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    New website:

    Some of you may remember Carly Crutchfield from this Today Tonight expose:

    (big thread:

    Well the rot goes a lot deeper then whats mentioned there and Carly has scammed quite a bit more then your typical ISA reg.
    A number of people have seen fit to launch this new website to expose and warn others about Carly Crutchfield and CCORP.

    From the website:

    The website:

    Carly Crutchfield Exposed - Beware of Carly Crutchfield and CCorp

    If you have known Carly you might like to contribute to the site.

    Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with the site, just passing the message on.
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    Re: New website:

    Well now, that is certainly blunt. I have a feeling someone might be getting sued, in England.
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    Re: New website: these story's are in Australia :(

    Widow loses her property and handicapped sons thanks to Carly Crutchfield...
    Saturday, 18 December 2010 20:05
    I thought life was tough before I met Carly Crutchfield, but those were actually the good days.
    I am a 56year old widow, have three kids, two who are special needs. I owned a cottage on acreage that had been in my family 78yrs. I was a full time carer for my two boys and was living on a pension.
    My older son who works in the city went to Carly Crutchfield’s seminar on property development. He phoned me all excited after the seminar saying Carly was looking for land in our area and wanted to meet with me.
    I saw Carly two days later. She acted very caring and supportive towards my plight dealing with my two handicapped sons. Life had been unbearable since my husband passed away as my sons needed care 24hrs a day.
    Carly offered to help me saying she wanted a win win situation. I said my property was my only asset. I had just been diagnosed with bowel cancer and was extremely worried about the future of my special needs children should my condition be fatal.
    After a few meetings with Carly, once she had done her research she made me an offer. She looked around my house and said she wanted to build me a new house with special facilities for my boys like wheel chair access etc. I thought she was the answer to my prayers. She was so confident. So nice.
    She said my land could be developed and explained to me that she would buy the land once I got a DA and she would pay me some money for the land, and give me one of the houses for my kids.
    I didn’t even know what a DA was but she explained it all making is sound so simple saying it would only take me three months and cost about $50,000. I didn’t have $50,000 but she said she knew people in finance and she helped organise it for me. We signed a contract subject to DA approval.
    I borrowed the money for five months (to allow for holdups) but the DA took just over nine months so I kept getting extensions but they kept increasing my interest rate. After ten months I owed $235,000. I was sickened to the stomach by this and highly stressed as my medical condition worsened.
    While the council was still processing the DA I received a letter from Carly’s lawyer saying she was no longer going to continue with the contract. I rang her asking what was wrong. She didn’t return my calls for 4 days. When I spoke to her she said she had changed her mind. I started crying and asked her how I was going to pay back all the money? Carly said it was my problem and hung up.
    My property was sold out from under me for much less than it was worth because it was a forced sale. The DA came through a couple of weeks later. We were homeless and couldn’t even rent a house because of the boys condition. I was hospitalised and had a breakdown. My handicapped sons were fostered out to two different carers.
    My older son was furious and phoned Carly and told her he was going to the media if she doesn’t give me some money. Carly rang me and said he was blackmailing her and had committed extortion. She said it was a criminal offense and if I don’t sign a confidentiality agreement she will report him to the police and he will go to jail. I signed the agreement which said I can’t take action against her or speak out. Then my son attempted suicide. He blamed himself but he was just trying to help me.
    I saw the family on Today Tonight and feel sorry for them. It made me realise that I'm not the only one Carly has
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    Re: New website:

    Another story of the who is doing all she can to shut down this web site, anyone know web-hosting or servers who are NOT afraid of the Carly Crutchfield and Scientology and let us keep hosting the truth here in Australia let us have a voice...

