New York City, NY - March 19th, 2011

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by pokeanon, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. pokeanon Member

    Same old same old.

    Meet: Bryant park from roughly 4:00 pm onward by the fountain area (optional)

    Raid: NYC Org 227 w 46th st from 5 pm to ~7 pm

    Bring: signs, sign making materials, fliers, sense of humor, the pain.

    Leave home: inhibitions, mercy, old socks smell

    Registration for the event and additional information found on or
  2. Anonymous Member

    New York Anonymous is Scientology; culturally speaking. Strictly hierarchical, mild self obsession, censorship, and campaigns focused around monetary gain are now emblematic of NYC Anonymous culture. But by far the greatest sin is their lack of creative cohesion. While there exists a theme every month that theme has for the past 2 years been white trash. Moreover, despite being a media savvy and highly intelligent group; the seniority/regulars appear to be more focused on distractions like after parties, FBI paranoia, and manipulation of those more exuberant about the cause. Combined with the absolute fail that is Boston, it would appear that the eastern front (at least in meatspace) is lost.
  3. OTBT Member

    baaaaaaw more
  4. Anonymous Member

    Project Mayhem may be lulzy to a select few. but New Yorkers may see that trading one sociopathic entity for another is just wasted effort and this one isn't even entertaining. A monthly group circle jerk on Broadway is a desperate cry for attention, neither cause worthy nor remotely lulzy.
  5. much love to the NY anons!!! GIVE EM" FUCKING HELL!!!
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  6. pokeanon Member

    Hey look a person posting anonymously making a fuckton of claims without a tiny bit of evidence. Can I play too?

    Because I haven't seen anything and I don't like evidence or facts I'm going to say you're a representative for the NWO (which doesn't exist) and that you're intimidated by our lack of social activism against the lizard people in charge of the federal reserve. Furthermore you enjoy making fake beards out of dead snakes and high quality twine, but your etsy store for that market really hasn't taken off yet because even though you say you like your snakebeards ironically, everyone can tell you like them for real and you're an irony poser.

    You want a real conversation? Let's talk. You want to make some batshit accusations then we'll do that.
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  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. Anonymous Member

    I agree Anonymous.

    What a fantasy you have, to make business role onto you.
    The more donations the better the price!?!? Oooopss !!???
    (And where goes the rest of the donated dough??? In the Popes pocket or so??????)
    I'm sure that you have learned it all while being a "sientologist".
    Or were you born to be this way ???
    But what about others that communicate just for nothing more then love and friendship ????
    (- "Oh shit what a dreamer" Isn't it??)
    YES just as you've been born.....NAKED!!!
    (Ooops where did I get this from???)
    Oh man!!! Just don't bother!!! Keep on ego-tripping!!! You're fucking good at it.
    Until "The Karma" keeps up with you and it comes bouncing back on you.
    At a time that, you do not even know where it is coming from.

    H. Spoken The Beeezzdd
  9. Anonymous Member

    You've been personally affected by disconnection; so do not take this question to be a lighthearted jab but a serious question I've always had in the back of my mind. At what point is your love selfish? Its been three years - don't you think it's time to respect your father's stupid stupid decision to stick with Scientology and move on? He's thrown his existence away in a meaningless ladder climb - why should you waste your youth chasing him?
  10. pokeanon Member

    Out of respect for the personal privacy of others I will leave it at saying I believe my father to no longer be affiliated with Scientology in any capacity as of this time. Our relationship had been strained, but at no point have I been disconnected from anyone. I just got home from dinner with him and some other family about an hour ago and everything is just peachy now.

    At what point is love selfish in itself? If you have a solid answer to that one I know of a lot of biologists and philosophers who'd like to know the answer. I can only speculate. Even if the situation were different I'm not sure trying to help someone you care about deeply is ever really a "waste".

