New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Bob Loblaw, May 24, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    this is great news psychout

    is it bad I want to join you on your couch?
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Wasn't complaining. It sounds great. and is your party ;)

    Im just glad that information is getting out that is what is important. Anons never felt that they where the important part and want to focus attn on the issues, but I do think it is important to have an ex. If not pooks, maybe xenubarb, one of the exscnkids or ??? If you want an Anon maybe try Hubbard Telescope she seems informed and I don't think she has any ties to the cult other than thru chanology.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    exOT8michael haz my vote for the ex!
  4. psychoutcults Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Thanks! I knew you weren't complaining. I just had to give you a hard time.

    I was serious about bringing one of my (young adult) kids to balance out the group. She's intelligent, articulate, pretty, and funny. What's not to love?

    Although Anons have rightly focused on getting information out rather than their own aggrandizement, I think the whole Anonymous phenomenon is fascinating, and could only have come about at this time in history. I know that other psychs will want to hear about you.
  5. psychoutcults Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Pooks says yes!

    The group so far: WBM, Dr. Stotland, MoarXenu, Pooks, me, possibly my daughter. I'm still waiting for one more person to respond.
  6. Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    I may be your man; an ex$cientologist, one of the earliest Clears and OTs, studied and audited in England in the 60's - then St. Hill Briefing Course at Los Angeles in the 70's. I once lectured on $cien. to psych. students at Stanford. Throughout my bumpy $cien. years I staunchly refused to surrender relationship with three dear psych friends (one was something of star in that world) I'm a strong supporter of Anonymous and have picketed on two occasions. I'm conversant with P/P. However, I'm very much a senior, and can't fulfull your desire for a caek and lulz dancer.
  7. Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Oh lawd, breaking out the fat channers?

    This can only end in AWESOME.
  8. mrfyde Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    I was thinking of him but thought that he once had a lawsuit against the cult and thought that might hurt his credibility. (to outsiders not to me) And I don't see any hard core Sea Org represented yet.
  9. Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    This type of question is why we have ESMB.
  10. mrfyde Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    I could take that so many ways.
  11. Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Let's hope some of them involve a midget, a pound of axle grease, a drum kit, and a horse.
  12. mrfyde Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Throw in a "slip n' slide" and you guessed all of them.

  13. psychoutcults Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    It's official. Pooks is our ex-sci.

    BUT... I can guarantee that having a lawsuit against the CoS wouldn't hurt Michael's credibility to psychs. The life consequences of years in the CoS, followed by fair gaming, are worth at least ten lawsuits.
  14. zebrafaced Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Waiting for epic raid.
  15. Bob Loblaw Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    I'm of the opinion that a diversity of people on the panel would be of benefit. The only critical notion would be that we have to be aware of the importance of self-regulation on answers, i.e., respond briefly, but actively invite more questions.

    It's easy to start over-explaining a point--something that many Anons could easily fall into doing. Given the demographic (psychiatrists), a dialectical approach may possibly resonate best with the attendees.

    We had some excellent discussions with APA 2009 attendees -- no reason to think that we can't continue it.
  16. pooks Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010


    I'll be happy to do it. I've already given two seminars to the APA, along with another Ex and and an OG with awesome credentials. I'm not going to name them as I don't have their permission to and at that time it was discussed that it was probably not a good idea to promote the fact that we gave the seminar to the APA as Scn might go nuclear on us.

    As it stands now, I don't think Scn can go nuclear on anyone, so I'll tell you that the past
    two APA seminars we gave had very tight security as the APA people didn't want Scilons distrupting the meetings.

    We weren't even listed on the APA schedule, but were by invitation only from the APA president.

    Our presentation consisted of :

    1. EX member telling his story.
    2. My presentation of how Scn views psychiatry and how the Scn indoctrination works.
    3. A more scholarly/interesting/funny presentation on Scn.
    4. Information on Scn ties to politicians and their attempts to pass anti psych laws and what they should do about it.

    We then had a rather long Q and A session.

    Speaking to a room full of psychs was the ultimate surreal experience for me. I went from being a long term, hard-core, die-hard, kick in the teeth, Stupid Cult Moron, to a
    hard core critics of Scn lecturing to the "evil psychs".

    It was to say the least, a fucking blast.