    This story is also on the U-Tube just put in Carly Crutchfield it is the first on the list
    also under U-Tube property panel you will see, the three panel of Scientologist

    Here is a full story on the same which Carly and Steve did to this lady ONLY worse..... today she has all her stuff in a garage and no place live. But that is not all, what Carly did after was put out a letter "called Random act of Kindness" a "A DIG" at the poor Lady Lorraine Bell. Carly has offered Larraine $15k NOT to print her story, and the $15k to to pay Larriane's solicitor which mind you Carly and Steve found for her. Too bad, this story was in my email box, so I will share it with you.... shame shame shame!!!! On 8th April 2005 Ms Larraine Bell’s husband of 28 years died. Together they built their own home out at Victoria Point, Queensland. After the funeral Larraine Bell's husband children,( from her late husbands), previous marriage told Larraine they were going to make her sell her home and they wanted their father’s share of wealth, including the home she lived in. In theory, legally the children would not be able to claim any inheritance, and every good solicitor should know this, as the children were of adult age and that their father had built the home together with his new wife Larraine Bell using the profits from their flower business. Larraine consulted with long time family solicitor Peter Clapin, who advised Lorraine Bell that she should put the property into a company name with a family trust. Larraine thoroughly read and approved of the draft contract which Clapin presented. However, when it came time to sign the documents, Larraine did not realise that the conditions had been changed. The document now signed by Larraine, gave the Solicitor Peter Clapin’s own book-keeper, Robert Carroll, who worked for and was recommended by Peter Clapin, ownership of the company. At that time Larraine asked her solicitor Peter Clapin for advice regarding her finance, as she was still grieving the loss of her late husband. It was during this time, that the property was sold by Robert Carroll without Larraine’s knowledge. Larraine only found out that the property had been sold without consulting her when the ‘new owners’ visited the property. Larraine then approached Peter Clapin regarding this matter, who then advised Lorraine that she would have to consult another solicitor. Peter Clapin’s marriage ended with his wife, as a result of this fraudulent action that he and his book-keeper Robert Carroll had done to Lorraine Bell. Larraine then consulted a new solicitor, Rod Bickell from the Redland Bay area, who placed a caveat over the property within twenty four hours. This matter went to Supreme Court (and was heard by Judge – Elizabeth Wilson) in 2005 as Carroll was also found to be accessing Larraine’s personal bank accounts. The judge ruled in favour of Carroll and Clapin, but ordered the matter to be further investigated. During a conference meeting with the solicitors of both parties and Lorraine’s barrister Ian Neil, it was decided that Larraine would have to buy the property back. This left Larraine with a debt of $500 000 to cover both the legal fees and purchase of the property. The barrister, Ian Neil, then advised Larraine that she had to pay his bill of $20 000 within 10 days or he will repossess her home. At this time, Dennis and Diana, good friends of Larraine, paid the barristers $20,000 debt owed to Ian Neil, with the agreement that Larraine would pay them back at a later date. OUTCOME SHOULD HAVE BEEN A twenty minute consult with the solicitor should have informed Larraine that her late husband’s adult children from his first marriage would not be able to claim any thing from their estate as their mother had already been paid out 28 years before. If safe guard measures were required for Larraine’s reassurance then her house should have been put into a Company and a Family Trust into Larraine’s name only with her children appointed directors of the company, not the solicitor, Peter Clapin or his book-keeper Carroll, as first discuss with her then solicitor Peter Clapin. When Larraine sought new legal representation from Rod Bickell, he should have immediately brought the police into investigate the matter, it was not a civil action, it was a criminal action of fraud. This case should have been handled the same has ‘Heart and Heart Accountancy firm’, where that