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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Sonichu, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Welcome here Will. We’ve had lots of people who wanted answers to questions. I think the way that worked best was yes/no type questions and prepare to be teased. Like someone threatening to put child porn on your computer ( can’t be done)
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    It can be done with a simple piece of malicious code in an email or with the owners password or twenty other ways I can think of. You are not particularly well informed or qualified to comment on such matters it would appear.
  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    “In an e-mail” yes, but not through a post or private message. You are partially right, I’m not very computer savvy but I can comment on anything I like. As can you.
  4. Hey all I am looking for your help Anonymous,

    I am asking for justice, please read the story to the end and support me if you find that i have right. Any one could be in my place. Your brother, mother or sister.
    I tried to solve the problem with least loose. But i want my privacy back and justice

    My situation was not new and i heard one time about the same situation, which happened in a school in USA . i have been hacked for almost 4 years from, i am a Syrian in Germany. To begin the story, a girl ,who thinks, that she was an ex- girlfriend and their team hacked me, and connected every person in my life, which all of them were {good people} ;) between braces, that means, i am joking. No one reached me and told me, what was happening. At the begin, i didn't know any thing, then they started to access more things, my devices, my family and my privacy.
    Even there was not that match between us. In the end, they played a game and put me in situation, where i rented an apartment, where i have to start a work in Frankfurt, where i am pretty sure, that there are cameras inside. I knew about the cameras, where i got random anonymous messages throw an App his name is Jodel, where the criminals told everything i did in my apartment. And the job i got from creep IT company, where the manager was a creep gay, who takes photo of the genital of his employees. The company name is PRODYNA SE, it is an IT company. And the manager is leader of black work in Frankfurt like beggar. Some people in the company own the bus traffic service in Frankfurt. They tried always to put me under pressure with mind games and some cheap game. Moreover, the company sent many time persons to threaten me to not pass some exam. And they threaten my life in many way to let me resign. They played mind game against their employee.

    The law penalty in Germany for these people is two years for each of this people, who took photos and hacked. The other big criminal, it is difficult from my side to define all their crimes. But i just had one proof and it wasn't enough for the police as i was in my first city. It was a screen shoots of popup message from one girl, who identified her self easily, as i was blocking her to unblock her on FB. The reason, i blocked her, that she was a good friend, but i noticed some reaction from her in different time spaces, where i was in the situation of looking for the hacker. And the second girl, i found her name in many fake profile, which was sent each time i just say hello to some one. Apparently, too much jealousy and feeling threatened from each other girl.I didn't want to cause any harm for the both, but what they are doing is unacceptable. I have even changed my devices many times, and lost a lot of money, where i was just foreign syrian student in Germany, where my family sold many thing to support me to continue my study, but the hackers (not just one person, it seems like an organization) are expert with a very large group of people including many who are curious relatives and many more engaged. I am writing the message and i know many of them seeing what i am doing and writing

    I appeal your help and justice, because not every one, who has money, power and more experience can use it against the other people.

    Because of hacking me i am alone today, because of these hackers and creep people. Anonymous be my valentine and help me out.

    Don't let money control anonymous. If you are hacker. it is good to have moral. Hack for oppressed, who treated wrong. Hack for Noble reasons. To secure the world, to catch the criminals, not to attack privacy of people.

    thank you
    new Anonymous
  5. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Welcome here. This thread is for introductions. If you want discussion I suggest you post in “What’s New with Anonymous’ thread
    You may get threats to put child open on your computer from our resident joker. It can’t be done
  6. dsutyrj Member

  7. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  8. QMark Member

    I am a new member. I'm a comp sci student. I would like advice on getting involved fighting surveillance and in favor of the mentally ill. I love Thai food.
  9. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Q, good introduction! I suggest you look in the Freedom of Information forum.
    If you get a threat that “we” were putting child porn on your computer please ignore our delightful troll.

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