News about the first head of Tehran University who was arrested by the security force

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    [COLOR="Navy"]Inspite of the promise of justice authority for release of a dozen of political and journalist prisoners before 22 th august , but none of the political and journalist released ,meanwhile several of the prisoners bail is ready , but they are still in detainees and therefore new people have been arrested

    Mohammad Maleki, the first head of Tehran University who was arrested by the security forces yesterday while he was under home treatment because of prostate disease meanwhile Mr Mohamd Reza Jalai Poor,Mr Sadegh Nourozi and Soamyeh Tohidlo are 3 prisoner that have not been released on bail

    Mahsa Amrabady ,her detention arrangement have become on bail, so family of this journalists are hopeful that she be release soon , also the Tehran deputy prosecutor has been approved Transferring of Mr. .Feyzollah Arab Sorkhi from prison to hospital

    Families of prisoners were gathered in front of evin jail yesterday for having breakfast, as they were chanted "God is great" , According to Ms. Mohtashami-Pour, wife of Mustafa Tajzadh program of breakfast will continue in solidarity with thire loved ones in front of Evin jail

    Mohammad Maleki 's familie in an interview with said they don't know what organ did arrest Mr. Momahad Maleki or where have they been moved him, Amar Maleki the son of Mohamad maleki said to that 5 officers have came to our house with showing order letter to my father's as permission for searching our house and then they have taken his personal belonging

    He added: "One of those officers that was older than them had bad manner and bad behavior with us so my mother prevented home investigate, told them that How I can sure that you didn't embed a weapon, alcohol or drug in our home then might you want In charging Mr.Maleki ....!!! ,but how ever they checked all house and also they filmed and they have responded to my mother that they will send the film to Mr.Hadad . . . . . .!!!!!!

    According to Amar malki,those officer have taken his pc , more than 80books ,hand written document and his personal property ,he said detention of his father is very strange as his father's home and our phone was under control for many years so government knows that he uses strong medicine ,and even he has not power to walk .

    in other hand my father's position about the election was boycott and he was not present at all during of recent election. Rather his position was different of the recent election. At the same time that he was very influenced by the arrest and torture but he was not localized with the issue unless he be detained for another reason

    Amar Maleki said: With regard to recent letters and articles that Mr. Karroubi has written always from my father as someone who was in prison 60 decades, bring a broken example, I think they detained my father to don't be witness about free torturing .

    He noted: they knows about his disease status I even have information through some of those released have been sent messages that we know he is under treatment. Amar expression with security force that his 80 years father was suffering from prostate disease and due to using strong medicine he has even lose his walk equilibrium

    He addressed directly to all leares of Islamic republic regim because they have attempted to arrest him with full knowledge of his dieses He demanded the charges be clear that why his father was arrested ? and warned the Islamic Republic authorities. That they are responsible for life of professor Mehdi Maleki how ever it is not for first time rather professor Mehdi Maleki was arrested and jailed for 5 years on July 1981 due to protesting against the closing of Universities and the Cultural Revolution plan .

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