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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Sonichu, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. I've been following Anonymous and other protest groups for many years, and - despite having nothing beyond basic computer skills - feel I can contribute. I've degrees in journalism and political science, and have been watching the downfall of America in particular for many years. I want to know how to get involved. And don't just tell me to buy a Guy Fawkes mask. I'd like to be more proactive. Who can tell me how?
  2. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi jade welcome here. We are a small part of Anonymous, one of the organized parts. You can find more Aninymous by searching Twitter. We started as a website to help the fight against the cult of Scientology.
    We have discussions on lots of issues. Take a look around.
    We once tried to start a E zine but failed because of disorganization, if that interests you then let me know
  3. Yo e visto que el mal se a apoderado del mundo y que debemos actuar contra ello por eso quiero unirme para ayudar al mundo

  5. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Bienvenido. hay una sección en español, pero ha sido lenta. por favor únete a cualquier conversación que te guste p...
  6. ArisGranati Member

    Hi. I'm fairly new here but haven't introduced myself properly yet.

    Looking forward to participating in this community.
  7. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Welcome here Aris, you’ve posted in some threads already.
  8. powerbase Member

    Hi Everybody! I am powerbase. Author of the Cloud Algorithms in 2001. I hold the Copyright. Also Wrote the CODE in 2009 and Posted it on a Forum in 2009 and Defined the Style as AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is So 60s in 2014! What? 'An if' Statement! Only to have Linus, Git Hub and Sun Microsystems Javascript Write the AI Out of the Curriculum, Code and Language in 2016! And I've Been Hopping Mad Ever Since! Also I Started the WAR On Stupid! In 1994 With the Powerbase Strategy. Enlightenment I though. Empowerment You Called It. Banned the Vatican and Anti Spammers Called It.

    I have watched You Over Decades. Did Not Even Know Who You Was Anonymous Until After I wrote the 1%-99% Analogy in 2011. You Will NOTE. Since the 1990s ALL of Our Protests and Demonstrations have Been Peaceful! But Now WE See Movements and Causes Started with Violence! Something I will Not Subscribe to! Nor Will I have You Walking on Egg Shells much Longer. After Months of Down Time my Coding Computer Is UP! And I Am Almost Finished! To Complete my Intro Find and Read my Comment Here.

    Because they Destroyed Our Technology the Gems Library of Ruby 1.8.7 in 2014 After Jim Died and Subu Happened. I Say WE Come with a Vengeance. Like A SWARM of ANGRY HORNETS...
  9. powerbase Member

    You and me Both, PSYLONET! So much so, I Wrote WE Are the 99%! WE Call that A CONSENSUS! Something I been trying to get Anonymous to Do. To the Point I went Out and Did it For them and NOW I am Back. Your Brand Anonymous is No Longer Trending. It is. CONSENSUS! Can You Say GLOBAL?
  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi powerbase, welcome here.
  11. thr

    Thank You.
  12. Hi Sonichu. I like Your Site. Mind if I Use it To Build A Consensus for Anonymous? You Seem to Favor Organization. I Favor Organization. But NOW that Our Consensus is Global. I think WE Should Strike While the Iron is Hot. It Will Be as the Next Generation Code is Almost Here. How Else are WE Going to Get Organized?
  13. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Did you get locked out of your account?
    Also this thread is for introductions. Planning and opinions can be posted in other threads or you can start new threads.
  14. For a day I looked over your forum and thought about registering and changed my mind once I discovered the types of people you have here. Child rapists and others full of hate. And so much spam.

    This is a verbal junk yard not a forum.
  15. System Member

    k? hope to see you again
  16. DrX Member

    I'm Dr. X and I'm central FL resident... way out in the boonies... southward and landlocked... if you catch my drift. I'm looking to network and see what's jumping off.
  17. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi X. Welcome here. There are other Floridians here, best not to share your location more than that.
  18. DrX Member

    Of course. Plus I always wear over 9000 layers of proxy condom protection. And of course there are Floridanons here... probably some close to CW too. I can feel their body thetans like a homing signal =P

    I started browsing 4C in '08 but never got into any action back when stuff was popping down at Flag or anything. Always wanted to. I guess that's almost passe now huh? They've all but driven themselves underground.

    I'm here to be a potential trouble source and suppress all people wearing black turtlenecks. Hollah if ya hear me! And with that, I'll just lurk and try to figure out how to get my hands into whatever might be brewing in the local current.

    - X
  19. Sup family?!? I'm all about this activist life-been at it a few years. Looking forward to discussing, planning, connecting, just vibing in general. I am as my name states-Anon for life.
  20. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Anon welcome here. We are glad to meet a family member. We have resident trolls who will no doubt greet you. Consider it a rite of passage.
  21. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi there, glad you are here. Our resident grumpy troll will greet you at some later time. Ignore.
  22. Where are all the greeters who aren't grumpy trolls?
  23. van lam Member

    anyone can help me about hack wifi free..?
  24. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  25. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Protesting is still happening intermittently, check ESMB too for protest planing. Mostly stuff happens at Big Blue and Clearwater. I see Tori McGoo at Big Blue but she’s not active here.
  26. Narconon zutphen has closed down
  27. Narconon zutphen in the Netherlands has closed down
  28. Blackey Member

    Narconon zutphen in the Netherlands has closed down
  29. Welcome here Blacky
  30. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Blacky, sorry for the late welcome. I see you are posting about Dutch Narconon closing and leaving the employees in the street.
  31. Your vision is amazing.
  32. Komodoro Member

    Buenos días, presto a ayudar ante cualquier situación
  33. Komodoro Member

    Me gustaría ayudar
  34. Komodoro Member

    Me interesa
  35. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Komodoro welcome here. The Spanish forum is hereñol.377/
    Please post in any forum you’d like, we can translate. The Spanish Mod was here yesterday so you may have to wait a little.
  36. Oxidenyo Member

    Hello everybody my name is oxidenyo and i m a new member
  37. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Oxi, welcome here
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