New (translation of) docs - Expert opinion on Narconon

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by MongoLloyd, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. MongoLloyd Member

    New (translation of) docs - Expert opinion on Narconon

    This is a Swedish expert opinion on Narconon, produced for Nässjö municipality in Sweden, who in 2004 appealed the decision of the County Administrative Board (for the Småland region) to grant Narconon a permit to run a treatment center. The appeal was successful. The original is a public document and may be distributed freely. Permission is given to distribute this translation freely as well. I included the original text in the pdf too..

    You guys can get it here:

    It's fairly short and to-the-point. I guess about half of it isn't too useful, stuff that's related to Swedish laws or particular to the specific permit application (although one can assume other Narconon permit apps have similar deficiencies). But the other half is more general criticism against Narconon and certainly good stuff!

    Tell me if anyone finds any errors/typos/strange translations.
  2. YDuz5 Member

    Re: New (translation of) docs - Expert opinion on Narconon

    Thank you for this - NarCONon needs to be exposed,IMHO, for what it is.

    Kim P

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