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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Sonichu, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Welcome here, please post in whatever language you want. Turkey is massively important right now so anything you can say is interesting.
  2. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hola LMNTX
    Hay inglés y Spabish foro, por favor use cualquiera
  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  4. Hola como hackear facebook
  5. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    We don’t hack here. You need a different part of Anonymous.
    No hackeamos aquí. Necesitas una parte diferente de Anonymous.
  6. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Manu this thread is for newcomer introductions
    Esta conversación es para que los recién llegados se presenten.
  7. anonsparrow Member

    Hey Hi Hello. Long time no see my friends. Apologies for being gone.
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  8. Welcome back. I will be the welcoming commitee, It slowed down around here. apparently the French and Germans are very active and keep this "Kear Morhen" up and running. The other "Witchers"are out and about doing other things
  9. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Woah! Hi Anonsparrow.
  10. Yes, we're a protesting machine!!!!!
  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi LANGEL look around the threads and see find what’s there.
  12. Hola soy clouss
  13. Manu?
  14. Bien se encontrará alguien en este servidor
  15. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi clouss
  16. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi welcome here
  17. jolumafe Member

    Hi there my nick is jolumafe and i'm interested in change some things that doesn't change in fake world.
  18. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Welcome here jolumafe, take a look through the conversations and forum and you will find somewhere you like. There are lots of discussions of lots of changes.
  19. Mr. Protester Member

    Hello i'm Mr. Protester. wish I would of found this sit soon. but later is better than never :) Much Love <3
  20. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Welcome here Mr.Protester, have fun looking thru our forums
  21. Welcome, you are now part of the largest and best protest group in the world!
  22. Asociety Member

    Asociety here. New member to the forum, searching for ways to be an active member here.
  23. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Asociety welcome here. Take some time and peruse the forums and hopefully you will find a place you like. You can use the “ask questions here” thread or just message a Mod
  24. TheAlert Member

    Just had 2 private messages from someone called NOT A Lert ! calling me a C*** a stupid C*** that i should Get out now and to F*** off or we will hack your system place child porn in it of the worst sort then inform law enforcement.
    You've been warned.

    Haaahaa ! what a clown.
  25. TheAlert Member

  26. TheAlert Member

  27. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The Alert
    First welcome here. Our little pixie of the threatening PM is a busy little bee. Thanks for posting the messages. I’m banning the account now for threats. Usually they threaten to put child porn on you computer so this is new. At least you got fresh material.
    You have done a lot of research, I suggest you pass it on to law enforcement. They may have some of it already but your work may add something new.
    We don’t do anything illegal or un peaceful we are not the hacking part of Anonymous.
    I’ll move the bulk of your thread to the General discussion section .

    They got me for $200.
  28. TheAlert Member

    Hi there, yes 'Not A Lert' did go to a little effort setting up a new login name to mimic mine and then post threatening messages to me! what a joker :)
    A lot of the research i've done is from whats already out there in public domain and i've just linked back to it all putting articles/links all together in one place, so i guess law enforcement are well aware of these scambrokers anyway. Thanks for moving to general discussion, i do want to get more public awareness out there these scammers can freely run sites defrauding people out of a lot of money so i don't see why we cannot call them out on it and make more public awareness. I had £40,000 stolen from me so i would like nothing more than to see them and their entire scam industry shutdown for good. Not A Lert probably doesn't like that ! haha.
  29. MonsterReflex Member

    Bonjour, MonsterReflex nouveau membre, sa fait un petit moment que je m'interesse a anonymous et je me dis qu'on se ressemble plutôt bien. A votre service.
  30. fullscreen Member

    Hello guys, i'm french, my english is perfectible...I'm, in my country, a yellow it the therm. we need your help, i'm informatician, and i take less you my computers on all the days..we need you !
  31. Dave Mabus 5 Member

    MOD EDIT David Mabus is Dennis Markuze, religious nut and stalker.
  32. s3ction8 Member

    What's good
  33. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Welcome here Monster!
  34. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi The Alert, this area is for new comers to introduce themselves. I’ll move this....somewhere.
  35. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi s3ction8 welcome here.
  36. housemusic1 Member

    Hi. I joined this forum because i wanted to share a video about possible solutions to world problems. Is this ok?
  37. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Yes. Do you want to start a thread? Expect to get teased.
  38. TheAlert Member

    I'm interested to know of your solutions to World problems? & hey...i got called a C*** the first time i posted ! & a f****** stupid one at that! haha but i keep coming back :) so being teased can't be that bad :D u can't change the world and not expect to get some abuse along the way!
  39. Willeyeam Member

    Hi all! Glad to be here. I feel so cloak and dagger! I am here to ask questions for my own personal website(s) security. See you around!
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