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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Sonichu, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi and welcome here. This isn't a good place to ask for help. "Anonymous is not your friend" is a well known meme.
    Take a look through the discussions here and if you find things you like then stick around.
    You might like the "Freedom of Information" forum.
  2. Which lie is the "great one"?
    And... what's your stance on the lives of ones you don't love?
  3. hola amigos como estan solo tengo una semana en este mudo de hacker me ciento estancado con lo que encuentro en youtube que ustedes me recomiendan para crecer
  4. Hola,
    este no es un sitio de hackers. Discutimos y organizamos activismo y protestas legales, solamente.
    Which youtube video was that?
  5. ha hola solo quiero saber si existen otros miembros de Anomimous u otras personas para q me ayude a salvar a Venezuela q el gobierno a decaído y el presidente no abre los ojos sobre lo q esta pasando con el país. a pesar de q es uno de los pises con mas petroleo es uno de los países con la economía mas bajas de latinoamerica, solo quiero saber q es lo q pasa hay....
  6. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Ale
    Yes Anonymous is here. Our part of Anonymous protests legally, if you are looking for hackers then we aren't. There is a Espanol forum. You can post in ingeles or espanol.ñol.377/
    Here is a recent threadñol.115175/#post-2596845
    Torcher and 0uts1de are Espanol members who help newcomers here.
    You can message them if you become a member.
  7. Hello I'm new and I'm very interested in the subject and I think we are all the same
  8. What subject?
    In your opinion we are all the same as what?
  9. Hi everyone, H@xor here. So glad to B here :);)!! A bit nervos, but once I know my way around, then I guess I will b good. If I have any questions, then where should I put em?
  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Haxor
    Welcome to WWP. is a good place to start learning about how things work here.
    You can ask general questions here
    You can join a conversation and ask questions. Your username sounds like you are looking for fellow hackers and this isn't the part of Anonymous that hacks.
  12. Just introducing myself. I don't really know when or where to go but I'm here nonetheless! Happy to be a part of Anon!
  13. Morgue Member

    Hey! I'm introducing myself!
  14. Welcome, morgue!
  15. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Dharma
    Just take a look around.
    Welcome here
  16. CZA

  17. DreamWwalker Member

    Hi, I'm me with all the bells and whistles, I'm here to help out and learn. I mainly joined after hearing about "Blue Whale" a trend facing some places and was horrified, I would like to put an end to stuff like this.
  18. Are you in Siberia?

    Seems to be a "suicide club" organized by a Russian troll a few years ago. Fortunately, never made it out of Siberia, and the troll is in jail. The numbers quoted seem a little fishy; Russian police have been known to exaggerate, or even completely fabricate such things. I'm not sure how we "put an end" to them, as herd mentality and lemming behavior are pandemic.

    Maybe, teach your kids not to be lemmings?
  19. Hello, my name is NoVirusAnonymous0 and I have the pleasure to access this official site of the anonymous. I am new and thank you to welcome me and not spam. Thank you Anonymous.
  20. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi NoVirus. We aren't the official site for Anonymous. We are a small part of Anonymous. If you are looking for the part of Anonymous that hacks you can find them on Twitter.
  21. Anon006 Member

    Hey! You can just call me double o 6 or 006 I've seen protests and watched documentaries about anon and thought it was cool I also know some about coding/hacking and will learn much more when I can take classes and I am already taking some once a week outside of school in HTML/css and python, anyway I also have many views on many things.
  22. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi 006
    Welcome here. There are techies and programmers here but we aren't the hacking faction of Anonymous. Spend some time lurking and see if you'd like to stay.
    We like many views on many things.
  23. Lord XANA Member

    Hello, I am XANA. I stand for those who are powerless, those who have not a voice, and those who are lost. I wish to stand for Freedom, Justice, and Victory so that equality around the world can occur one day and that the powers of the world can hold hands in peace together. I simply come here to start my path so I learn and become the best man I can.
  24. Lord Xanax Member

    Hello, I am XANAX! BRB, gonna chill and Netflix, maybe see what's in the fridge.
  25. Lord Xanax Member

  26. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hm. Welcome to WWP however many of you there are.
  27. Thank you.
  28. Hey guys, I'm Eve-olution.

    My brother has been involved with certain political voices and sparked my interest. Ever since I've been dedicated to educating myself.
  29. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Evolution welcome here. There are tons of political voices here and brisk debate. We are an International forum so there is a lot to learn.
  30. Finding_Dodgy Member

    Chur my cuzzies!

    I'm here, admittedly, with a purpose.
    We have a Scientology-affiliated (but so far as we've been able to suss out so far, ex-member, it would seem labelled by the church as a suppressed person) who is possibly trying to to start up something (what, exactly, we are still trying to ascertain) but he is gaining a following and promoting all the conspiracy theories. Global Elite and depopulation, man-made earthquakes, chemtrails, anti-vax, geo-engineering, you name it, he promotes and believes in it.
    we're concerned for vulnerable people in our country, and suspicious as to what he's up to and whether he poses a potential risk to little old New Zealand.

    I'm not sure where to start, so a wave in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

  31. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Finding welcome here.

    These threads are old but can give you an idea on how to present your information. Don't expect someone else to do the basic research in the problem. We like people who do their homework.
    There is advice and explainations in threads in the New Members Area
  32. Finding_Dodgy Member

    Thank you. I will lurk many lurkings.
  33. anonuser2000 Member

    Hey! I'm Anupam
  34. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Anupam welcome to WWP, hang out for a while and look around.
  35. anonuser2000 Member

  36. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  37. MargotLevin Member

    Hello everyone I'm MargotLevin. I'm glad to be here finally.
  38. MargotLevin Member

    Hi there Spectrum. I'm MargotLevin also from the Philippines
  39. Margo if that is your own name its unwise to use it here, Please think of changing it while you use the forum.
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