accountant who acted in the same manner went to jail for fraud for putting a clients house in his name and trying to sell it. Larraine should never have had to re-purchase her house or pay for any legal costs, she should have been awarded compensation and the matter should still be investigated by the police. Carly Crutchfield (miss Scientology) CCORP MAGNIFYING LARRAINE’S DEBT AND CREATING FURTHER HARDSHIP AND DEBT Larraine was part of a small business group, and it was through a member Jill N in this group that Larraine was introduced to Steve Fagan 2008 in the hope that Fagan and CCorp could develop Lorraine Bell’s property. Jill N was also a member of a property development group who had recently completed the Elite Property Development course run by Steve Fagan through CCorp. From this period in 2008 until April 2010 (this year) Fagan continuously promised Lorraine Bell that he himself was ‘Personally’ going to develop Lorraine’s property himself. Steve Fagan, also spoke often about trying to find a way of getting Jill Nixon out of the development process and possibly not even pay her a site finder’s fee. Steve Fagan’s dream he shared for Lorraine Bell’s property was to develop 30-35 luxury resort style units on the property, selling for $675 000 each. Fagan verbally agreed to develop Larraine’s property himself and mentor her through it, providing it was rezoned. However, council kept delaying the rezoning approval of the property. During this period from 2008 to 2010 Larraine consulted a mortgage broker to obtain a short term loan of $290 000 for 5 months, as the re-zoning was taking longer than expected. Larraine was only able to obtain this short term loan from Oceanic Security, Surfers Paradise, on the condition that Steve Fagan agreed to develop the property, so a phone call was made to Steve Fagan, who verbally confirmed over the phone to Oceanic Security’s that he was going to develop this property of Lorraine’s into luxury town houses, in a ‘Resort style setting. After this, Steve Fagan then took out an Option Contract on Lorraine’s and three other properties. These were property owners which Lorraine had introduced Steve Fagan too. It was always understood that these developments would only go ahead providing it was rezoned. From the time when Steve Fagan had signed his option agreement in 2009, with not only Lorraine Bell and two other property owner’s (the forth property owner did not get a signed option by Steve Fagan as he has chosen at that time that he did not go through with this option) until in April, 2010 Steve Fagan, constantly ‘stated verbally’ over and over again that he Steve Fagan was personally going to develop these properties. Hence now this verbal agreement, also followed by emails’ and Christmas cards, stating the same, now that puts the verbal agreement, to now over ride the “written option contract’ which Steve Fagan signed in 2009. There is also documentation to support this and the testimony of the other land owners who Steve Fagan was going to develop their properties. On the day that Lorraine got a phone call from the Redland shire council stating that all these properties were now rezoned, Lorraine was relieved, excited, now she was finally going to see her way clear of all these past five years of heart ache, she contacted Steve to let him know about the re-zoning. However, a week later, Steve Fagan’s Option Contract expired. Larraine was contacted by Steve Fagan’s solicitor Brett, to inform her that the deal was not going ahead. Any agreement between two people which commits the parties to something is legally binding. Signatures and paperwork do not make the agreement more binding; they just make it a lot easer to prove in a court of law that there was indeed an agreement. A verbal agreement is legally binding when it can be proven in court. Ten days later, on 19 April 2010, Oceanic Security took Larraine to supreme court for $1 100 000, for the compounding interest on her $290 000 loan for the twelve months, this being five times greater the original loan amount. An out of court settlement was agreed upon at $865 000 (three times the original amount). This amount had to be paid within 100 days, thus the deadline being 29 July 2010, or Larraine’s property will be repossessed. Larraine has contacted Steve Fagan and Carly Crutchfield of CCorp and has tried to negotiate with them with no success. It was the verbal agreement and