New York City, NY - March 19th, 2011

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by pokeanon, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Also I think you might be in the wrong forum to discuss NYC Anon drama. Try
  2. Anonymous Member

    Wet noodles for putting words into my mouth. Much like Robert Paulson - TLM did not understand the consequences, but encouraged to act. Justice, on the other hand, did - one post and not a wimper.

    I'm stating my views and I'm (hopefully) providing facts without dropping any names / or information that might endanger someone.

    I'm not questioning your intentions. I already know they are selfish and filled with weirdo rules - where you need 1K to post text on the internet.

    I may not have 20/20 hindsight. But you don't need me to tell you the project was a failure. I'm just stating my view about why it failed - that's my little opinion. I'm making the case that in the more effective and creative endeavors there was no money motivator. On top of that I don't think we should still think like that... well because scilons think like that. Lulz > cold hard plentiful cash.

    I don't trust you with money - mainly because I think you create a lot of unnecessary rules. If you think I'm just attacking your character without any proof : "Walkie Talkie" - you know what I'm talking about.

    I'm alluding to control with my statement about Project Mayhem and I think Rebranding Anonymous is your bridge to total freedom. Also why would you need to write up an anti-censorship policy? Just don't delete people's posts - how hard is that? And I don't have a problem with calling an idiot an idiot, I have a strong opinion that calling an idiot and idiot probably shouldn't be the first thing that you should do.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Irrelevant what you think he did or did not understand. While I find your attempt to both belittle a grown man and smear the rest of us as if we were contributing to the delinquency of a child amusing, NYC Anonymous is not there to be anyone's father figure. Nobody here cares what daddy or mommy issues he may or may not have had that made him make the choices he makes in his life. Not. Our. Responsibility.

    Oh yeah, because NYC Anonymous hunts down and hurts dissenters, didn't you hear?

    Now you are being purposefully ignorant and mocking. The donation fund is not for the site, it is for all operations, a lot of which do cost money. People who like the op currently in the works donate. Those who don't, don't. That simple. 1K is just an arbitrary number we put on the bar. The amount donated reflects the entire balance of our donations fund open for all to see, as stated right there. As for rules, I didn't know that "dont spam and dont post illegal shit" are weirdo rules, thanks for letting me know.

    Somehow I doubt that someone urging us to cater to people's feelings and psychological states and criticizes us for being a "sociopathic entity" knows anything at all about Lulz or the culture you claim to understand. Maybe try again.

    You mean the walkie talkies I bought for the first miniraids in 2008 that I never collected a single cent of donations for, but instead bought entirely myself? Oh ok, yeah.

    You are just an angry wicker basket full of logical fallacies. "You know who else collects donations? Scientology." You know who else wasn't funny at the Roast? Hitler.

    We've had instances where a mod who messed up that unspoken rule alluded to the fact that there are no defined rules for mods as a defense. After a mod recently messed up again in the same way, we unfortunately found it necessary to take a stricter stance with it. The anti-censorship policy is both a guarantee to our members and a heavy limitation on our mods and admins in favor of maintaining the kind of culture that you claim to understand so much.

    And I would agree with you completely if we were all therapists the purpose of NYC Anonymous was to provide people with group therapy sessions. Again, not here to deal with your daddy issues. Stop being frustratingly wrong and blindsighted about the thing you want to criticize so badly. Please. Its almost as if you sit down and play the "What is the best way that I can be wrong the most?" game with yourself when you write these posts.
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    This thread needs more butthurt and imported drama
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  7. dumbass Member

    Here's something people don't seem to understand. We do not have to agree with something someone brings up. That doesn't mean that we don't hear you out, that means that we do not agree with you. It's very simple.
  8. N.A.T.E Member

    No no stupid if you want to get him on the unnecessary rules thing bring up the old photo diagram. "X, R1, L3, no now X again" LOL FV every time you started doing that I just wanted to scream OKAY YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP ASSHOLE NOW BACK TO THE RAID. But I don't see how this ties into personal property purchased with personal funds. That's like if I said hey you're fat 'cause you buy too many postcards.
  9. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Please take this conversation off the forum.
  10. N.A.T.E Member

    Uh oh, one of gregg's friends wants us to not post about locally related things on the part of the forum he made for people to post locally related things on. WHAT ELSE IS NEW.

    Blow me. inb4 I get banned for something seemingly unrelated in this thread because I herbed out gregg in another thread.
  11. Anonymous Member

    If puppet takes the conversation elsewhere, I'll be glad too as well. lol
  12. COREarg Member

    ^ You're like little girls fighting, you just slap each other in the hand and shout "NO U POO POO HEAD!", until one of you get their nail polish all ruined.

    Really...just,go to a nice chat room,and stick it in each others pooper.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    only worse because its on the internet over wall of texts =D
    I'll be glad to make sweet, sweet elsewhere butt sex with Puppet if thats what he wants to do
  14. Anonymous Member

    if thats what youve rendered from this conversation, then youre just as retarded as your BF (who i think now is soliciting donations for a camera he lost at some event) and all the fucking editing, thread moving, post butchering /deleting never fucking happened right? Even in the most recent incident, the fed thread was immediately moved to the fag den because two admins simply didnt like it. dont fucking play dumb.

    and as i always say, who the fuck are "we". Who do you represent.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Did you hear that, everyone? The money you donated was for me to buy myself a camera! You've all been tricked! Oh wait no, puppet is just an idiot.

