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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Sonichu, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. Thank you for the welcome (although you could have bought me a gift)!
  2. Pain Member

    Thank you for the opportunity to let me speak my mind and hear others talk about this god forsaken country and world we live in today.
  3. xirkylou Member

    Hello all,

    I'm xirkylou, a concerned and passionate citizen. I applaud all you do and want to get involved....hope to meet up with some of you in Clearwater next week.
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  4. RaycrasH Member

    hi my name is RaycrasH would like to express my fear about the lack of information in Latin countries such as Venezuela (where I am) I know this is not your problem but I just wanted to say thanks :(
  5. broomstick Global Moderator

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  6. broomstick Global Moderator

    There are some Anonymous in Venezuela. Search for "Anonymous Venezuela" on YouTube.
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  7. anonymous612 Member

  8. Hi,
    I'm a b tard and want to hereby make my interest in anonymous official.
  9. Anonymous Member

    So then become a member or..........
  10. Anonymous Member

    Im new here. Taking the time to re-evaluate what I thought I what is more real. Im beginning to understand that Most of what I knew was basically BS, and the more i read on these sights which push me to do my homework in a more depth manner...the more I understand this cause. Im not in the USA and I dont see much of the church of scientology here so I was totally ignorant to the subject, but im learning. I dont think they are big here because they dont get that "tax" break here. im sure they are pushing for it though. Im a shit disturber if provoked to be..but ill try to harness that shit. I dont mean to offend anyone..just here learning more..
  11. Anonymous Member

    wow just like a bott
  12. Anonymous Member

    ^wow just like a butt!^
  13. Pique Member

    Welcome new people. Please have a read through the stickied threads in the New Member Area.
    Also remember the NMA isn't for trolling.
  14. TechNephilim Member

    Hello friends,

    I am TechNephilim, I am not much of a hacker. But for now I am concentrating on research to find out what the anatomy of the game is that is being played on this planet. Hopefully I can find more information through this forum so I can paint a complete picture. What happens after that I will find out as I go.

    I hope you can help in my journey.

    Grtz TN
  15. Anonymous Member

    That's convenient, because WWP does not allow illegal activity.
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  16. TrippyPhreak Member

    Hey guys trippyphreak here just joined im willing to do anything i can in order to help the cause specifically anonymous type deals im a big supporter of palestine ironically i recently moved to a basically all jewish town i have nothing against jewish people but i do hate zionism and the war crimes of israel nevertheless if theres any big protests near chicago id love to help
  17. anonymous612 Member

    What cause? You just missed the Chicago anti-Scientology anons' protest, but I'm sure they'll have another soon:

    As for Occupy or whatever the heck else...I have no idea. I've never seen any non-Chanology Chicago anon on WWP, but you're welcome to look for yourself, of course.
  18. Bilderbob Member

    I think Scientology = Anonymous = the CIA, and that Occupy is a domestic spying program. As for Iran, I remember when the hostages were freed my mother cried because she thought her Catholic prayers had been answered. (Guess how I was raised…)

    Can I have my federal taxes back, please? I want every cent plus interest...

    Thanks far in advance.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Sure! We've done the sums and netted off the benefits you get from society.

    It turns out you owe us $17123.31.

    Please make payment via the 'donate here' button.
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  20. roboanon Member

    Hey all,
    Roboanon here from the philadelphia area. Love your work and hate the scientology cult, can't wait to do anything possible to help plan, protest, and generally disrupte their daily activity.
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  21. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Welcome roboanon. Feel free to ask questions here.
  22. Caprise Member

    Much luv and appriciation to the Anons out there females and males! Thank you all so much for standing up for the people's rights. Do you know to some you are an answered prayer, because you are brave enough to be a curse to the wicked? May God protect all the truth speakers and freedom fighters! Xx
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  23. Pique Member

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  24. the_mana Member

    Hi there,

    my name is Roman. I'm an acting-student from Germany. I'm working together with the theatre of Bochum ( on a play that's called "Children of the Revolution".
    Basicly it's about forms of Protest that my generation brought up in the last years.
    I would very much like to research and work with forms of protest in the "world wide web".
    Anonymous is for me a very important movement and I would like to get in contact with you guys.