the promise made by Steve Fagan, which allowed Larraine to obtain the loan in the first place through Oceanic Security, and thus the devastating position Larraine is now in was caused by Steve Fagan breaching his verbal agreement to develop her property. Carly Crutchfield has made several arrangements to meet with Larraine but cancelled at the last minute. Larraine then agreed to meet Carly Crutchfield in Sydney to negotiate the matter. Here, Larraine was greeted by Steve Fagan and Chris Gordon (employee of CCorp) and a tape recorder. Carly Crutchfield did not meet with Larraine at all as agreed. At the commencement of the meeting Larraine asked for a copy of the recording (not typed conversation), of which Steve Fagan agreed too. At the completion of this meeting, Steve Fagan then said that he would send Larraine a typed transcript of the recording. Larraine insisted on getting a copy of the tape, however Fagan refused. It was also during a telephone conversation which Carly Crutchfield made to Larraine Bell, before she went to Sydney to meet with Carly, that Carly stated to Larraine on Saturday 10th of July 2010 morning that, she (Carly Crutchfield) knew that Larraine had been made an offer, on her property for the amount of $1 860 000, Larraine corrected Carly Crutchfield by telling her she had two offers on her property but only for the amount owing, she would be getting nothing and Larraine will still lose her house. Larraine wants to know how is it that Carly Crutchfield has knowledge of her offers made on her property! Is it that in fact maybe Carly Crutchfield is making these offers of a lesser amount, so that Larraine is out of her property, with debts which originally occurred through ‘fraud’, and have continued to escalate through no fault of her own? Given the previous conversation which Steve Fagan has had with Larraine Bell wanting to do these property developments deals, with out his former Elite CCorp student Jill N, who had brought the deal to him in the first place, is further under handed, manipulating and scamming going on with the staff including Steve Fagan and CARLY Crutchfield going on? Carly, stated to Larraine she would not do this development unless she made money from this development, and after doing a feasibility calculation she (Carly Crutchfield was not going to make any money). What so Carly has come to this conclusion after two years of leading Larraine Bell on? One of Carly Crutchfield favourites’, is to get students of her’s on stage, work out their feasibility on their property developments, then offer to help them by, ‘being an overseer’. The student is to find all the money, do the whole development, and Carly Crutchfield will put none of her own money in and for being an overseer, she wants up to 80% of the net profit! Carly Crutchfield has at every boot camp and Results boot camp stated that all of this money which she gets from doing these boot camps all 100% goes to her charity she make none of this money for her self, really? Yet, Carly Crutchfield asks all over her facebook and through twitter that she wants everyone to vote for her business CCorp to be the winners of Sydney’s small business award of the year. today Larraine has been kicked out of the home she built and made so many memories in. All this is due to the breeching of the verbal promise made by a property developer, Steve Fagan (CCorp). Steve Fagan had verbally promised, and there are documents to back this up, that he would develop the property, as well as three other couples properties in the area. Even though an Option Contract does not have to be exercised, a company who boasts how much they do for charity, legally must fulfil their verbal agreements and promises, and not be the cause of leaving an innocent woman destitute. Larraine is in debt of over $1 300 000, which should never have happen, the she has lost more than her husband the day he died, five years on she has lost everything. There is no more money to fight, however the Australians, who buy CCorp courses or who are involved with developing property, should be made aware, of the CEO and its staff, and they should be the Judge and Jury. Address where this all happen address: 35-43 Beveridge Road, Thornlands. Queensland. Today Larraine s belongs are in a garage and she is homeless in the real sense, on the streets. :mad::(
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    Re: New website:

    already a thread...just posted day ago..
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    Re: New website:

    Hi whoisseek.

    Congratulations on such a superb job with the web site exposing the evil of Carly Crutchfield. I think you have been very brave to put that site together. Especially with the Carly joker make-up image.

    Instead of copying and pasting the content, why don't you just link back to the original site? Just wondering.
  8. Re: New website:


    Information and the internet are your worst enemy Carly. Welcome to the information age.

    Good luck selling seminar tickets scamwad.

    We are watching. Expect Us.
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    Re: New website:

    Hello everyone out there, HELP Needed: Some of us are putting together a time line, of Carly Crutchfield's (current Scientologist in Australia) her real life story so we can post it on The New website, we have created Carly Crutchfield Exposed - Beware of Carly Crutchfield and CCorp. Carly has and is still using the methods of Scientology, to scam and rip people off with her Scientology like education. It is just that Carly has forgotten her own 'real life story', and it changes all the time, (when she speaks from the stage) so we would like to get our head around this. When did she live on the streets of the USA as 'homeless'? When and why did she come back to Australia? When she came back here to Australia, she worked for who? Steve Fagan? For how long? What years did she buy property investments, when Carly was in a cleaning business with Libby Selop, and what was the business called? She got sick, sold the lot and gave away all her money and went on a mission to third world countries? Doing what? When did she come back and start CCorp? I understand she was running this from her garage? By the way where is that first development she did on her own? How many developments has she really done? And any other tip bits you can give. Just give me as much as you have. Contact me through this site, via a private email, so that all your information stays private, it does not matter if you only know even some small bit of information others may know the rest, and we will start piecing this 'bad boy' together, as we need to get the TRUTH out there. Oh yes, and when and how long did miss Carly stay in the Sea Org? How does the Sea Org play it's part in all this craziness? again write to me please email: :D
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    Re: New website:

    I wish I could take credit for the joker face idea and all the web site work, but it is not me I am just a part of a team, I do the hunting down of all the info, follow up stories etc.. it is very much a team effort, it could not be done otherwise. Taking down cults like this is team effort, and TRUST. Hours and hours of work has gone into this, their all an amazing team to work with. Thanks for your encouragement, all we ask is you email out to all your contacts about this web site, we want the big boy's in Scientology to know about The Carly Grinch who stole Christmas!:D
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    Re: New website:

    Carly Crutchfield is the epitome of $cientology.

    A filthy con artist who stoops low enough to scam the most vulnerable in society.

    I hope she is jailed, the ugly plastic faced baboon.
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    Re: New website:

    She really does look like a pig, her greed alone might do that but her nose.. it gives the game away.

    She can buy all the Jimmy Choo shoes she wants, but she'll still look like a pig.

  13. Re: New website:

    Could not agree more. Maybe its because im an Ausfag and she is scamming my peeps but she angers me somewhat.

    I think it is the audacity of stealing from good people and then acting all charitable and giving away their money on national TV. All the while getting people to vote for her scam company to win awards and lift her profile.

    That is Scientology. No regard for anyone. Try and keep the image.
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    Re: New website:

    Won't be long now...

  15. Re: New website:

    This thread is super-productive.
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    Re: New website:

    Is my sarcasm-o-meter turned up too high??

    A little punctuation would be good on the 5th post but otherwise this is a brilliant thread.

    Another $cilon scam artist exposed, possibly the most prolific in modern times!
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    Re: New website:

    Excellent! Moar like this pleez!

    Gotta get those Google rankings UP!
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    Re: New website:

    CL flood would be nice. the warning about Crutchfield would be relevant to more than one category.
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    Re: New website:

    Carly Crutchfield Receives Business Award
    (in her dreams)

    Have a look at Carly Crutchfield Exposed - Beware of Carly Crutchfield and CCorp see what Carly is posting on the U-Tube about her self. Now we need to do one in responds, any ideas?:D:D full view is on this site.... Oh dear Carly Grinch quite childish
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    Re: New website:


    Title entails pr0n. 30 secs of true fapping time wasted.
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    Let's keep our fingers crossed!
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    Is there any way to do a rally at her events? How would we get people on this site involved? Absolutely love your graphic.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Is there a way to get you guys on board for a protest at her next round of seminars? I am one of her victims.
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    The day is coming. FAST.
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    That's an improvement!
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    Who does Carly Crutchfield think she is making people APPLY to help as usual wanting to know their personal info???? Notice they have to pay their own way too so she doesn’t use any of her money at all that’s been donated. And of course Carly is doing this for more media and will take the credit for all of the people who turn up and make it look like it is ‘her team’. Oh yeah and Carly's probably donated $2.
    If someone wants to help they don’t need Carly's control over them or Carly taking the credit. Notice for us volunteers already, you and I haven’t gone to the media to brag about what we’ve done to help. What Carly is up to right, well Carly holidaying during the disaster and then wham her publicist says something like “hey Carly get out there, get a team together and we’ll get the camera’s to show them how caring you are”!!!! Will the LIES never end???
    Wish people could know this!!!
    Letter From Carly Crutchfield,
    Hi Average Joe Blow,
    As many of you would have been, I have been madly keeping in touch with friends and family effected by the floods and watching the news in...well horror is sort of the feeling I suppose. The word I keep hearing is “devastating”...I am sitting here thinking “I have to do something”...many of you know that I often do disaster relief, usually it is needed overseas. Now it is our own backyard and I am most definitely going to help. For anyone who wants to help, Cfoundation are gathering volunteers who want to go and help and also donations.
    Read on to find out more...
    These heavy floods in Queensland have left an area, as large as France and Germany combined, affected. It is estimated that 200,000 people have been affected and so far, more than 75% of Queensland has been declared a disaster zone. The first 17 evacuation centres have been set up at various areas around Queensland. The affected areas are expected to be under water for a week. Military forces have been moved in to handle evacuations and the distribution of emergency supplies in the area.
    Many areas of Queensland including Ipswich, Caboolture, Toowoomba and Brisbane have been devastated. Search and rescue efforts continue in Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley searching for people who remain missing following the flash flooding on 10 January 2011.
    Flooding in other towns including Condamine, Dalby, Goondoowindi and Texas is an ongoing issue, with evacuations in Condamine on 11 January 2011.
    We are lucky to live in such a giving nation as thousands of people around Australia pull together to help those in need. Through my charity foundation, Cfoundation, I am currently gathering volunteers including CCORP staff to go into QLD flood effected areas to help assist where needed.
    Please note this will be extremely tough. You will need to commit to at least 7 full days to be able to come. You will likely have horrible sleeping conditions, and very little sleep at that. You will need to cover your own expenses, you will need to have a strong frame of mind and be in a position where it is not about you and the whole purpose of every minute we are there is “how can I help”. We will be doing anything and everything from cleaning, rubbish removal, cooking, handing out food and clothes, admin work, demolition and much more – whatever is needed.
    If you would like to volunteer to help in QLD, please reply to this email and answer the questions at the end of this email - we would love to have your assistance so we can provide as much help as possible.
    If you can not volunteer this week but can maybe volunteer next month or the following month, please still let us know as this will be a long-term project. We want to create rotating calendar of constant volunteers so we can plan into the coming months and really lend a hand.
    According to the Brisbane County Council’s website they have received over 60,000 offers of help and are getting in touch with people as and when needed. We believe that these offers of help are going to die off over the next few weeks but help will still be needed and we want to make sure we can still give it as the devastation will still remain for months to come.
    If you are unable to assist with volunteering but would like to donate to Cfoundation, where all funds donated will go directly to helping those affected by the severe flooding damage, to donate call our office on 02 9371 4799.
    I have already made a big donation but I will personally match every dollar you donate so we can raise double the money!
    Your circumstances
    If you are currently affected by the floods and need assistance, please let us know so that we can help organise volunteers that may be able to help you by emailing
    Any help that you can give is greatly appreciated and you are making a huge difference to the lives of others. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Why do you want to help?
    Have you any experience with disaster relief?
    Are you a paramedic, nurse, doctor or have other medical experience?
    Please explain?
    Do you have first aid certificate?
    How long can you be in Qld helping for?
    Can you handle tough conditions, little sleep and uncertain food?
    Can you cover all your own expenses including getting to qld, supplies, food, accomodation etc?
    Thanks! Once we receive this we will send out the volunteer info pack.
    If you want to Volunteer, then all you have to do is look at the Queensland and Sunday Mail News papers and they will tell you how!
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    its a ruse to recruit for Scientology's Volunteer Ministers
  30. Anonymous Member

