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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Sonichu, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. What's actually being said to you is you is no one is interested because you are talking a load of bollocks.
    I hope that answers your question.
    Also you post like a 12 year old.
  2. Scary Member

    Heya, it's Scary (again)..a Chanology oldfag from back in the day. I've dropped by to make a drop and slither back out because to be honest, this scares the fucking shit out of me and it's time to alert the ex's. So I'm dropping it where it can be seen. I spotted this on pol this morning. I am not that OP and mostly only read there and I wanted to support the OP but to be honest, I started poking around in the places the OP said, and they are right. I didn't protest those assholes for 5 years so they could slither that tech into every aspect of our lives. I realize I should have read around here more but I really just want to drop and go. I may start posting on /pol/ to help but as I've no idea who is running this place now and who has access to the IPs, suffice it to say sneaky VPN is sneaky.

    This thread is on /pol/ right will be in the archives at after 2 weeks. I hope to hell and back it does not take this long to get you guys onto this. Please read the thread. Epstein, Maxwell, L. Ron, mind control research via Lieber. It is a pretty good thread run down. Clearly from my perspective this OP is a Chanology oldfag and knows his shit.

    If its archived use /pol/ archives search for this post number


    It is really important. This OP has made links between the clam tech and Sunrise, and current politics, including Joe Biden's latest VP pick Karen Bass. OP knows all the lingo we use, everything.

    Here is a discussion (if you don't get to the above thread before it leaves /pol/ archives use the post number to search 4plebs /pol/ search)

    the rabbit hole leading to Scientology---whew lads. Looks like we're in huge trouble again.

    Clams went at this somewhat--but currently not too terribly scared, because /pol/ herd of cats etc. If this takes off it is going to fuck their operation up so bad it. QANON is either leaving a clue to the rabbit hole, or it is AI using clamtech to control millions of people.

    Q's mantra is


    It would probably be a good thing if the ex's take a look at this and start investigating / digging deeper. A long standing current member can start an investigatory thread if you find what I know you'll find, and are interested. If someone starts a thread link to it in a reply to me to get it off the intro page. But honestly, the ball is in your court. The 4plebs archived link I posted talks about Clearwater borg and the death of a woman, Joi Spencer.

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