    One of the things that really made me laugh is that after years of hearing and reading all the Scn's shit about evil psychs and their global conspiracy to destroy Scn, I came to realize that the psychs had absolutely no interest in Scn, and only became interested when Tom Cruise started in with all his Scn nonsense and then of course, the release of the TC video really made them even more interested.

    Anywayz, I'll be happy to help on this project. Freaky, I hope you have room on your couch in the basement :)

    Also I've always wanted to post this dox. I removed all the numbers at the bottom so Scn wouldn't have the info.

    This makes me a very evil SP in the eyes of the Scilons. LOL!

    Eat shit Davey.

  17. psychoutcults Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Pooks! I love that last item!

    I am sooooooo happy that you'll be doing this. I've already started working on abstracts for the submission.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010


    pooks has the fucking DOX!!

    fuck that's hilarious
  19. psychoutcults Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    I'm really glad you were involved, but I'm disappointed that the APA kept everything under wraps. It was only recently that I realized that the APA has been quietly educating a few key people for the last couple of years. The sad thing about doing it by invitation only is that a lot of people (like me) never even found out about it. Just under 20,000 people attend each annual meeting. I wonder how many people even knew about the invitation only meetings?

    I'm in private practice, not in academic medicine, so I'm totally out of the loop. For a couple of years, I'd been looking for official APA position statements on the CoS, and for any evidence that APA leadership was even thinking about the situation. I found nothing. The reason I decided to try to do this symposium was that information about scientology was so sorely lacking for the average member.

    EDIT: I can't forget Dr. Stotland! She is the first APA official that I have heard speak out about the CoS. I was really pleased that she made public statements.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Feb 08 I went looking for an official APA response to scientology....ya right

    only reference I could find on their site slide 28 of a PP with a link


    I've actually been using that as a talking point, ie 'surely us guys here can do better than this' when doing IRL info dissemination with, well, some people somewhere lol

    glad to hear the APA has been acting behind the scenes, kudos to coming out of the closet even if only halfway so far..and kudos to Empress Stotland :)
  21. Anonymous Member

  22. moarxenu Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    This is really exciting. Since the rise of Anon in January 2008, none of the medical and mental health professions can have their heads in the sand any more. They now have an army of over 9,000 anons so they don't have to be afraid of being fair gamed.

    Their inaction is getting to be embarassing. Anon is pwning CCHR everywhere it shows up, and the health professionals are silent. They all need to issue statements strongly condemning Scientology's medical and psychiatric malpractice so we and they can warn communities when they show up.

    The American Journal of Nursing is running an ad in the July 2009 issue. How did that happen? It is a direct affront to psychatric nurses everywhere. I encourage every one here, esp pooks and psychoutcults to harpoon the AJN and cc Dr. Stotland.

    See the Nurses: contact me thread (first two pages are nurse pr0n trolling, substance starts around page three)

    Besides nurses, there are also psychologists, who are the greatest population that deasl with the damage of Scientology because exes and disconnected family and friends show up in therapy, and I suspect more will be as they come out of fear and hiding. Anyone know therapists going to the American Psychological Association convention in Toronto Aug 6 - 9?
  23. mrfyde Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Yo Dave, I hear you don't like SP's or Psychs. So I thought I'd put an SP in the middle of a bunch of Psychs so you can worry about the psychs listening to the SP's while you are freaking out about the psychs.
  24. HellRazor Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Pooks, Psychoutcults, Moarxenu: I'd love to help by contributing powerpoint slides.

    I thought that presenters/speakers don't have to pay the conference fee?

    Also, there was a CoS/CCHR video which interviews psychs: In it, I think they ask psychs if there is a blood test for psychiatric diseases. That would be a good intro to CCHR's arguments and "logic". (The video was taken in Toronto.)
  25. psychoutcults Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Yes! PP good!

    No! Video bad! I saw that video as soon as it popped up on YouTube, and was so frustrated. These psychiatrists were trying to be informative and helpful, and they got screwed.

    BTW, here's my answer to the blood test question:

    No, we don't have a blood test or imaging study to diagnose mental illnesses ... yet. But it is completely ridiculous to say an illness doesn't exist because we don't have a blood test for it. Two hundred years ago we didn't have blood tests for the black plague and smallpox, but millions of people died from those illnesses through the millennia. Now that we can diagnose those illnesses with blood tests, does that mean they just popped into existence?

