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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Sonichu, Oct 26, 2012.

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  3. Wolf101 Member

    Hi, I'm new to the forum :)
  4. yourgay Member

    Hey, is there a minimum posting requirement before a user is allowed to start a new thread? Thanks.
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    Oh. It's you. Again.
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    Hi Wolf welcome here. We are a rough bunch, take a look around and find what you are interested in and ignore the trolls.
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    Please don't troll in the newcomer's area
  8. Hello,

    I'm new to this forum, I've started recently to partake in activism, and I look forward to partaking in this forum to promote activism.

    Friedreich Feuerstein
    ***Mod edit email gone**
    Hi Friedeich
    We don't allow emails. If you want people to contact you, offer to give your email to them via private message. There's no way of knowing if this is your email or, for example, your elementary school enemy's.

  9. When you "partake in activism" is it with lunch, dinner as a snack or as an aperitif?
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    Look at me with my super cool nic I'm a twat.
  11. Hi, I am FreedomFighter. I have done lots of research on anonymous and I am very impressed by what I have seen. I strongly agree with all of the ideologies, and want to get involved. However I am unsure of where to start. Please help
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    Impressive snit fit
  13. Fusion18 Member

    hello all, i'm nick ;)
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  15. Hi i just want to enter please

  17. Trate de mierda fuera
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    Bienvenido. aquí está el foro en español y puedes publicar en cualquier otro foro de idiomas también.ñol.377/
  19. ld12 Member

    Hi all, I've recently joined the site as I'm doing research for my university dissertation on online activism, I'd really appreciate if you could fill in my research survey as any responses would be hugely beneficial!
  20. We get these requests often. People don't like clicking on links they don't know, so you can post your questions here or maybe copy the survey here.
  21. Spagent Member

    Hi ...I,m new to this site ,but I joined because my partner's son is a scientologist ,who bullies and manipulates her the extent she has become his defender ...."There is nothing wrong with Scientology....and he,s entitled to his beliefs"..she will not see anything sinister in his or their beliefs....even tho he had to go all the way to India to find a Scientology girlfriend,as English women steered clear of him for years ...he is a very sinister individual
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  22. White Tara Global Moderator

    Oh boy, lucky you Spagent, maybe get her to google and read up on the truth about Scientology for herself, pose the question, "If its not so bad, then you wont mind reading a wide selection of sources on Scientology" Sounds to me like shes not entirely in the dark, but in deep fear of losing her son if she tries to talk him down. Welcome to wwp. Some links below to get you started.
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  23. Nature1970 Member

  24. Nature1970 Member

    hi I am new here
  25. Nature1970 Member

    I see you have a similar handle been using this handle for 18 years from win max we do it all Vegas covers cnn and now here soooo when did you take my username buddy curious.
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  27. Snow White Member

    Hi, I'm new and I have a lot of reading to do on this site for education! I'm going to jump in and say I'm organizing a pickit at the Denver Scientology on Blake St on 3/10. Is anyone doing one already? There are at least two others going on that day in different orgs and I wanted to have as many as we can do that day. Anyone interested?
  28. I can't believe that name wasn't already taken.
  29. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Snow White
    Please post your protest plans in this thread

    Here is some advice on protesting from the thread

    "Do not raid alone. Doing so could make you a target for handlers/hostiles, and there really is safety in numbers.
    Before planning a protest always check local laws regarding public gatherings. Get a permit if one is required.
    Collect all the information (date/time/location/local laws) that participants need to know and put it in one location that can be used to promote the protest.
    If this is your first protest, contact your local anon group and arrange to meet beforehand. Stay together.
    Organize in squads of ten to fifteen people, with no more than one megaphone per squad.
    Prepare signs and flyers before protesting. Make sure they are simple, readable and pertinent to the protest."

    It's important for all members to see this.
    Good luck and happy raiding!
  30. i am also new you see you are not alone..... i hope anonymous never die but my hopes are slightly gone because i have not seen something recently
  31. FreakE420 Member

    HEY! Just stopping by to say hey. Glad to see some familiar faces after all this time.

    Hello and Welcome to you noobs. Pick up that torch and keep on keeping on!

    Until next time!
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    Hi Greek Anon welcome here.
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    Good to see you again!
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  34. hello my fellow humans. i am new here. greetings from India. wonder if we could rebels against injustice here.
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    Hi hynnie welcome have been greeted by our local troll, please ignore. WWP is an international forum feel free to post in any forum.
    This is a long post but will answer many questions about WWP. Please take a look around and find somewhere you want to be.
    Again, welcome here.
  36. Spagent Member

    Sadly she will not read anything negative about Scientology ...she only says if it makes him happy ...he has cleverly recruited his non Scientology family members to fight his battles against me for him ...again claiming his right to believe what he wants and that I am only looking up "hate sites" against Scientology...therefore I am the enemy
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    You might want to look here
  38. JRhumperdink Member

    I'm sort of like a new member, insofar as all of my posts are a decade old and I haven't logged in since then until tonight. I no longer have access to the email account I used to register here, but my login and password still worked. I am shocked! So, how about that Leah Remini, did we finally win?
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  40. Hello, I am new here, I ve heard the news of your activities over the past couple of years. Im so interested in coputer science, As a teenager I was so much into touching the surface of many lovely subjects like programming , OSs and cracking some safety routins, I lost touch for a long time. ubtil recently I came aware of the risks and dangers I am carring around by being online simply, specially when I freely express myself and my thoughts on the internet.
    Living in a dictatorship myself I though about it and got the idea that I have to work on my skills, get to know my sorrounding. empowering myself avain. fight the black magic as much as I can do.
    so here I am. a new forum, after almost 12 years.

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