    For my research I need someone who is willing to write or talk with me about the movement, protests and whatever is important to him/her. These interviews will in some way be part of the drama-text. it will be 100% anonym and there will be no names or personal stuff, if you don't want to.
    The play will be played from apil 2013 in Bochum and Germany and I would be very happy, if anonymous will be part of it.

    you can contact me by mail:
    FB: Roman Pertl
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  25. Pique Member

    You just have.

    You might want to consider starting a thread and asking some questions. Also lurking the forums to gain insight as to how things roll at WWP might be an idea.

    Please understand that folks around here may be reluctant, advisedly so, to respond to your request to contact them. This is an open forum, anyone can join, and it has a long history of people working hard to protect their anonymity.

    Also please note there is a German subforum

    But welcome newguy. Good luck with your project.
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  26. the_mana Member

  27. tomahawk Member

    Hello. I am tomahawk. I'm so very excited to have found whyweprotest and to be part of such a wonderful community. Now I am going to start a cell.
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  28. Caprise Member

    Well if people were just a little more in tune with good ole mother nature and were comfortable as they were born naked... I'd be so dandy!! (It's a joke dude! Don't growl, giggle!) :D Like this. (demonstrates for you)
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  29. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    *cracks knuckles and curses loudly microseconds after that due to tendinitis*

    Welcome and glad to hear of the good that has been done.

    Welcome and feel free to post your upcoming cell in the Planning Area to help gain interest and members.

    Welcome mana. Please understand that posting your email, no matter how disposable it is, isn't a smart move around here. There is no telling who is going to view it and what they'll do with it. So, smart move is to ask and give that out via private message (PM) if/when you can trust who you are talking to.

    As for the rest: Feel free to start a thread in the Off-Topics Area and explain what you like to do. However, understand that WWP and Chanology is very protective of their off-line real world identities for good reason. So don't expect a warm reception if you ask for personal info. Also you may get the usual trolling/NYPA responses, so go into it knowing there could be negative backlash.

    If you all have any further questions, feel free to ask in the Still Got Questions? part of the New Members Area.
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  30. tomahawk Member

    Thank you...working on it now.
  31. NONGEEK Member

    Hello my name is NONGEEK, I´m from México, and I'm glad te be part of ANONYMOUS, I hope I get int touch with lots Anons from everywhere, specially from México and America Latina. Saludos
  32. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Welcome Non. You can check the Planning area to see what is going on in the Central America area and any branches in your location.
  33. Anonymous Member

    : (
  34. Syndicate Member

    Hi im Syndicate from London UK. Im new to this. Want to find some groups around here which i can get in contact with. Give me shout, would appreciate your help and support. Cheers
  35. Hi, I have been having some serious thoughts about the system we have created for ourselves, and the more I see the assaults taking place everyday on our Freedom the more I am gravitating towards activism. You can read my thoughts and let me know wat u think
  36. Hello,

    I am a new member, not a hacker, but a protester=)
    We need help for our innocent friend in jail.
    He didn't do anything, but he is in jail, because he went on a protest (he is accused of throwing stones, what he didn't do)

    Can you please sign a petition to release innocent protesters from jail. Among them is also our friend, who is really not guilty and we want to help him.

    Probably we won't reach anything with this petition, but at least boys and government will see that we've got a support from all over the world.

    Thank you, greatings. And please share if possible.
  37. Sonichu Moderator

    Welcome to the forums! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the "Still got Questions" thread.
  38. hello every1! i learned of anonymous through the protest against wbc months ago. since then i have spent all day everyday watching their videos and passing the message along to those around me. if i can be of any use to anonymous COUNT ME IN! you have my full suppor as well as my loyalty

  39. bass_man131 Member

    Whats up people, new here but looking to get some stuff started in Kentucky
  40. Aahz Member

    Hi just a man looking to help and make a difrince thanks
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