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Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by OpCorporatism, Jul 31, 2015.

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  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The part about Corporate whores- gold.
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  4. OpCorporatism Member

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  5. ZiggyStardust Member

    I seriously hope we have a better plan to stop this than "send them a bunch of faxes and emails."

    Do you think Feinstein is gonna be like..."OMG, the fax machine ran out of paper again, we have to rethink this!!!"
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  6. BrainStorm Member

    lol nice video! :) its about time anons act on these treaties.
  7. why would you think this is new to anonymous?
  8. John Duff Member

    Still better than doing nothing.
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  9. DARKSlDE Member

    Since when are hackers doing fax ddos? lol
  10. At my work we have a fax, a stagaire girl heared it beginning to produce a fax, She was all exited: "Ooh a paper e-mail" she said
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  11. Anon616 Member

    The funny part about this is the fact Corporations are created to benefit that of us in their so called slogans of, "For the customers".
    The amazing truth behind that crock of crap lie is the blatant and obvious fact their creation is a conspire coup d' etat from 'other forces'. It is a mix of enslavement and financial growth in the most desperate of matters. Taking away that, the only benefit they have is being able to fall back on a easy to get job for minimum pay. But what they are our foods, our products apparently designed for us. It is lies, false propaganda and disgusting to the human body when you dig deeper into whats being put inside you every time you munch out, wash your hair, brush your teeth, if you have glasses, take the contacts from your eyes and put it into a chemical you think does you favours. Thirsty? Go drink a water bottle that is purportedly being laced with hormones and other rotten elements. You'll never even know it...

    We as people have to support this? We give them their free go on us. They being subservent to their masters, the heads of these companies reap from you the riches as well as the quality of your life. Slowly milking you for everything of your soul.
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  12. John Duff Member

    I've been thinking about this idea of the "fax machine that's running out of paper". The idea that keeps coming back is this one :

    The problem is not that evil corporations try to sell us stuff.
    The problem is that we, as consumers, actually buy these things, therefore encouraging their stupid behaviour.

    We can't take down these corporations, they have power (money). If we directly attack them, we can just barely scratch them.
    What we can do instead is spread informations so the customers don't buy their products anymore ("See what they did ? That's bad, let's not buy their stuff anymore !").

    How long can a big company survive without people buying their products ?
    IMO, not long.
    UNLESS they decide to change their behaviour. :)

    After this, you've either got a dead corporation, or a still giant corporation that has learned not to f*** with their consumers.
    They still have power and money, but they don't use it for evil anymore.

    This would benefit to everyone : happy consumers, and a very nice mediatic buzz for the corporation ("See what they did ? That's good, let's buy their stuff !").
    If we efficiently share the right informations, a big evil corporation can be transformed in a jumbo-sized unicorn of love in no time.

    The only problems left are :
    • What informations we have to share in order to achieve this
    • How to efficiently share these informations : to whom ? where ? when ? which media ? in what manner (satyrical, informative, shocking ...) ?
    I feel that we already have the first problem under control : we know what's wrong with some corporations, we know the message we want to spread.

    Problem is, I feel that we don't share it efficiently.
    For example : people have been fighting Scientology for years. Only our number allowed us to get some nice results. However, when Going Clear came out, it had a huge impact even if this documentary has been produced by "only" a small number of people.
    Why not make our actions have the same impact as Going Clear ?

    I know you knew this already, I just wanted to write it down somewhere.
  13. Anon616 Member

    The issue with that, is those Corportations would just find a way to hide what they are doing even better. I got to admit, there was a time in my life, after I was set up by Penticton RCMP, BC Corrections and the Crown Counsel, that I was forced to leave British Columbia. Had to do with charges I never even committed, Pled Not Guilty but was forced to Plea Guilty because of Crown Counsel interference, and threatening my Ex GF to lie in Court about me not doin anything AND calling Multiple Police Witnesses that didnt even exist at the scene of the crime they made up. I gave up after Two Trials and smelt a rat, so talked with the prosecuter then After takin the other plea, got put with a Probation Officer who royally screwed me around on purpose, issued a warrant a month or so before I was even told, then one day followed by the Police to the Town's Greyhound station, told a message from their station, leave the province or we will kill you.
    Wound up in Calgary with 100 dollars to live off of and was Homeless. Now, I had to live off of Fast Food basically for months and Months. Because it was cheap and affordable.
    Its about the only thing I can give any credit to the Corporations. Cheap good Food when its desperately needed, but that food alone is grounds to kill you. Slowly...eventually.
    Then again the Crown is a Corporation...and they single handedly purported the entire fabricate slew of charges and not to mention the 3 years of Harassment over An Assault Charge never even committed and despite evidence.
    SO RULE IS...FUCK THE CORPORATE BASTARDS and send these pricks straight to Hell! enforcement into rodeo/10318475/story.html
  14. Ogsonofgroo Member

  15. Anon616 Member

    Yeah, its the same cops. Different town run by same Lt. The hilarious part was those came out all over Canada a year ago but they are still runnin people out of the Valley. The Media is silenced. They have meshed up a bizarre system of profiling which includes people in the town working with them, people workin in the Hospitals, the Lawyers too. Anyone who doesnt comply is targeted with gangstalking. I contacted many of those people and we all managed to share the exact same story. Those who were falsely charged of course. The main family, the laybournes lived up the street where I used to live in that town. Odd thing is...I use to watch the police watch them. Creepy eh?
    Good news is, is I have the Security Audio of my ex "Probation Officer" admitting Im being targeted by cops, the Victim I apparently assaulted admitting the truth of the matter and how they forced her. AND a Video of the Cops watchin me at my house the day they told me GTFO of BC.
    So anybody who says we got it easy up in Canada, need to check out the hidden rural areas nobody barely hears of :D
  16. Anon616 Member

    On a different Note, There is something creepy and twistedly perverted about Corporations. I cant place a finger, but look at Walt Disney. Or Mcdinks. They serve Cardboard cooked up together to the masses placating itself as edible food!

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