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Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. A group of Dutch students and academics is setting up a project to encourage organisations to allow their computer servers to be used as proxy servers for people in Iran to get round Iranian restrictions.

    "Since it is summer a lot of businesses and institutions like universities have their servers running at well beneath their normal capacity. This means that they have ample bandwidth," emails David Suurland, one of the organisers of I Proxy Iran.

    He adds: "It costs next to nothing to do and requires little effort but is of tremendous importance for the Iranians capability to organize themselves without the fear of detection.

    "We have our ways of distributing the resulting anonymous proxy addresses to the people involved."
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  2. the site will be updated shortly,

    national coverage in friday's largest newspapers uriging all dutch instiutions, corporations and universities to donate server time.
  3. umm hmm error

    error with squid

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    2009/06/24 22:37:43| parseConfigFile: squid.conf:431 unrecognized: '192.0/19'

    abnormal program termination

  4. Thank you from Iran

    We in Iran are fighting the Islamic Dictatorship, and the radical Islam. We thank our friends in Netherland in extending their help to us, the freedom fighters in our beloved land in Iran. Thank you Holland.

    With Love from Tehran
  5. hangerhead Member

    any updates?

    I have friends in Iran I could be sending details to...
  6. Hi meh better alternative: ProxyUg !
  7. Hi folks proxyug is back :)

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