    I like protesting/raiding/yelling. It's somewhat cathartic, funny, and every so often rewarding. It's not my job or my life.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    I had an incomplete picture this whole time - my argument above no longer has any bite

    People need to move on sometimes.

    This is difficult for me to swallow. I hear the ringings of "don't interfere with recruitment!" and "how many raids have YOU been to?". Are raids the points we're suppose to collect to advance to the next degree of internet superhero-dom? I've apparently missed the memo on that one.
  12. Anonymous Member

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  13. anonakatie Member

    Campaigns focused around monetary gain? Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. DOX or sure as shooting, beat your ass out of here, jackass.
    "Manipulation of those more enthusiastic about the cause"? lolllll. You came in with your personal army requests and when people wouldn't roll over for your nonsense, you came back here all butt hurt. Enjoy your fail.
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  14. WMAnon Member

  15. anonakatie Member

    Why the sudden great love for NY and Poke's misspent youth?
  16. WMAnon Member

    just cause someone's being a jerk to jerks doesn't make them notajerk. And I like poke :p
  17. Anonymous Member


    hi osa!
  18. Anonymous Member

    I didn't know prior to this thread, that your father was (or once was) affiliated with Scientology.
    However, now that I do, I'm obligated to add him to the list of reasons
    "Why I protest".

    If he's out now, that's nifty. But it's not going to make me stop protesting.
    If he's still in, that's not so nice, but it's also not going to make me stop protesting.
    That your father has been victimized is reason enough.

    I do plan to "get over it" when all the victims have been fairly compensated for their losses (including Mudkips, Lisa, et al).
    I guess I'm just another anti-religious bigot. :/

    posting anonymously (lol)
  19. Anonymous Member

    "Prank Scientology Contest" - Winner gets 1K? Initiated by NYC and paid for by its members? Granted there may have been a dearth of creative output from this community at the time. Creating a monetary incentive seems like a play out of a scilon playbook. Moreover, I don't think the contest was posted on the forums prior to launch. Is there something crucial that I'm missing?

    Dr. Justice and Laughing Man Stunt. NY Daily News : Another secret project that many of the 'public' NYC anonymous members were not privy to. The sad part of the story is how her mother didn't even know what was going on even after the incident and video. I believe court losses were socialized to NYC anons as well - however ineffective.

    NYC is in an interesting position of not wearing masks, and long term membership stagnancy. This leads to the erosion of anonymity, rise of leadership roles, and worst of all increasing secrecy.
  20. pokeanon Member

    Let's play a game called "why you're wrong about almost everything"

    If you want to comment on lack of effective media influence, you must be thinking of someone else entirely. As public and media interests wax and wane so to does the ability for stories to be relevant or interesting to those whose bottom line is selling their product. In spite of that, the NYC cell has helped push or create a tremendous amount of media attention in the past few years.

    Off the top of my head I can say that most stories that have passed through the NY Daily News and NY Post that make so much of a mention of Scientology in a negative light have had some of our hand on them. There were monthly stories in the Village Voice for almost a year solid, continuing stories being sent and picked up by Gawker and its sister sites, and various miscellaneous riff-raff. Let's not forget speaking at HOPE, NYU, NYIT, and providing research and information for a number of books and articles.

    The goal of the prank contest was indeed to attempt to establish a very temporary award structure with the end goal being that cities from around the world might enjoy doing similar activities after the fact. They're a fun outlet for creativity in whatever way it may manifest itself locally. Clearly that has failed in a large extent, which is disappointing to me and probably others. I'd like to point out the NYC itself was ineligible for any reward of any sort, so as far as a similarity to Scientology you've really lost me.

    Scientology demands you pay them, then you get "something" in return sometimes for a service. That's for profit. What we did was the opposite of that. If you meant it's like working on a commission where you get rewarded for your output, that would be true, but saying that's something very scilon-like is like saying all car dealerships are also scilon-like, as are any number of the vast array of contests and business enterprises that work with a commission of some sort. Let's cancel summer camp because the winner of color war gets a prize.