    As for who dumbass represents, you can say in this case she represents every person who is not an idiot. So definitely not you, don't worry. Also reply to my wall of text, its fun telling you how much of an idiot you are every chance I get, so show some more idiocy please, idiot =]

    Also, for someone who hates our group so much, you sure like to keep up-to-date tabs on us and visit our forum a whole lot. Maybe you need a friend?
  16. conatus Member

    lol. NATE and FV have touched the tar baby.
  17. Anonymous Member

    yeah and now we got poophands
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    That actually want puppet that time. Nice, with the personal attacks. Why dont and your fuckhole keep insisting all youve ever done is "disagree" with people instead of editing, censoring, butchering, deleting. If that makes you feel better. Whats funny is an actual disagreement and conversation wouldve been refreshing as opposed to your trigger happy mods and admins controlling the ever loving FUCK of all your memebers content. And you wonder why members are dropping like flies. And you wonder why you cant recruit.

    Your new "anti censorship" rules are just an overcompensation for the years of censoring you and staff DID do. Not because a "new mod fucked up". YOU set up that environment, nycanon staff have a long time history of censorship.

    Are you saying anyone who frequents your forum is a loser? Funny, I would agree. Demine0 2.0.
  20. AnonLover Member

    lulz - NYCanons troll deep, and when they do - it motherfk'ing hilarious.

    And when they have drama - its motherfk'ing HUGE drama. So huge, they gotta drag it over here to wwp to do it justice.

    (smirks) motherfuckery at its finest!
  21. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, Pupppet, you tell em! GO 'HEAD! THAT'S RIGHT!
  22. dumbass Member

    I'll admit that I edited posts unfairly and so did other mods. I can only speak for myself, but I won't be doing it anymore.

    But here's what I'm wondering: why are you still so butthurt about things that you bring them up an entire two years after you left Chanology? I'm assuming, of course, that you left two years ago because the only thing I remember about you were the math jokes at the Roast. Twenty-four months have passed since then. Ninety-six weeks. 730 days, give or take. Have you not moved on with your life? How have you not moved on with your life?

    During those two years, I did important things. I moved out of my parents' house. I enrolled in college. I declared a major. You have stewed over unjust post edits on the internet only to bring them up while trying to hide your identity. Are you proud of yourself?
  23. Sethdood Member

    This is turning into a sillybag full of idiot.

    Firstly- to WWP mods and other aliens: Pretty sure this is an NYC anon thread, nothing is being imported. Clearly Puppet feels safer being a disgruntled chink here then on our heretical Hitler forums where we're all Hitler and everyone else is Hitler if it's not him. We have 40 Hitlers and all dissent is crushed into ultra-censorship and we're also Scientology. And whatever the nameless enemy is for the FOI shit. Also this drama isn't even huge, it's one guy being wrong and Nate thinking everything is Greg.

    Now about the Prank Contest Op- there are two major discrepancies here that should be clarified: That op, although meant as an anonymous operation was meant for anybody to participate. The winner of the contest was admittedly not an anon. Don't try to apply anon rules to a non-anon thing.

    Now, on the success of the operation- our defined goals were to inspire other operations (check), get outside people interested in our anonymous vs. scientology conflict (big check, 150k views and shitload of emails), generate content (check, although it was shitty), and generate funding for the prize (bigger check then we thought). The part which was up to everyone else, making the shit funny, was a complete failure. We DID our motherfucking jobs, and I'm proud of what the contest was able to accomplish when nobody else had anything going on. We were getting emails saying shit like "wow, I didn't even know this was still going on". That's fucking important.

    The argument over coercion involved in Slickpubes is retarded. The operation was posted in what, March or April of 2008 as part of the Anonymous Playbook, Justice and TLM volunteered to do it in January 2009. How much time should we have given people to think about doing it, and realize what it is?

    Now to the heart of the issue- If you don't like the direction our raid is taking, well motherfucker your shoulda done something. You say you voiced your opinion and noone listened to you? Well that's anonymous, quit bitching. If everyone agreed with you, shit would be different. If you didn't like Operation Slickpubes, when you proposed the idea and wrote the op- Oh wait that wasn't you...Okay so when you came up with the idea for the prank contest, why didn't you- Oh...not you either. When we got an NYIT auditorium and held a roast to scientology, why didn't you plan it better? Oh, that wasn't your thing either. Wait, what the fuck DID you plan? What ops did you write instead of these which we should have done? Oh fuck me is the number ZERO? Did you seriously sit there having zero ideas and want us to do ZERO things instead of our actual things? Yeah man, coming up with operation ideas isn't easy, not even for a thousand dollars. If you took an actual active role and proposed ANYTHING, garnered support for your ANYTHING, and THEN had your anything censored and shut down by jealous admins, THEN you'd have a right to bitch like this. As opposed to your argument of "I said one thing once noone agreed with and therefore you're just like scientology".
  24. N.A.T.E Member

  25. pokeanon Member

    In the proud tradition of Baruch Spinoza, Nate has adopted the a version of pantheism that attributes everything to Gregg.
  26. Anonymous Member

  27. Anonymous Member

    I'm pretty sure that's monotheism. Thanks for the tasty thread, I miss New York.
  28. N.A.T.E Member

    God damn it gregg why'd you start this thread.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Yeah Gregg why did you give birth to Puppet? It's all your fault, you fuck.
  30. pokeanon Member

    I meant it in the way of all of reality being Gregg. Not an interventionalist theistic Gregg. My wording was unclear.

    Gregg is ultimate reality. All that is, is Gregg.
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  32. N.A.T.E Member

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  35. yey for anon being a sociopathic entitiy

    i just love this as much as the Colbert vid that im always spamming this board with

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