New Scientology Pittsburgh City Office

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  1. New Scientology Pittsburgh City Office.

    From Mike Rinder's Thursday Funnies.


    The address, 416 Anthony Street, Carnegie, PA, is also the registered address of Global Environmental Management, Inc., and Global Environmental Management (not incorporated) dba Allegheny Global Environmental, Inc. (formerly Allegheny Asbestos Analysis, Inc.).

    Lavina Seiler is the President and Treasurer of Global Environmental Management, Inc. Tammy I. Seiler is the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary of Allegheny Global Environmental, Inc. (formerly Allegheny Asbestos Analysis, Inc.). A Marie Seiler has a Scientology homepage:
    . I do not know if either Lavina Seiler or Tammy I. Seiler is related to Marie Seiler.

    Google Street View has an October 2012 image capture of the premises at 416 Anthony Street, Carnegie, PA:

  2. anoninoob Member

    ahhhh, they have a new "Office". Such a grand location for such a metropolitan city... **derp**

  3. Hmmm..
  4. pedrofcuk Member

    Scientology has returned to Pittsburgh with the opening of its new city office located at located at 416 Anthony St. in the borough of Carnegie, supported entirely by staff from the Church of Scientology of Cincinnati, after their office in the city’s Southside neighborhood closed down around 2009. This was the office that we had been unwittingly recruited through in 2003 as told in our blog series “That Time I Did Scientology“.

    The office had struggled with financing and staffing for years, particularly as their primary backer, the Church of Scientology of Cincinnati in Ohio, focused their efforts on renovating their new location in Cincinnati, which finally opened in February of 2012.

    Pittsburgh is not new territory for the religion, which has seen “City Offices” or “Missions” financed and supported by at least two different churches over the past few decades, namely the Church of Scientology of Buffalo in New York and, most prominently, from the Church of Scientology of Cincinnati.

    Clyde Batton, a staff member of the Church of Scientology of Cincinnati, which changed its name to the Church of Scientology of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky after their move across state lines in 2012, has been named the “City Office I/C” or “In-Charge” and is acting as the Branch Manager for the new office in Carnegie.

    Despite essentially being a start-up, Google Maps is already showing the location of the church under the name of “Church of Scientology Pittsburgh” indicating once again the church’s intent to eventually produce a full-fledged church in the area.
  5. Quentinanon Member

    The scientology crime syndicate moved out of Cincinnati because of the high property values compared to Florence, KY, right across the Ohio River. Florence is also politically conservative compared to more left of center Cincinnati. The city office in Carnegie will do little to recruit new dupes, but will serve mainly as an OSA outpost to keep tabs on David Touretzky and Chuck Beatty. City Offices have always been a sham to "get stats up" but are unsustainable. Inevitably, they always close because they suck money.
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  6. Where do you get your information? I grew up in Cincinnati (born there in 1966, left in 2012), and I suggest it is quite conservative. When Robert Mapplethorpe's art exhibit came to town, we arrested people (I think this was the exhibit with Mr. Serrano's 'Piss Christ'). We only have a casino (the evil sin of gambling) because the pro-casino lobbyists repeatedly put statewide issues on the ballot to amend the state's Constitution (they were not going to take "no" for an answer).

    I'm definitely in favor of CO$ throwing their money away on "city offices". It's kind of ironic that CO$ tries to "find the ruin" in their parishioners, but they can't see their own ruin in their declining membership, finances and the "tech" that can't be adapted to today's reality.
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  7. Quentinanon Member

    I was not aware of the attacks on Mapplethorpe's exhibit in Cinci. Wow.

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