New York, NY Post-Game 06/18/11

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by conatus, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. conatus Member


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  2. Anonymous Member

    Carry on you awesome, glorious bastards!
  3. moarxenu Member

    Awesome!!!! Moar pix pl0x.
  4. moarxenu Member

    Hey, conatus, check ur pm in box. I sent you a msg.
  5. Kilia Member

    Ok Video's?
  6. conatus Member

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  7. Anonymous Member

    Awesome Photos Are Awesome!

    Photo #3 is wonderful!

    Thank you, NYC Anon! You Anons Rock!
  8. Anonymous Member

    Quite the awesome. Are you guise going to Jane Reitman's talk on July 11?

    Janet <3<3<3 GF masks.
  9. i'mglib Member

    I recently discovered a Youtube channel with NYCAnon videos, and I am thoroughly amused. I especially loved the Christmas song. It cracked me up.

    I hope there are more to come.
  10. Anonymous Member

    That Xmas Sing-A-Long Video is my favourite Video of 2011.
  11. Anonymous Member

    ^ agreed. I love it.
  12. conatus Member

    NYC'ers will be there for the Reitman thing Mon. 7/11. I think there is a separate thread here for it, but also at: Footbullets-a-go-go
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