful protesting. You will have to look elsewhere for assistance with hacking etc. Sorry.
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  36. Anonymous016 Member

    Err .. Mi nombre es Anonymous016, Im nuevo aquí
    y una pregunta ¿es que hay alguien de Argentina aquí?

    El conocimiento es libre. Somos anónimos. Somos legión. Nosotros no perdonamos. No nos olvidamos. ¡Esperanos!

    Estamos Anonymous.We son Legion.We no perdonan. No nos olvidamos. ¡Esperanos!
  37. Hi everybody! My aka is 2real, and im new here, hope learn so much in this page.
  38. Spectrum X Member

    Hi. Im Spectrum X. From Philippines :D
  39. White Tara Global Moderator

    No trolling in the NMA tyvm.
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