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    Oh hi
  2. Hi there I am Laydee Havock ZA I am from South Africa and need to find a way to live up to my avatar in a way that will cause total havoc in the lives of the filthy demonic pigs who are murdering and traficking children in South Africa. My Daughter was kidnapped and tortured for ten days then murdered this was all put in a multitude of snuff movies then sent to me. The state security of my country is involved so instead of getting justice I am getting horribly attacked from physical assaults to strangulation and even poisoning I have had my legs broken and been victimmised none stop. My husband committed suicide last year and I was then held up threatened and robbed of my entire home. If anybody could help me to destroy the website where my child's torture and murder is still being spread on the internet it is called my child my only daughter is under Beyond Inhumane and is further being raped in the mortuary. The guy who uploaded it is called morguefan. My country will do nothing about this and our minister of state security has been involved but has got free of being investigated by simply stating that he is being picked on and that was all that was required to let him off the hook on a multitude of crimes even Rhino horn market etc Pleasw can somebody help me to get this website exposed and find who owns it as my child is not fake it's real and many others on the site are real too. Any suggestions I have tried everything and have had many officials try to assist with no luck at all
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    We don’t destroy websites here.
  4. I did not ask for you to destroy the website I asked for the site that's posting child murders to be advised on how to get it removed
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    We are not law enforcement. These sites must be reported to the FBI or CEOPS, they are the only people with the resources and legal power to do anything. I’m very sad about what has happened, it’s horrible. The effective path is thru law enforcement
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