    The contest was announced when the very orange site was ready. If it was announced here a day or so later, then I don't know what to tell you. Sorry? I'm not. Even if it were a week late there was an extension for the contest while it was running.

    I know that the parents of both Dr. Justice and TLM/TLT were entirely aware of their involvement in Chanology because I've met both of their fathers. TLT's dad even raided a good number of times and he was a really cool guy. As for involvement in Slickpubes, I don't know how either one was manipulated in any way. My understanding is they both volunteered to do it and were fully aware of the potential consequences. I can't imagine any circumstances where someone could be tricked into covering themselves with pubes, but that might be a lack of ability to change my point of view. There was a voluntary donation collected for their legal fees; I'm not sure how this is a bad thing.

    Lack of anonymity has been wide spread locally since around October of 2008, but to the extent of a handle having influence I'm not sure how knowing what someone's real face looks like versus their mask has any impact. With any group that doesn't have a structure those who are more willing to act will take on more responsibility. If there is a perception of an impenetrable ring of leadership, it is entirely false. Anyone is welcome to plan any actions, but the group's consensus is what determines if something will be done or not. Those who have been around longer and have proven themselves through action will reasonably get more attention when they speak up, but that doesn't mean that opposing views are censored. There was a single thread deletion which happened recently on our local forums, but that was a mistake. Anonymous posting has unfortunately been removed on our new forums, but only because vB doesn't support it. You'll have to take my word for it that we looked fucking hard to find some way to get it working.

    Worst of all increasing secrecy hmm? This one has the tiniest smidgen of truth to it. There are things that get planned not out in the open for anyone who is not a member of our forums or who has just joined. This is for planning of events that require some discretion, which has happened before and will continue to happen. There is no secret discussion of anything not relevant to those specific plans kept in private. Everything else is incredibly public. I don't think anyone has made any effort to hide from confrontation or conversation. You can find me here, skype, irc, NYC forums, etc.

    I'm not really sure where the stagnancy idea comes from. There are a group of slightly over 30 regulars who on any given month will appear at a raid. Generally this means Scientology raids have turnouts in the low 20's. It's been this way for probably at least a year with a few people joining or dropping here and there for various reasons. That sounds more like stability than stagnation to me, but I guess that's an issue of perception. If you know more people who want to join us, by all means point them our way
  21. Anonymous Member

    For me the Village Voice provides a more appropriate rundown of what has occured : T. Ortega breaks cadence with C. Giove in their coverage of NYC Anonymous as the stories become less and less about meat-space and more about the entity as a whole. On the whole NYC appears to be attempting to establish it's own brand (ie starting up new sites, refering to WWP users as idiots) - this brand has received little attention thus far- thankfully.

    HOPE was early in the game and much like children with new toys people were interested. NYIT is later in the game the audience is about 1/10th of HOPE. NYU is a particular favorite of mine to think about. The idea that we can bullshit a bona fide sociology professor amuses me to no end. Her thesis is certainly very flattering, but inaccurate. Julian Dibbell is more accurate.

  22. Anonymous Member

    STFU on importing drama please

  23. conatus Member

    Lol, anon poster has (1) oddly specific knowledge of certain NYC items and (2) an axe to grind. Who would like to begin the guessing?
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  24. Anonymous Member

    xfool4now was recovered by the Cult?
  25. Anonymous Member

    Rev. John Carmichael
  26. Sethdood Member

    The smart guy is forgetting the important thing.

    In order to hurt Scientology we have to exist. Our existence in itself hurts Scientology, anything extra is a bonus. Ridicule is especially effective and counterproductive to their goals.

    Because we do the things we do, and find them hysterical, we continue to exist. As anons (important!), in larger numbers then almost every remaining cell. No further argument needed- when you're at war, you bring pain. We're doing that in the way we know how. If you have a better way of causing the anguish of scientologists which is proven to be sustainable, I'd like to her it.