    Furthermore, a medical diagnosis is made on the basis of a patient's history and examination, and labs/imaging studies are there for confirmation or to add more information. That goes for orthopedic surgeons as well as psychiatrists. Can you see a a car wreck victim going into an ER with his fractured tibia poking through a rip in his blood-soaked blue jeans, and the doc says, "Wait! We need an x-ray to make sure his leg is really broken!"

    Edit: And I have Puck to thank for this snarky comeback in true scilon style: "Show me the blood test to prove you have millions of alien parasitic ghosts attached to your soul."

    Second Edit: As much as it makes me cringe, I'm planning to show the video, just to demonstrate what happens to well-meaning people when the scilons are involved.

    Third Edit: I think the conference fee is covered only for the day of the presentation.
  26. pooks Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    There was some definite paranoia on the APA's part, but I think we can advise them on security and have an open meeting this time.

    Dr. Stotland is an amazing woman. I really appreciated what she did and when she spoke during the Q and A period she made some remarks that made me believe that she really understood the Scn situation.
  27. pooks Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Here's a link to my pp. It was the first pp I ever did and as you can see it's quite amateurish.

    I have no skillz when it comes to this stuff. If you'd like to have fun and clean it all up for me that would be wonderful.

    I can't really work much on this project until after the summer is over as I have way to many projects going right now as well as the fact that it's summer and I want to spend it out side rather than in the house.



  28. xenubarb Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    That's 'Empress Stotland', buddy!

  29. HellRazor Member

  30. Graham Berry Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Brilliant suggestion and opportunity, time for preparation and planning, and maybe we could stage some seminars of our own and invite some of the APA members to attend.
  31. moarxenu Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    This has possibilities. How about a Southland Megaraid? Since it looks like anons are going to be out in force, it might be good to have something outside the event we can invite local healthcare professionals to educate them about the true harms of Scientology, particularly CCHR, Narconon, Criminon, and the Natl Foundation for women legislators.

    I hope the scilons show up. Maybe we will have to taunt them into coming - fail shattering of suppression if they don't show up etc.
  32. Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Sounds like fun.

    Always wanted to visit The Big Easy myself. ;)

    And if I'm not mistaken the APA's "own little hate group", which is scientology's anti-psychiatry, mouth-foamers the CCHR, show up at every annual APA convention and make a scene.
  33. psychoutcults Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Interesting! Maybe something at Tulane?
  34. psychoutcults Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Maybe Anonymous could do a really good parody with "Scientology: Industry of Death".

    Edit: or something ruder like industry of goofballs, or funny like industry of lulz, or serious like industry of repression.
  35. HellRazor Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Scientology: an Industry of Debt.
  36. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Free personality test: $free
    Getting sucked into greedy cult: $?????
    Speaker's fee for ex-Scientologist: $600
    Hearing California terror midget have nervous breakdown while >9000 Anons giggle: priceless

    Don't forget there will be Anons there. I hear he <3 <3 those.
  37. mrfyde Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Are you talking about having something like a free seminar to raise awareness of Scientology, that may feature an "ex" or an Anon, and a psych in various cites ? For example in libraries and/ or after dinner type events for some sort of group ? Ex: local psychs or skeptics group or something ?
  38. psychoutcults Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    Perfect! I love it! Maybe it could grow into a traveling protest/seminar wherever the Industry of Death "museum" goes.

    For mrfyde:

    I think we're discussing a few different things here:
    1) A big Anonymous turnout to counterprotest at the APA Annual Meeting,
    2) The (serious) symposium I want to give at the meeting,
    3) Seminars that could be offered to locals in New Orleans at the same time, and
    4) Later, giving seminars in other cities, too

    Does this sound right?
  39. mrfyde Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    I think it sounds great if you can get it done. One thing to think about If APA is going to be involved they might not want to send a rep to talk directly against Scn. But address the misconceptions that are promoted by groups such as CCHR. Then have someone who has actually lived the experience talk about their experiences in Scn.
  40. TinyDancer Member

    Re: New Orleans, LA: APA 2010

    I LOVE what you are doing. You are going to inform so many psychiatrists and that will benefit both their (your) patients and, ultimately, public policy too.

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