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    Reply through the contact on
    write to me
    Hello everyone out there, HELP Needed: Some of us are putting together a time line, of Carly Crutchfield's (current Scientologist in Australia) her real life story so we can post it on The New website, we have created Carly Crutchfield Exposed - Beware of Carly Crutchfield and CCorp. Carly has and is still using the methods of Scientology, to scam and rip people off with her Scientology like education. It is just that Carly has forgotten her own 'real life story', and it changes all the time, (when she speaks from the stage) so we would like to get our head around this. When did she live on the streets of the USA as 'homeless'? When and why did she come back to Australia? When she came back here to Australia, she worked for who? Steve Fagan? For how long? What years did she buy property investments, when Carly was in a cleaning business with Libby Selop, and what was the business called? She got sick, sold the lot and gave away all her money and went on a mission to third world countries? Doing what? When did she come back and start CCorp? I understand she was running this from her garage? By the way where is that first development she did on her own? How many developments has she really done? And any other tip bits you can give. Just give me as much as you have. Contact me through this site, via a private email, so that all your information stays private, it does not matter if you only know even some small bit of information others may know the rest, and we will start piecing this 'bad boy' together, as we need to get the TRUTH out there. Oh yes, and when and how long did miss Carly stay in the Sea Org? How does the Sea Org play it's part in all this craziness? again write to me please email:
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    Carly with a Scientology VM
  33. whoisseek Member

  34. Anonymous Member


    the friend is Kylee Van Der Torre a CCorp Employee and Scientologist
  35. Triumph Member

    After grief comes intrigue at the Old Gossip Shop

    By Lindsay Murdoch, Herald Correspondent in Banda Aceh
    January 13, 2005

    Carlys idea of help is the same as the Scientology VM's its a photo op
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  38. xenubarb Member

    I cannot speak for the Ozanons, but I'll tell you this. If she were operating here, we'd be on her like anon on clams!
    So, while you'll usually get a NYPA, this is a relevant and good effort. The fact that she's a typical Scientologist ripping off widows and cripples ought to bring out the Ozanons. They can smell victory, and it smells like carly crutchfield exposed.

    Superb effort, btw. A site like this was badly needed.
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    Check out the latest: Letter from Carly's 10 solicitor.....
    Carly in a nutshell? Tell us what you think.

    To see letter in full at
    Wednesday, 26 January 2011 22:42
    The attached document is the letter that was received on the 4th of January by carlycrutchfieldexposed’s original data centre, threatening urgent legal action if this site wasn’t taken down. As you’ll see Carly’s latest lawyers (their name withheld to protect the innocent) go to great lengths (A-P) to outline what Carly alleges are defamatory statements made about herself on this site. We’re not sure why they stopped at ‘P’? Perhaps Carly ran out of accusations, money or adjectives?
    The CCE team found it interesting that Carly and her lawyers failed to object to the MAIN issues we raise on this site regarding Carly’s unsubstantiated and dubious claims of wealth, and property development experience. Is this deafening silence as good as an admission of guilt on these two counts?
    Do you think the descriptions fit Carly Crutchfield???
    4 January 201 I

    We act for Carly Crutchfield
    Our dient has referred to us for action the above-named internet website ("the Site"). We
    understand your organisation is the owner of the sewer upon which the Site is hosted via
    a virtual server.
    The material published on the Site is grossly defamatory of our client. We are instructed
    thal it has already harmed her reputation and is likely to cause her substantial hither
    damage including financial loss.
    The material published on the Site is capable of conveying imputations defamatory of our
    client including (but by no means limited to) the following:
    (a) She has links to a criminal organisation;
    (b) She is in the business of exploiting those with which whom she does business:
    (c) She conducts her business dealings in a ruthless way;
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    go to the following site, Carly Crutchfield is starting her sprucing

    1. Think And Grow Rich ® - Property - Think And Grow Rich

      Think And Grow Rich Marketing and Wealth

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