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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Sonichu, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. Evil_Dogger Member

    How embarrassing! Amazonian region of Brazil :)
    Yes, we are not special these days but more cut off from the outside media nationally then most.
    Our region is unique in the level and type of corruption.
    We have it all.
    Government sponsored pedofilia rings.
    Police death squads to silence critics.
    Media blackouts.
    State pillaging of Indigenous lands and resources.
    To name a few..
    Our problem is where to start and how to get the word out without getting everyone killed.
    I have allot of lurking to do to get this right!
    Thank you for having me!
  2. torcher Member

    real evidence and footage might help, you can surf the ops forums to see if you can find something useful
  3. Redstar18 Member

    Hi welcome...i am new too, how are you?
  4. Redstar18 Member

    I have a can i help? What can take this like something serious?

  5. This is NOT a chat room please confine it to introductions only.
  6. Evil_Dogger Member

    Have dox will post later in the appropriate fourm.
  7. Hi, We are new here.

    We would like to invite you to participate in our "We the People: State of the Union" peaceful rally event outside of the U.S. Capitol Building during Trump's joint address to congress on February 28th at 7:00PM (EST). We plan to organize, demonstrate, and make diverse voices be heard against a divisive agenda for the United States that will affect some of the most marginalized communities in America. We have submitted the permit requests for our rally today, the Press will also be there. Please come and show your support.

    Organizing for Justice
  8. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    lol I was going to ask if EvilDogger was American
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  9. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Organizing.

    Please register so we can talk, this will be a good new thread but you can't start one until you register.
  11. Han Chollo Member

    Hello Anons!
  12. ....and why exactly would they bother doing that?
    They came here to deliver a message, they've delivered their message - mission accomplished.
    Any further comm will be through FB.
  13. Hello, and welcome to the least err.. most friendly place on Earth!
  14. Evil_Dogger Member

    Thank you for having me Maria!
    I've come here in peace and in part to learn how to do things right.
    I hope I can gain your trust through my actions.
    I know the rules!
  15. Evil_Dogger Member

    Give me a task to prove my worth. I have a cell but my cell needs to prove it's worth not just to op but to me too.
  16. White Tara Global Moderator

  17. Evil_Dogger Member

    Love you and your friends white Tara! I'm trying to go in the right way. Help us be good! :)
  18. hello im VendettaSec i first learned of Anonymous through talks and discussions with my uncle but later made note when chanology and #opkkk was launched. I was amazed at the stuff pulled off and made me want to join. i would like to help in any way but am away from the computer for a while at times
  19. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I wish we could talk...anonymity means not mentioning your uncle.
    Look at the recent discussions by clicking on "what's new", do you see something that grabs you? That's a good place to start. This is a self-starting group, we dont recruit people for an Op.
  20. flapjacker Member

    Hi all. Disabled neuromonitoring surgery tech here. I'm from North Carolina. Used to be a chiropractor but turned skeptic. Have chronic fatigue and systemic lupus. Anyway, I had an idea to make a "Trump Debt Clock" website where it tracks how much money President Trump has wasted. It would be similar to the National Debt Clock on Wall Street however it would list a breakdown of the reasons for his debt.

    Proposed Debt Actual Debt
    (all proposed projects) (approved projects)
    Total Proposed Debt Total Actual Debt

    1. Border wall with Mexico 1. Security for Trump Tower
    $21.6 billion $500k-1 mil per day
    2. End NAFTA

    Trump wastes money like it is nothing. When voters see how much he is actually costing them they won't be so keen to approve his presidency. Security alone is a $1 million dollar per day expense. Compare this to the president's salary of $450,000 and it puts it in perspective.

    This would get a lot of media attention.
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  21. Hey, I'm spanish so I don't understand english very well
  22. [IMG]
  23. pow! Member

    Hi. I'm feeling a bit anti-fascist today, and thought Anons would be the people to talk to.
  24. coelacanth Member

    Fascist anon here.

  25. yuro Member

    Im new here anything useful to know
  26. i am aatrox i am new here
  27. That depends.
  28. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi yuro
    There are lots of useful things here. I suggest you lurk and if you find something you like then start a conversation. Much to be learned. Yuge Bigly.
  29. Hi, my computer friends, I'm new to these topics as I grow and contribute
  30. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi elementox
    Welcome here, browse and find a place to settle in.
  31. You must register before Disambiguation will be your computer friend.

  32. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  33. Is it worth registering on this forum or not because all I'm seeing here is a lack of activity.
    All that I've heard the great wwp and it's fight against Scientology appears to be a myth if this forum is anything to go by.

    Someone tell me you're all alive and kicking please?
  34. Disambiguation's pms are worth it!
  35. Hola soy mexicano y soy bueno con los idiomas quisiera unirme a vos
    y obviamente soy un buen hacker
  36. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Swap to English
    Bienvenido a WWP. Esto es un foro internacional Hay un foro español, pero publicar en inglés, francés o polaco también si lo desea.
  37. noel.vickers Member

    can anyone read this?
  38. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  39. Iscariot XIII Member

    I'm Iscariot XIII or just XIII. I come here with little more than a hunger to know and see the truth and expose the great lie that now dominates our empty and bleak existence. I want those I love to have better lives.

  40. What is it you think we can do for you ?
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