New Press Releases: TomKat

Discussion in 'Translation and Text Composition Projects' started by Consensus, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. Anonymous SP Member

    Re: New Press Releases: TomKat

    All right, this looks good. Do we have a contact list? Obviously we'd want this to get to her publicist, who else? Her hometown newspaper, perhaps?
  2. Anonymouse Member

    Re: New Press Releases: TomKat

    We need to ask VictoireFlamel if he can help. Since's he's got a presshat, he might be able to get to people we can't.

    And by ALL MEANS, we need to try and get it to every internet AND paper tabloid we can. The mainstream media doesn't cover much about Tom Cruise and Scientology, but the tabs sure do! I counted four just in the grocery store last night running stories about TomKat... Think "People", "OK", "InTouch", etc.

    Also, if we get a contact, we could try for and other such.

    I know they're tabloids, yes, but MILLIONS of people pay CLOSE attention to tabloids. That's publicity Anonymous can't discriminate against.
  3. Consensus Member

    Re: New Press Releases: TomKat

    Latest version of this press release follows. Please disseminate. Specific targets include any celeb gossip blogs, magazines that seem likely to cover the story, media and journalists that cover celebrities, tabloids, etc. This will likely go out to our massive list once we're done sending the 'scientology faces trouble worldwide' press release, but that may take a day or two. (if you prefer an earlier version, or want to do a few edits yourself before sending it out, that's fine.)

  4. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: New Press Releases: TomKat

    we will back you back you up

  5. Consensus Member

    Re: New Press Releases: TomKat

    oh shi!

    fx'd. Dunno how that snuck in there... it wasn't in earlier drafts...
  6. JCDentonAU Member

    Re: New Press Releases: TomKat

    Read the press release, we approve of the content.
  7. Bollerhat Member

    Re: New Press Releases: TomKat

    according to intouch she may be leaving him. hopefully she gets to keep suri. and if that happens then tom looses his messiah
  8. Orz Member

    Re: New Press Releases: TomKat

    Ugh, this is too late, but better late than never.

    "During her indoctrination into the cult, Katie Holmes has undergone many hours of auditing, a process vaguely similar to confession in Catholicism."


    "[...]Katie Holmes had undergone many hours[...]"

    Her indoctrination was in the past, and I'm pretty sure the main verb of the sentence should be in past tense to reflect this.

    "Anonymous pledges that, if she chooses to leave, we will publicize any Fair Game tactics employed against her. We will rally behind her."


    "[...]Fair Game tactics employed against her; we will rally behind her."

    I think that there has to be a better way to handle that little sentence at the end. It's a bit short and choppy the way it originally is, but using a semicolon just pronounces what feels to be an odd logical placing of the sentence.

    I'm thinking that: "We will rally behind her; we will publicize any Fair Game tactics employed against her." would be a better alternative.

    "[...]we understand the methods by which the Church of Scientology hijacks the minds of those who have not been inoculated."

    This sounds like "we know how they operate, and we can do the same" to me rather than "we empathize with those who are caught in their brutal and inhumane schemes."

    It feels that way to me mostly because of "we understand the methods", which has more of a 'we can do what you can do' connotation than a 'we know your tricks' meaning.

    My suggestion is to reword it that so it's something more like this:
    "[...]we have uncovered the methods by which the Church of Scientology hijacks the minds of those who have not been inoculated. This inoculation is information, awareness of what is could, would, and has been happening, and not the kind spoonfed specially-prepared from superiors."
  9. Mousey Member

    Re: New Press Releases: TomKat

    I chose underwent instead of had undergone because I feel it flows better. Had undergone is the past participle, so it can be read to imply that she isn't getting auditing anymore. It could also be mixed up a bit too, like so:
    Since the explanation of auditing is a parenthetical remark, it should be in parentheses.

    No big deal, and uh if I made in errors it's late and I'm not at home where my grammar nazi books are. Also, it's not like this matters anymore exept for a fun exercise.
  10. Anonymouse Member

    Re: New Press Releases: TomKat


    Hey guys! I read this week's "In Touch" last night, because of the cover story about Tom and Katie's "trial seperation". I just wanted to see what they were saying.

    A load of it was tabloid crap. "Close personal friends" said this, "we have a source close to the Cruises" that said that...

    One thing struck out at me, and needs to be taken into consideration for how quickly we can *do* something.

    From the article in "In Touch": "The tug of love over Suri seems to have intensified during recent weeks. In fact, Katie hasn't been seen much because she's been being "audited" (a form of personal spiritual counseling) at Gold Base, the supersecret Scientology HQ in Hemet, CA. Meanwhile, Tom, a devout Scientologist, has been seen out and about with his daughter, even taking her to business meetings."

    So Katie's been at Gold Base for weeks being "audited". That in itself is bad enough news, if true. That could mean that she really is wanting to leave, and they are trying to force her into staying. The rest of the bad news is the second part of the quote. Katie's gone....Tom's taking major pains to be seen by *everyone* with Suri... Has he already received some kind of disconnection order? Or is he just already trying to build a case as the better parent?

    One thing is for sure; the Scis and Tom won't let Katie go. They won't, can't afford to let their perfect little poster family break up. So they'll keep Katie locked away. We can't let this happen...for her sake, Suri's sake, and, last but not least, the epic win that would come from Scientology's perfect little unit breaking apart because Katie wants out of the cult.

    Thoughts? Ideas??

    As a whole, IT's article was very pro-Katie and anti-Tom. I think we should somehow contact them.

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