    Finally, you're a pussy for coming at us anonymously. You won't even defend your ideas from behind an internet persona. Also you should try to smile more.
  27. Anonymous Member

    You know, its funny, when Slickpubes was going down, I remember how everyone (my guess is, including the Anonymous poster) was in love with it and donated their pubes. I remember very clearly how some of the most avid now-critics of Slickpubes personally went out their way to shave their crotches for it. Then they bragged about how they had any remote involvement when it was a hot topic. Then when the drama started falling out with the arrests, suddenly everyone is high and mighty in disapproval.

    Slickpubes was in january 09. It is an ancient op. Nothing like it has been done since. Nothing like it will be done, because NYCAnon/MFO now has a very strict legality standard for ops. We learned from the arrests and have adapted accordingly. Was it worth it for those two to get arrested? No. Was it funny? Yes. Maybe not to you right now, but to many people it was. Is it an isolated thing with no relevance to the current state of the NYC cell? Absolutely. A 19 year old and a 21 year old are grown people over the age of consent, and also in the same age range as was everyone else involved. Nobody put a knife to their throats. They could have said no, but in truth, they found it funny as well. They made a mistake, and a lot of us shared in it. They have both since moved on with their lives, and we with ours. Maybe you should to.

    As for our new image and distancing ourselves from WWP, that is also true. Though the reason is much less of a conspiracy than you might hope. We simply do not wish to take part in the more recent WWP causes. Instead, we want to follow our own agendas. We are a humor-driven group primarily, and activists in another degree. We generally find ourselves to be incompatible with the new image of "Anonymous 2.0" so to speak. What is your point?
  28. Anonymous Member

    Excuse me for my double post.

    As for the Anon Contest experiment, it was just that. An experiment that didn't turn out quite the way we hoped it would. We tried to use money as an incentive to get people to be more active and funny. It didn't work. Even still, we kept our word, judged fairly, and all of the money was distributed. If you claim we made any money off of it, you must be retarded, because a good chunk of the contest was funded out of our own personal pockets, and that money did not come back to us in any form. We paid for that shit with our own investments and our own balls to do it.

    What other monetary projects do you see? We have a donations bar? Yeah, thats how we fund our activity, partially. Still a lot of that comes out of our pockets. And when you think about it, ALL of that comes out of our pockets because the only people who ever bother to donate to us are our own core people. I'm not even sure what you are trying to grasp at here.

    Are you sure you are not just attacking our group because you feel personally offended by some ancient decrepit drama that you are not man enough to personally reconcile with the person or people who offended you weren't funny at the Roast?
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  29. N.A.T.E Member

    Personally I think he should come back and stick his influence in if he doesn't like the way things are going. It's not like nobody was willing to listen to him in the first place.
  30. Sethdood Member

    Srsly. Motherfuckers get mad that we didn't telepathically check with them first for unspoken discrepancies, meanwhile they actually turn out to have had a MOUTH the WHOLE TIME! A mouth which could have AT ANY TIME IN THREE YEARS been opened to plan a thing, voice a disagreement, correct a misconception, maybe even tell a good joke in an NYIT auditorium. Instead, none of those things happened. Only now does the mouth open, to give some too-little-too-late criticism to one of the only thriving cells left in chanology, because it apparently DIDN'T TURN OUT TOO WELL. Cry harder faggot.
  31. Anonymous Member

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  32. Anonymous Member

    It is NOT XFool.

    Hmm, as we look through all the old stuff that this person spews forth we find this:

    "..whole NYC appears to be attempting to establish it's own brand (ie starting up new sites, refering to WWP users as idiots) - this brand has received little attention thus far- thankfully."

    This is the only real new information amongst all the old, and likely the motivating factor behind this post.

