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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Sonichu, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. mig334uel Member

    Hello my name is mig334uel
  2. candide2020 Member

    la ville de saint denis a besoin de soutien de tout horizon a bientot ...
  3. giovanymous Member

    Welcome mig334uel :)
  4. Roger.Guy Member

    Si je suis un être humain, une personne ; pas un animal ou une bête :)

    Hi, i'm the new Roger.Guy :D
  5. candide2020 Member

    salut giovanymous je suis le meme ,besoin de se concenter sur saint denis
    I am the new candide 2020 :rolleyes:
    ready ....;)
  6. Aardwolf Member

    Welcome spam
  7. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  8. Welcome to new members:

    hoahong19 | Why We Protest | Anonymous Activism Forum
    codon119 | Why We Protest | Anonymous Activism Forum
    Mose71C33 | Why We Protest | Anonymous Activism Forum
    JanessaRus | Why We Protest | Anonymous Activism Forum
    priyacourales | Why We Protest | Anonymous Activism Forum
    ukiha | Why We Protest | Anonymous Activism Forum

    I don't understand. I sent all of you private messages, welcoming you all to our little group and you haven't even read them.

    I think we should all message these people and let them know how much we want them to stay.

    So strange that they will not reply.

    You would almost think they joined up just to fill the board with spam one day.
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  9. Welcome all! I'm newbie too/I'm from USA/NY.
  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Elizabeth, welcome here.
  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Elizabeth, welcome here.
  12. Hey, I'm ActiveSoftware. I take part in protests for BLM, and other causes.
  13. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Active, its good to see you here. If you can link us to online protests that would be great. We do not take part in anything illegal or violent.
    -Like Im not sure if your offer to troll someone is legal or not. In that case please know that there are plenty of people who post here asking for help against a" really bad person" , except they are not a really bad people, they are victims of trolling. When you see "we are not your personal army" that's a good tip.
    Personally Id be interested in crowd sourcing identification of the people who tried a coup in the Capital Building this week.
  14. Firstly, I'd love to give you some links to online protests, except for the fact that I'm in a Hospital at the moment, and I won't be out for a couple of weeks. Not because of Covid :)

    Secondly, I'll check out this guy's page then I'll decide.

    Thirdly, yes, that seems pretty reasonable.
  15. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Do more than check that one page, due diligence
  16. Sorry about that :)
  17. NikoleJEnnes Member

    Hi guys, I am new here. My name is Nikole, hope we`ll get friendly together 8)
  18. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Nikole welcome here!
  19. oooo000 Member

    oooo000 here. Kirtaner and Gregg both love my idea to use spam for good. Anonymous Spam Activism. The first such message could be "Are you a human supremacist?"

    Think about it. Most of us have been led to believe we are superior to other species. But are we? To put our existence into perspective, evidence suggests that life on Earth has been around for approximately 3.7 billion years, yet our own species, Homo Sapiens, has existed for just about 200,000.
    True, we are unique, but we aren't "more" unique than others. All creatures on earth, be they amoebas, humans, or whales, possess unique traits. None of these traits, however, are "better" or "best." Thinking otherwise inevitably leads to exploitation and abuse. As history has shown, most atrocities committed by humans correlate directly with the urge to feel superior, be it toward people of a different color, the other sex, or entire populations "different from us."
    Feeling superior to non-human animals and nature itself, we risk not only destroying our environment, but putting our own species at risk of extinction.
  20. Aardwolf Member

    Omg I love it :D
  21. WhyDragonfly Member

    Hi there, I'm WhyDragonfly and I'm here to find out how to get involved in protests, info gathering, projects etc on Narconon and Scientology, and get the truth out there. How is it best to get involved?
  22. Incredulicide Member

    Here's a starting place. Find ways to spread the info online in various forms. Often people start a wordpress site, that way you can post about your own experiences as well.
  23. Hi, my name is Manhattan Fawkes but you can call me M.H. I am new to this and I am willing to help where necessary.
  24. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Welcome here
  25. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi MF, welcome here

  26. Hi,
    I'm new here, working on software dev, french and commie. Happy to discuss!
  27. candide2020 Member

    welcome real leviathan , french and commie ..nobody's perfect ...
  28. Lol, what is worst? Being french or commie?
  29. candide2020 Member

    islamo gauchiste ?
    khmer vert ?
  30. oooo000 Member

    Welcome! There is "Playfulism." Rather than a struggle between the proletariat and the plutocrat there is post-work, post-money Ludicism ( Natural to all the Anonymous and French I ever knew is the lulz and joie de vivre. In Paris getting drunk at lunch is among the highlights of the day.

    Drabness and toil be gone. We live in the future.

    Workers of the World... Relax!
  31. Humm okay, I don't know about your new ideoloy, feel like wrong...
    I didn't understand why it was related to hacktivism, but hacktivism is great!
  32. oooo000 Member

    Hey! Hacktivism, as I understand it, is about applying the skills of hackers to dismantle exploitative structures in current society and to help instill a future fair to us all. A ludic society is just that. And a fun one at that. Hacktivism is also about the thrill. Ludicism to the core.
  33. Thank you for the explanation dude
  34. oooo000 Member

    Thank you!
  35. @nonMD Member

    Hello All,
    I look forward to peaceful protests and learning how to take down the corrupt and those that hurt the innocent, especially children. I want to help take down Scientology that has personally hurt someone I love, who was sexually abused by Scientology as a child. They basically hypnotize adults and children with their forced propaganda videos. Child sexually abuse must end. I also support OUR - operation underground railroad. Hope to meet others here. Together we are strong and fight for the innocent who cannot always fight for themselves.
    We do not forget. We do not forgive. Expect Us.
  36. Aardwolf Member

    Welcome, @nonMD :D
  37. Nice! Sorry for your friend, do you really plan to try to attack them? Tell us how!
  38. oooo000 Member

  39. Coofingsock Member

    Sup faggots? So anyway what’s popping?
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