New World Order wants secession declaration for martial law, new virus hinted, political group use o

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by flapjacker, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. flapjacker Member

    I've been digging into the New World Order (NWO). I found a story about how Anonymous hacked an Illuminati group. Recently, I'm noticing a lot of discussions about secession in the right wing discussion groups. However secession of red states from the union isn't tenable because it would require a 2/3rd's majority in congress to approve. So the result for any states that try secession would be occupation by the US military, gun confiscation and imposition of martial law (suspension of habeus corpus-right to a trial by jury, etc) which you don't want. I think the goal of the NWO is to get red states to this point by provoking them with unpopular executive actions and laws passed under as budget resolutions which only require 51% majority (i.e. the new US postal service vaping ban, extended anti-scientific lockdowns). If you want to see how it is being envisioned just look at the Mason commissioned Denver International Airport art display by artist Leo Tanguma "Children of the world dream of peace." Suspiciously, the giant blue demon statue horse he made for the commission just happened to fall on him and crush him to death so he isn't available to talk about it.

    I also think the NWO will release a more potent virus. Anthony Faucci has said another virus is coming and their stated goal in the Mason commissioned Georgia Guidestones is to reduce the population to 500 million so the next one will probably have a much higher kill rate for people under 60. You can also see many other examples of the depopulation agenda.

    All the political parties (MAGA-LGAT rallies, BLM-loaded language to redefine racism as not supporting their Anti-fascism cult) are using cult tactics-demonization of enemies, propaganda, censorship, loaded language, large group awareness training rallies, love bombing, etc.

    Here's some interesting content about Donald J. Trump's use of masonic handshakes and fight to promote the masonic double headed Phoenix.

    Former VP Mike Pence too. Here's a Trump statue depicting him wearing a masonic ring. The artist Joshua Monroe stated:

    Ginger: The reason that I myself chose to put the Masonic ring into the sculpture was to symbolize the fact that Donald Trump, who I know is not a mason, is most definitely involved in secret dealings and secret societies that the general public will never be aware of.

    Of course, the NWO's use of the placing agents in controlled opposing groups is one of their well known strategies which is symbolized in the black and white masonic checkerboard (called the masonic pavement). They also use the hegelian dialectic strategy of problem, reaction, solution which is exactly what we see with coronavirus-19.

    This symbolism is all over the NWO controlled music scene. Taylor swift for example.

    Remember the 2004 presidential election where both candidates John Kerry and George Bush were NWO Yale Skull and Bone's members? No matter who wins they retain control.

    Folks, America is being played.

    America is under major threat right now.

    Unless America wakes up and heeds President Kennedy's warning about the New World Order group, we won't survive their attacks.
  2. Aardwolf Member

    Good grief, you sound like my stepdad.
  3. flapjacker Member

    Good grief, you're not addressing anything that was posted.

    Cult thought stopping.
  4. flapjacker Member

    Gee somehow the title of this thread just got edited to hide it from search engines. This happened within 2 days. NWO does not want people to read it.

    I've seen this before on Scribd to hide nutrition information about covid that reduces covid deaths. CDC still won't recommend to doctors to give covid patients vitamin D3 even though there is now a controlled study showing it reduces covid deaths by 24%.

    Original title:

    New World Order wants secession declaration for martial law, new virus hinted, political group use of cult tactics

    Anonymous you've been compromised.

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