NEW Twitter hashtag for Independent Scientology - #ScientologyOTC (Outside the Church)

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by CommunicatorIC, Jan 9, 2017.

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  1. Zak McKracken Member

    I would agree with everything except the modifier "rogue", and various spelling errors that the Tech couldn't fix.
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  2. BLiP Member

    How very Theta . . .

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  3. Zak McKracken Member

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  4. RightOn Member

    moar like hashtag continuethemindfuck
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  5. Indies all blame David Miscavige and not the true abusive leader L. Ron Hubbard who created Fair-Game, disconnection, RPF labor camps, EPF Children's labor camps, medically dangerous purification rundown with toxic vitamin concoctions and the Introspection rundown that killed Lisa Mcpherson. Hubbard, not Miscavige is the true villain, DM is simply a worst case product of Hubbard's mindfuck following LRH abusive policies.

    Independent Scientologists at this L. Ron Hubbard loving group of Scientolopedia are trying to cash in once again at the expense of recent ex-Scientologists who have already been victimized by this mind controlling scam for decades by offering them more of the same insane processing for sale.

    It's not just the Scientologists who have been victimized. Family members, former friends and many more have suffered also. Scientologists OTC (outside the church) is a sad joke. These vultures at Scientolopedia and several other scamming Independent frauds are preying on very vulnerable, susceptible recent exes who deserve some time away from LRH's mind-numbing processing not more of it for sale. This is Fraud!

    Fraud is and always has been rampant, a vast majority of everyday Scientologists have committed fraud by lying on credit applications about the purpose of the loans to pay the outrageous cost of processing.

    Scientology orgs simply charge people's cards in advance for future courses without approval. This has been going on forever and continuing, The total number crimes perpetrated by WISE businesses, Narconon, CCHR and other front groups is astounding.

    Scientolopedia is selling LRH horseshit that does not work and never has, there has never been a Clear, not 1, not ever. Scientolopedia and Independent Scientologists making money off of Hubbard's fraud should all be arrested for fraud, imho.
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  6. Zak McKracken Member

    LRH may be the "true villain" but he is beyond prosecution and is outside the law (as intended).
    DM may be a victim and a lower-level accomplice, but he is not outside the law, and he, unlike LRH is liable to prosecution and recompensation to other, more serious victims.

    He is a wart.
    However the statue of limitation has not yet run out on his crimes against humanity.
    The courts of Target Two alone will have to judge elron.
    (and the teegeeack court of public opinion)
  7. ,

    Don't get me wrong, David Miscavige is a complete scumbag and responsible for all kinds of brutal abuses. They're both monsters in my book. My problem is with the phony 'Independent' Scientologists who try to place all the blame of Scientology abuses on David Miscavige. This Independent scam is unconscionable and they've all been out long enough to have googled Hubbard and now are fully aware of his abusive 'Tech' and still try to sell it for their own benefit.

    'Independent' Scientology frauds portray LRH in a good light and talk about the good old days before DM took over. These abuses have been going on since the beginning, Hubbard's scam has been rotten to the core always. They're still selling the insane processing of LRH that is so dangerous on the premise that Miscavige is to blame for everything that's gone horribly wrong.

    I'm not saying try and prosecute Hubbard, lol. I'm saying try and prosecute all the frauds including 'Independents' selling this garbage including the number 1 target David Miscavige.
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