    Scientologists would be unhappy with continued dedication to them but who would be also be unhappy with or use the terminology of "establishing its own brand"?
  33. anonakatie Member

    ^^^Sorry didn't mean to do that anonymously, that's me.

    I also wanted to add the following. I have not always been happy with everything done. As Vendetta noted, Slick Pubes was not worth what it cost NYC Anon. And it cost more than just the harm and loss to the two guys involved.

    But I have always felt free to express my opinion and try to influence the flow of discussion. And I like to think because I have never been false that opinion has some credence.
    I agree with Sethdood, why are you not throwing this out on the NYC Anon board where it should be?

    It appears to me that there are at least two people posting in this thread showing us the love:
    1. Puppet, come back!
    2. someone who seems to think that using the terminology "pitnosemagooery" indicates that he has special knowledge (noob idiot).
  34. LockStepS.P. Member

    I have to defend puppet. I remember him airing his grievances about a few things, he just didnt feel the need to repeat himself, and frankly, frank- i dont see why he should have had to either.

    That being said, I like the direction NYCanon is headed now. I think they are trying a lot harder now, puppet. Maybe you should give it another chance.
  35. anonakatie Member

    ^^That, about you giving it another chance. I miss you and your funny self. :)
    Influence the direction you want it to go in because you did make a difference.
  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Anonymous Member


    I never bragged about it - I (wrongly) defended it to Candice G (Village Voice) that it's as harmless as a MTV's Jackass stunt. TLM's largely negative reaction to the arrest is what annoyed me. He and many others saw him as the victim, not as someone pulling off a prank and taking responsibility for his own actions. This lead me to assume that he was largely encouraged and not warned of the potential consequences. My opinion of him is that despite being an adult he has a real appetite for attention and I felt that weakness was exploited.

    This recent incident regarding some newbie (%20?) really sums up my issues with you. Instead of attempting to understand someone's retarded position on protesting the FED it becomes a shouting match .

    Good luck deciding on the color of your official desktop background. Honestly, I have no issue with you calling WWP circlejerkers mainly because your opinion just isn't important.

    I did not claim you made money off of it. My claim is that it's lame - about as creative as all those IAS newsletters some of us has hoarded loaded with win a car offers. At the end of the day it's a bet that you lost and not me so I shouldn't feel sour about it. You just don't seem to understand how culturally backward it is to have wealth as an incentive in a group that largely donates their creative energies for fun and possibly for a cause.

    I don't trust a single point of failure in relation with money, namely you.

  38. Anonymous Member

    (double post) FVAnon, I think* understand your criticism of Anonymous 2.0. But from my view: is the Project Mayhem of Fight Club. And every time you censor someone instead of rationally dealing with the problem you take one more step toward the Tyler Durden and some of us are left wondering "The fuck happened to Bob?!".

    Also not Chimera; give me some credit - I know how to fucking spell.
  39. Anonymous Member

    That's a weird thing, because I can at least see how Justice could be seen that way, since he was approached about it, there is NO way that you can play that card for TLM, seeing as HE approached THE CELL and volunteered without provocation or prompt. Your argument is that he was unhappy about getting arrested? Gee I wonder why that might be. Usually people are overjoyed about getting arrested.

    And how is this different than any such shouting match? The only difference is that you decided to start shouting and not us.

    Never said it was, I'm not here to change the world, only to have some fun at its expense

    You're right, mister amazing 20-20 hindsight, how could we be so foolish as to try to motivate people to do funny things with money.

    Gee, I hope you never donate to anyone or anything ever, because all such things are managed the same way. Good thing you don't actually contribute!

    Maybe only a little. Except that project mayhem blew things up and we yell things at idiots instead. But you make it sound almost cool so you can have that one.

    Here is another completely wrong thing. We never censor shit on MFO. This includes ourselves, as well as other users. In fact, because its been brought up by 20%, we wrote up a hard anti-censorship policy for the board. Remember, getting told you're an idiot is not censorship, it's free expression =]

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